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How Long to Hang a Deer – Perfecting Aging: How to End Up With Perfect Venison

How Long to Hang a Deer

One of the most common questions after a successful deer hunt is how long to hang a deer. It’s probably not the most common question for one simple reason: a lot of people figure it’s good to just chop them as soon as they’re done.

If you have the place for it, however, aging your venison a little bit can add a lot of flavor and smooth out the rough texture of the meat amazingly quick. There’s a few precautions you’ll want to take, but let’s get into how long you should actually leave them up there before you do the final butchering.

How To Clean Deer Antlers- How To Efficiently Clean Deer Antlers

How To Efficiently Clean Deer Antlers

One of the advantages of obtaining antlers from a shop or marketplace like shopping websites is that they are already sterilized and prepared for you to use them for any artworks projects. Uncleaned and fresh deer antlers usually contain numerous harmful microscopic organisms, like bacteria, which you can’t see with your naked eyes. If not sterilized, touching and working on this antler can place you at a very high risk, especially if you a hunter who obtained them from your hunting trips, and can infect you with awful sicknesses and diseases. This is the main reason why you need to know how to clean deer antlers.

Regardless of whether you have old or fresh deer horns, it's critical to set aside some reasonable amount of time to clean them. Old antlers are cleaned to keep up an enchanting appearance, while fresh ones must be sterilized to take out harmful microorganisms and germs.

The good news is that cleaning and sterilizing both old and fresh antlers is a simple and clear process that anybody can do and adapt with. Simply follow the step-by-step guides below to have a clean, attractive and disease-free deer antler.

How To Make A Mock Scrape For Better Hunting

How To Make a mock scrape

If you have hunted whitetail for long or just spend much time in the forested areas, you have most likely observed some deer signs. Trails, beds, rubs and scrapes are essential kinds of deer sign that is usable by hunters to pattern whitetails and make them easy to be hunted.

But in some cases, the deer sign you discover is not situated in the best place, which enables hunting over it truly hard. However, you need to know how to make a mock scrape yourself in order to modify deer pattern of movement and acquire them nearer to a strategic hunting area or trail camera zone. If you have not utilized this strategy before, you are in for a shock. The first occasion when you discover a whitetail pausing over a mock scrape of yours for a sniff, or even better, working the mock scrape, you will eventually be conversant to this approach.

Important Guidelines On How To Successfully Field Dressing A Deer

field dressing a deer

Many talented hunters don’t know what next to do when they hold their knife after pulling it out to field dress a deer? If you ask any deer butcher you know around, their answer is probably going to be, "Some of them don't." Field dressing is not a favorite activity for the most hunter but lets be honest, it is the responsibility of the most hunter to brilliantly know their way through the innards of a deer.

To make field dressing interesting, hunters need a sharp and durable knife with no less than four inches in length, a large handle and a guard. Small knives tend to go sideways while holding it when it encounters a bone. In case you don’t know how to go about field dressing a deer and you want to know why, just read further because this article is designed for you

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