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Best Time To Hunt Coyote

“What Is The Best Time To Hunt Coyotes?” Searching For The Perfect Shot

By Kevin Steffey | Coyote Hunting

You’ve invested into this business of hunting coyotes. You’ve invested time, searching for all the best gear with which to make your hours in the stand a success. Then you invested money into purchasing all that great gear.

After which you invested still more time into the hunt, sitting in your stand with your calls and your wind checker, wondering why there was not a single ‘yote in sight.

You wrack your brain for what the problem could have all the right gear, the farmer who owns the land told you there’s so many coyotes on his property that he can’t keep his sheep safe, so what’s the problem?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Your friend who says he’s bagged at least 5 furs every day he’s ever spent in the stand? He’s lying. You’ve been there, I’ve been there; everyone has.

That’s why I’d like to suggest to you that perhaps you simply have bad timing. Now, that’s not as luck-of-the-draw as it may seem. With the right knowledge, you can perfect your timing and learn the best time to hunt coyotes.

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How To Hunt Coyotes At Night

How To Hunt Coyotes At Night-The Right Way

By Kevin Steffey | Coyote Hunting

I grew up in the woods. The smell of ozone after a storm, the sound of pine needles softly breaking under the pressure of my boots, the stillness in the air as I quietly hoped for a successful hunt. This was my bread and butter. Growing up on a homestead, one of my most common kills was coyotes.

If you live in a rural area, keeping the coyote population culled is just a matter of protecting your livelihood. Keeping you cattle and your family safe. If not, it can still be pretty exhilarating to put your wits up against such a clever creature. If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to keep reading. There is a lot of advice floating around online, but I’m here to teach you how to hunt coyotes at night, the way it ought to be done.

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Which Shotgun Choke Has The Tightest Shot Pattern

Which Shotgun Choke Has The Tightest Shot Pattern?

By Kevin Steffey | Duck Hunting , Shotgun

As a hunter, the first thing that you would want from your firearm is accuracy. You will notice that however hard you try, there always seems to be a variation in the level of precision of your weapon. When you shoot, you will also see that the pellets tend to spread outwards, which tends to increase with the length of the shot.

The way the pellets spread out is known as the ‘pattern' and recording the pattern of a particular shotgun is called patterning. One of the main factors that affect patterning is the choke (also known as choke tube) that is used.

So the question which arises here is, “Which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern?” We can answer this question by understanding how a good choke can make a shotgun shoot more accurately.

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How Should Firearms Be Transported In A Boat-

How Should Firearms Be Transported In A Boat?

By Kevin Steffey | Duck Hunting

Do you plan to go waterfowl hunting with your shotgun? Are you bringing your rifle while fishing on a boat? Are you aware of their proper use and handling so that you will have a successful hunting experience? All of these are questions that you have to answer for they will affect your venture.

Even if you intend to bring your weapon on a lake or sea, there are basics to remember on how should firearms be transported in a boat. It would help to know them.

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why do coyotes howl

The Important Things to Know in Understanding Why Coyotes Howl

By Kevin Steffey | Coyote Hunting

The Northern and Central America is rich with Coyotes, including in the hidden places of Alaska. These Coyotes are inhabiting the Arctic regions and areas such as mountains, forests, and grasslands.

One of the most notable characteristics of Coyotes is its compelling sound which may haunt humans and other animals throughout the night. However, why do Coyotes howl? What are the hidden messages in this howls?

To answer this mystery, we have gathered the most sensible answers and reasons from different notable institutions and researches that will help us reach the final answers in this one million dollar question.

This article aims to provide the best answers to the commonly asked questions regarding the enthralling howls of Coyotes. Also, this will provide the necessary knowledge to deer hunters who have realized that Coyotes are the greatest threat to hunting.

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