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How To Score A Whitetail Deer-How To Easily Score A White Tail Deer In 5 Simple Steps

how to score a whitetail deer

If you are new to hunting, the idea of scoring may be an unfamiliar concept to you - I know it was for me. Simply put, scoring a buck’s antlers is an easy way for you to compare the size of your prize game with other trophy bucks.

Not all deer are created equal, and scoring is a method that different hunting clubs have codified to judge the quality and size of each buck. Depending on which organization you choose to associate with, you’ll score your deer differently.

If your buck has a rack large enough to go into the record books, you could send in your score to one of the four record-keeping organizations. So let’s learn how to score your white tail deer with ease!

When Bowhunting, What Part Of The Deer Should You Shoot?

where to shoot a deer with a bow

If you are a beginner bowhunter, this is a critical question to ask before you head out into the woods! I remember the first time I started practicing with my bow. It took some practice to figure out what part of the deer I should aim at and hope to hit.

I was immature and didn’t realize that hunters have an ethical code that they follow when bowhunting. If you want to snag your prize buck and let it die quickly, you need to know where to shoot deer with a bow for a clean, ethical kill

All That You Need To know, What Do Whitetail Deer Eat?

What do whitetail deer eat

I get asked this question quite a bit! When I first started hunting, it was a natural question I asked myself as well. If you are looking to set up a deer stand and need something to draw the deer in, then you need to know what sort of feed to buy.

On the other hand, knowing what Whitetail Deer eat in the wild will help you find deer while stalking out in the woods or the mountains.

Let’s take a closer look at what Do Whitetail Deer Eat?

How to Effectively Bait Turkeys When Hunting

how to bait turkeys

Hunting can be fun only if you are able to bag the prize of hunting. In this case, the prize for hunting would be having a big turkey with you when heading home. It is always easy for you to find many people with smiles on their faces after having a good hunt. All that can happen for you if you know how to bait turkeys. For an amateur hunter looking to make a score, tips and tricks for turkey hunting always come in important. With the following methods, you should be in a position to bait and shoot turkeys.

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