How Much Meat From a Deer-Quick and Easy Way to Estimate Venison Yields


For most hunters, the venison acquired during a hunt is a bonus to the thrill of the hunt itself. If you’re working with limited space in your freezer, and most of us are, a vital question to answer is “how much meat from a deer?” Read on, and soon you’ll be an expert in figuring out how much venison you’ll be able to get from that beautiful whitetail you just harvested.

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Planting Soybeans For Deer- When Is The Best Time To Plant Soybeans For Deer?

planting soybeans for deer

This is an important question with more than one answer; you could waste a lot of time and money planting at the wrong time, and depending on what you are trying to achieve, and where you are geographically, the answer could vary greatly. A few of the things we will look at:

  • What is the effect you hope to have on your herd?
  • Are you trying to lower your winter kill rates?
  • Are you trying to increase the size and antler mass of your resident bucks?
  • Is this a plot you are preparing to hunt over during deer season?
  • What geographical location are you planting in?

By answering these questions, I will help you to decide when the best time to plant soybeans for your deer is.

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How To Bleach A Deer Skull-No Waste: 5 Simple Steps to a Beautiful Skull Trophy


When it comes to hunting, one of the best parts for many of us is taking and cleaning trophies. Whether it’s a rack of antlers or a pelt, they make for impressive talking pieces. One of the favored of deer hunters everywhere is a nice, white skull. It’s something of an involved process, but if you follow these instructions we can show you how to bleach a deer skull to a sparkling white that will leave you the envy of your hunting friends.

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