About Us

Hunting is one of those hobbies wherein a lot of people want to try, but don’t know how to start.

Before the arrival of the internet, hunting was an “art” that was typically passed down in the family. You know, that uncle you got who always spent his weekends away somewhere with a rifle on his back, then came back with a field-stripped deer carcass to show for his trip?

That’s a thing of the past now. You no longer have to be born into a family with a long line of hunters to be able to start.

You have the internet!

With it, information can be shared much more easily than before. You can get tips, tutorials, and even product reviews straight from experts several states away in seconds.

It is upon this foundation that DeerHuntingField was born.


Our first mission is to be a place where people of all kinds — from amateurs to experts — can come together and learn more about this great hobby.

At the editorial board, we take this mission very seriously.

Now more than ever before, hunters are extremely important. The conservation of nature relies not just on conservationists and rangers, but also passionate hunters who love both the animals as well as the chase.

We want to teach you to be a hunter who’s not just great at their craft, but also a responsible one. Then, you can take up the mantle and teach others the beauty and excitement of this hobby to others.

Our second mission is to be a place where you can find and learn about the latest hunting equipment.

Recent advances in technology have made the market burgeoned with many specialized gears. Every few months, there are best hunting boots to check out and best hunting tripods to try.

Our staff at DeerHuntingField can help you sort out the wheat from the chaff, the novelty from the truly great among these new products. We publish equipment reviews regularly for you to check out.

How Our Articles Are Written

At DeerHuntingField, clarity and accuracy of information are important to us. Hunting, while it may sound simple, is a very complicated hobby. Not to mention the fact that it has many risk factors associated with it, too. Accidents can easily happen if you don’t know what you’re doing while you’re on the ground.

So, we take a very thorough approach to writing.

For tutorials and informative guides, rough outlines are created first, then it is disseminated throughout the editorial board for review. It is only when all of us can agree that the information is correct that the outline is set for writing.

As for equipment reviews, every product is carefully tested by us to make sure that they are as good as they were advertised. In addition to our own in-house testing, we also take into account reviews from hunters and past customers who have had intimate experiences with the products, too.

Once the writing has been completed, the finished articles are sent to our editors for polishing. Then, it’s published and delivered to your screen!

How Do We Profit?

Let’s get this one out of the way: yes, we do monetize DeerHuntingField. Since your trust is our biggest asset, we’re going to be frank with you about this issue.

For every purchase you make through our recommendations, we receive a small commission fee from our retailers. As a result, our incentives are based on your demand.

Nonetheless, we follow a strict policy of unbiased reviews. While we do profit from our recommendations, we are in no way associated with any brand and do not have any obligation to promote them. Good or bad reviews, they came straight from our testing results.

DeerHuntingField does not accept any sponsorship, either.

Meet the DeerHuntingField Staffs

The editorial board of DeerHuntingField is composed of three people.

Kevin Steffy — Founder, Editor-in-Chief

kevin steffey

Kevin Steffy is a veteran hunter who has regularly engaged in the hobby for decades. 

He has attended virtually every single hunting season in the plains of Eastern Colorado, applying for licenses to shoot a variety of game from moose, elk, and deer to black bear. Occasionally, Kevin even headed west of the Centennial State to take on the challenging terrains of the Rockies (and enjoy the scenery, too).

You can definitely count on him to give you hunting advice and directions on how to set up your rifle and kit!

Kevin is the founder of DeerHuntingField and also serves as the Editor-in-Chief.

Every single article must get his stamp of approval before publication. He is a key part of our Quality Control system, created as a way to ensure that all of the information we give you is truthful and accurate.

But Kevin doesn’t just edit articles. Browse through DeerHuntingField and you will be able to see many published posts penned by him, too. He prefers to write about hunting skills and techniques, but he occasionally dabbles in reviewing gears, as well.

Kevin lives in Boulder, Colorado with his family. Whenever he’s not writing or hunting, he likes to hike on the numerous scenic trails that the state offers. He also loves honing his shooting skill at local ranges, too.

Carmelo Labadie — Editor, Writer

Carmelo Labadie

Carmelo’s writing is going to be the most common on the site. He is our head writer and is responsible for the majority of the contents on DeerHuntingField.

In terms of background, Carmelo’s is just as extensive as Kevin.

With more than 15 years of experience on hunting grounds across America, Carmelo is a trusted authority on a variety of hunting-related topics. But as a self-proclaimed “gear nut”, his writings mostly focus on reviewing the latest, best gears on the market. 

This includes the best hunting boots, hiking socks, camo clothing, backpacks, and more. Accessories are part of his repertoire, too. He can tell you everything that you need to know about the best hunting tripods or sighting devices on the market.

While he’s not writing, Carmelo serves as an editor. DeerHuntingField accepts submissions from many freelance writers and experts, so our editorial is usually swamped with work.

Carmelo sorts through all of the submissions, identifies the best, fixes it up so that it meets our quality standards, then sends it to Kevin for final approval and publication.

He is a native of Colorado and resides in an apartment at the heart of Denver. Similar to others at DeerHuntingField, Carmelo goes on hikes and engages in other hobbies that are close to nature in his free time.

Crack of a shot, too, and is a regular face at the firing range.

Isaac Chase — Editor, Writer

Isaac Chase

Isaac joined our team from CoEqualGunRights, which is a political movement for the reformation of gun control laws in Colorado. Now, he takes up the role as both an editor and writer at DeerHuntingField.

As a firearm enthusiast, Isaac can help you with any question you may have about guns.

He has had experience handling everything from baby 22LR. rifles for small games, to all kinds of medium to large game rifles chambering common cartridges like .30-30 Winchester, .45-70 Govt, .308, .300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag. and more.

Isaac also owned a variety of custom AR-15 and other “tactical” platforms for pests and varmint shooting (as well as home defence).

His gun lockers are quite extensive. When we rifled through it (with his permission) to find examples for this piece, it was clear that he didn’t care much about the costs at all.

According to him, his favorite for hunting is the Savage 110 Stealth Evolution chambering .300 Win Mag. The rifle (plus the round), he said, could down a mature bull elk with a single well-placed shot. Throw in a Leupold VX-3i scope and it’s his favored companion every year elk-hunting season rolls around.

The set-up costs a fair amount of money, but Isaac said it’s well worth it. The accuracy of the 110 Stealth Evo is excellent even from right out of the box. And of course, its badass tactical look helped quite a lot, too.

Isaac wasn’t shy at all when he admitted that he got a soft spot for modern, tactical-looking rifles than a plain vintage. Nonetheless, he could appreciate the aesthetic and performance of both.

For varmint hunting where the wholeness of the flesh isn’t much of a concern and the “fun factor” must be absolute, he got a LWRCI DI for the job. Decked out with a bipod and a Nikon X1000 scope, most of us at the editorial had to admit that it’s a beautiful piece for long-range engagements.

Isaac lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with his family.