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what should be used to screw on broadheads

What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads

By Kevin Steffey | Bow Hunting

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a broadhead is “a flat pointed steel arrowhead having sharp edges." As an archer, you will be familiar with this term. Broadheads, however, are usually associated with arrow hunting of big game.

The question that is likely to come to your mind is, “what should be used to screw on broadheads?" As it is important to know the proper method of fixing a broadhead to an arrow, I have gone into detail on this subject.

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Which Shotgun Choke Has The Tightest Shot Pattern

Which Shotgun Choke Has The Tightest Shot Pattern?

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting , Shotgun

As a hunter, the first thing that you would want from your firearm is accuracy. You will notice that however hard you try, there always seems to be a variation in the level of precision of your weapon. When you shoot, you will also see that the pellets tend to spread outwards, which tends to increase with the length of the shot.

The way the pellets spread out is known as the ‘pattern' and recording the pattern of a particular shotgun is called patterning. One of the main factors that affect patterning is the choke (also known as choke tube) that is used.

So the question which arises here is, “Which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern?” We can answer this question by understanding how a good choke can make a shotgun shoot more accurately.

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How To Check If A Gun Is Clean

How To Check If A Gun Is Clean – How To Verify If A Gun Is Clean

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting

Running a gun check is one crucial step to ensure that the gun you are planning to purchase from an individual or a certain dealer is not stolen or has not been involved in any crime.

Yes, it is true that dealers are not allowed to sell any stolen or marked guns, but it is still best to take the necessary measures for your safety and protection. So, let us take the high road and discuss the steps on checking if a gun is clean.

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What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm-

What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm?

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting

Cleaning your rifle on a regular basis is a critical factor which ensures proper functioning and maintenance of the gun. Responsible gun handling and other important factors are few basic things that will help you maintain the optimum performance of the gun and will advance your shooting skills and experience. This article aims to openly discuss the first step in cleaning a firearm which is considered to be one of the most essential measures in the process.

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Why do Hunters Pattern their Shotguns

Why do Hunters Pattern their Shotguns? The Final Truth Revisited

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting , Shotgun

Hunting circles exchange a lot of information, and it was only a matter of time before I got round to dealing with a super question put over by one of our readers, "Why do hunters pattern their shotguns?"

Now, many a seasoned shooter would probably take this as granted, but you will be surprised at even how many veterans are not sure when this question arises. So here I decided to put all controversies to rest and deal with the topic in full detail once and for all.

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