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The Best Deer Hunting Apps In iOS & Android Now (#2 Is A Lifesaver!)

Best Deer Hunting app

It’s undeniable that technology nowadays plays a crucial part in everything that we do. From the simplest things such as ordering a take out to more complex tasks such as building a sixty-storey high condominium or learning a hobby such as deer hunting. Every now and then, we seek help online or through the use of our gadgets to guide us into the proper way of executing the tasks that that are needed to be done. Various applications are also now available in smartphones that serve the same purpose. As such, learning about deer hunting is made easy by accessing various information online as well as the vast number of applications that are now downloadable via smartphones.

This article is dedicated for those who are just beginning and are looking to bolster their chances on deer hunting through the most useful apps that are associated to such task. And right before we unveil these applications, we’ll briefly discuss the basics of this endeavour and some useful tips that you can arm yourself with.

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How to Avoid Spooking Deer with Your ATV

Deer hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting sports, and it involves using a lot of gear for a successful hunt. An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a critical part of a hunter's gear, and if you own one, you will appreciate the convenience that it brings with it. However, your ATV can also be counter-productive, and one of the biggest problems that can arise is that your ATV may spook deer. Here we discuss how to stop spooking deer with your ATV.

You have probably experienced this but were either unaware of it or unable to avoid it from occurring. The problem is very real, and the solution is quite simple, so I feel that it is important to know what to do to avoid spooking deer with your ATV. Here are a few simple steps that should put you in the right direction:

Let me start by first saying that if you use an ATV, spooking deer with it is not going to disappear entirely. What you need to know is to what extent you will or won’t spook them. So, here goes!

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How to Cape a Deer in Simple Steps for the Newbie

How to Cape a Deer

Deer hunting is one of the most popular categories of outdoor sports, but there are a few technicalities involved which you will learn as you go along. You will be confronted with the issue how to cape a deer from your first successful deer hunt.

You may be in the company of an experienced hunter who will show you what to do. However, you may not have this advantage. We bring you this step-by-step guide that shows you how to cape a deer even if you have never done it before. It is simpler than you imagined.

It is important to retain the head, neck, and shoulders, extracting them from the rest of the carcass and preserving them properly until you reach a taxidermist. Protecting these parts is very critical to the entire caping process which is the reason for this useful guide.

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How Fast Can A Deer Run – How Hard Would It Be To Catch A Frightened Deer On The Run

How Fast Can A Deer Run

You’ve spent hours working your way quietly through the woods following the tracks of a big deer. You’ve got the right clothes, gear and have perfected that quiet approach, but then it happens. Your target suddenly appears right in front of you and you aren’t ready to take it down. That big buck raises its head and in an instant flashes its tail and disappears in a hurried rush to escape. A very normal reaction is to try to take off in flight after it, but do you have any idea how fast a deer can run?

Any hunter or wildlife photographer will attest that deer can and will run much faster than any human could ever dream of, especially in the wild areas they live in. Anyone considering tracking down a deer, whether it be for food, photographs, or data collection could waste a lot of time and energy if not properly prepared ahead of time with the right information. Of course the initial calculation of a deer’s speed begins with exactly what type of deer you’re interested in. Fact is there are over sixty different species of deer spread across the world. We can simplify this vast number when we understand that all those deer can be divided into five major categories:

  • Caribou
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Mule Deer
  • White Tailed Deer
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Rice Bran for Deer- How to Effectively Use Rice Bran to Attract a Deer?

Rice Bran for Deer

Hunting is one activity that does require not only constant practice and proper equipment but also practical strategies and techniques. Using food plots and the use of attractant are few of the strategies that you need to learn to be able to be successful in your hunting venture and for a more efficient deer management. Read this article as we provide you the necessary steps to use rice bran to attract a deer effectively.

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