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Best Climbing Sticks

Get In Your Stand: Picking the Best Climbing Sticks

By Kevin Steffey | Hunting Gear & Accessories , Tree Stand

If there’s one thing that most stand hunters can agree on, it’s the fact that climbing sticks are an awesome way to access your stand. Of course, as with any piece of gear there’s plenty of brand loyalists noise to filter outs. Instead of relying on hearsay, let’s take a look at what makes a climbing stick stand out, and then we’ll show you five of the best climbing sticks on the market.

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Best Deer Hunting app

The Best Deer Hunting Apps In iOS & Android Now (#2 Is A Lifesaver!)

By Kevin Steffey | Deer Hunting

It’s undeniable that technology nowadays plays a crucial part in everything that we do. From the simplest things such as ordering a take out to more complex tasks such as building a sixty-storey high condominium or learning a hobby such as deer hunting. Every now and then, we seek help online or through the use of our gadgets to guide us into the proper way of executing the tasks that that are needed to be done. Various applications are also now available in smartphones that serve the same purpose. As such, learning about deer hunting is made easy by accessing various information online as well as the vast number of applications that are now downloadable via smartphones.

This article is dedicated for those who are just beginning and are looking to bolster their chances on deer hunting through the most useful apps that are associated to such task. And right before we unveil these applications, we’ll briefly discuss the basics of this endeavour and some useful tips that you can arm yourself with.

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How To Build A Tree Stand

Your Quick & Definitive Guide On How To Build A Tree Stand

By Kevin Steffey | Deer Hunting , Tree Stand

When it comes to hunting, having a secure and strategically well-placed tree stand gives you more chances of spotting a target. Tree stands are basically open or enclosed structures built to provide hunters a better vantage point. Picture a camera tripod which also gives that support of elevation and better view for a photographer to capture great shots. A tree stand technically does the same for a hunters although it is attached to a tree.

Tree stands are first commercially introduced back in 1970 and they are most commonly used in the Midwest and South to achieve the perfect kill shot. Over the years, there had been modifications on how to build a tree stands and overtime, people have come up with other tree stand designs. Several of which are the climbing stands and hanging stands but the ladder stand is the most popular and basic type.

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