What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand

If you’re a seasoned bowhunter who aims for a white-tailed deer or a firearm hunter who guns for a black bear, you must know by now how advantageous it is when you’re hunting from an elevated stand.

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But for those who are just beginning to set up this kind of strategy, they might not be that equipped yet in regards to the one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand or even exposed to its other benefits. This article will serve as a response to that query: what is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand.

In our discussion, we’ll also briefly cover what an elevated stand is. In the latter part, we’ll be disclosing the types of elevated stand that you could rely on while hunting and the safety that should come along with them.


What is an elevated stand?

An elevated stand is the primary hunting choice for most marksmen especially those who are using bows and arrows. This strategically-placed stand is also being used by hunters who prefer the use of firearms.

Perhaps the most common form of an elevated stand is the tree stand. It’s a platform in which you can dock on an elevated part of tree. Virtually every hunter sits on this platform as this can better their shooting and hunting accuracy.

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So, what is that one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand?

Unanimously, an elevated stand should give you that improved and better field of vision. This is due to the fact that you’re placed above the ground, giving you a sight that is not hindered by obstructions like logs or thick bushes. And because of this, you’ll be able to spot your targets that easily, without having to deal with other predicaments along the way.

Other known advantages of an elevated stand

Other known advantages of an elevated stand
  • Using an elevated stand will give you a vantage point from wandering animals. In this regard, they’ll have difficulty in spotting as you can literally escape these animals’ normal field vision.
  • The land animals won’t be able to detect your scent as your place is elevated. Applying the same point, these animals won’t be able to see your movements.
  • When at an elevated stand, the other hunters will be able to see without having to search for you aggressively. On the other hand, these same hunters will be able to avoid their shots away from you.
  • Elevated stands are very much known to be an excellent backstops. Whether you’re using bullets or arrows, these stands should be able to procure reliable backstops. This is best applicable whenever you’re shooting at a downward angle.
  • Elevated stands improve your sight-seeing skill. This in turn should enhance your overall hunting experience too.

Different types of elevated stands

1.) Hang-on stands (portable tree stand)

You can watch this video to check on how to hang a tree stand.

2.) Climbing stands (portable tree stand)

Here’s a video clip on how to use a climbing tree stand.

3.) Ladder stands

Watch this clip to learn on how to hang a ladder stand.

4.) Tower stands

This video clip should be able to give you an idea on how a tower stand looks.

Safety precautions to remember when using an elevated stand

The following recommendations should be able to aid you in using your elevated stands safely and more effectively:

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  • When purchasing a commercial elevated stand, ensure that it is manufactured, certified, and tested by and to industry standards.
  • The elevated stands’ manufacturer’s instruction should all be read and understood. If there’s an included video, watch it thoroughly before using the stand.
  • You should only use your tree stand in daytime.
  • Take time as you practice with your tree stand and FAS at a ground level. Make sure that you include all the safety devices that were included with your purchased stand. As you get better with your practice, aim for a higher goal.
  • Attach your FAS to the designated tree at a ground level. Also, keep it attached throughout your hunt.
  • Whenever you decide to climb into or out of a tree stand, the three points of contact with your hands and feet should be used accordingly.
  • A firm hold on the climbing system should be kept as you enter or leave the platform. Meanwhile, don’t let go of it until you’re certain that you’re secure.
  • Before embarking into using your tree stand, an ample amount of sleep should be achieved.
  • Secure a signaling device like a whistle, radio or a smartphone so you could communicate with someone whenever there is a problem.
  • Take your time when installing your elevated stand. Also, plan your every move when you use it. Drastic moves may result to injuries.
  • Do not leave your stand attached to a tree for more than two weeks as this could become wobbly and eventually malfunction.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit of your stand. Your total weight should equate your body weight plus your accompanying device.
  • When climbing the stand, don’t carry anything with your hands or even on your back. You may use a haul line instead.
  • All your hunting equipment should be raised and lowered on the opposite side of your tree from your climbing route.
  • Make sure that you use a fall-arrest system when your feet are off the ground. This can help you whenever there is an accidental fall from your tree stand.

Final thoughts

Now that all the advantages of using an elevated stand while hunting are unveiled, it’s crucial that you take into consideration the recommended tips that you need to observe and practice as these could save you from accidental injuries. And whenever you’re in a doubt of when installing, it wouldn’t hurt when you ask someone for help

You can share us your experiences on using your elevated stands by simply sounding them on the comment section below. Be safe and have fun!

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