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What Is A Safe Way To Unload A Muzzleloader – The Best And The Safest Way To Unload A Muzzleloader

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting

Have you ever encountered any situation whereby a firearm explodes in your hand? Having a firearm blast in your hand isn't anything to joke about. It has happened to someone before and will most likely happen again and again. This is the main reason why you must discover the best and the safe way to unload a muzzleloader before you load it up in order to avoid any explosion. This article attends to the question on what is a safe way to unload a muzzleloader and all other safety measures concerning muzzleloader.

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Slingshot Hunting Rabbit- How To Hunt A Rabbit With A Slingshot

By Kevin Steffey | Hunting Rabbit , Slingshot Hunting

Hunting a rabbit with a slingshot can be very exciting, it embarks you on a journey in the past, there is nothing like using a primitive weapon that makes the chase even more exciting, rabbits are a fast prey, that are very easy to scare. Sure, not all slingshots today have that primitive look, but you can always make a slingshot at home.

By following the simple steps explained bellow you will learn Slingshot hunting rabbit ethically and make the chase fun.

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What Distance Should Be Used To Pattern A Shotgun?

By Kevin Steffey | Gun and Shooting

It is quite difficult to have two shotguns taking a shot at similar pellet patterns. There exist various factors that influence your shotgun pattern. The main one would be the shooting properties of the firearm. Some other factors may incorporate the shell brand of the shot, the firearm's gag, the shot type, and size of the shot.

It is important to pattern your shotgun in order to be able to pick the ammo equipped for giving the ideal performance. One of the things you will like to inquire would possibly be: What distant should be used to pattern a shotgun? This content will give information about your shotgun patterning and some other relevant info that would get to be distinctly valuable to you.

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