Best 22 Rifle Scope – A Successful Shot with the Best 22lr Rifle Scopes

Choosing the best 22 rifle scopes can be quite precarious. The scopes designed for .22 rifles are either field proven outlines for taking an exact shot at games or hardcore rifle scopes made for accuracy. To locate a decent quality rifle scope at an average price for events like target plinking or squirrel hunting is surely feasible.

Producers have designed various scopes for the .22lr rifle with all things from fixed parallax enhanced for short proximity, to quarter inch conformity at fifty yards and even reticles that are good for the best .22 ammunition.

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About .22lr Rifle Scopes


The .22 rifle is not designed to be the ultimate cartridge, as a matter of fact, its usage is extremely narrow. Consigned to training, target shooting and game chasing the .22 rifle does not require much amplification neither does it need vast target ringers for assembling light or turrets for setting up placement.

Out of the best .22lr rifle scopes are little 2-7x power customizable scopes and fixed 4x power rifle scopes. Much else is requesting inconvenience as you attempt to extend the scope of the .22lr cartridge. Short proximity power in a little lightweight parcel is the sign of the .22lr rifle scope.

Many people utilize a .22lr rifle to prepare for target shooting or hunting since it is less expensive than the center-fire ammunition. On the off chance that you are doing this, it can pick a scope that is like a centerfire scope that you anticipate on utilizing.

It looks bad to purchase a scope that is precisely the same rifle scope if that scope is excessively large, with substantial chimes and long eyepieces. Many rimfire scopes are fixed power or low power and lightweight. This is due to the fact that many people utilize .22 rifles for little game chasing and for taking a quick shot when hunting squirrel.

A rifle that is large and heavy and which has a high amplification leads into unfilled limits and missed shots. However, extraordinary arrangements can be offered on variable riflescopes that give adequate quality to take care of business without using up every last cent.

Anything a man could need on their rifle is available to be purchased some place. Most importantly, pick a scope that addresses every one of the requirements that you plan to utilize the rifle for. To know more about .22lr rifle scopes, you can watch the video below.

Types of .22LR Ammo

There is commonly 4 distinct kind of 22lr ammo and each one of them is classified by its ostensible speed. The most well-known .22lr round is the hyper-velocity and subsonic.

1- Subsonic .22 LR Rounds

This ammo incorporates match or target loads and has a gag speed of around 1,080 feet for every second, under the velocity of sound in typical conditions. This ammo are favored by a few shooters due to their prevalent exactness and relative diminishment in the clamor. Among the subsonic classification, you can discover distinctive variations. Some makers really design .22lr that have less gag speed to adjust for shooting in various conditions to maintain them under the velocity of sound.

2- Standard Velocity .22 LR Rounds

This .22 long rifle ammo are commonly somewhat supersonic implying that they go over the velocity of sound in ordinary situations. They have a gag speed of around 1,125 ft/s along with standard forty-grain weight.

3- High Velocity .22 LR Rounds

These 22lf cartridges were initially stacked with dark powder. However, smoke-free powder which is more proficient and enhances the speed is presently ore generally utilized. Gag speed for high-speed rounds is anywhere in the range of 1,200-1,300 ft/s.

4- Hyper-Velocity .22 LR Rounds

This 22lf ammo is usually lighter and moves anywhere in the range of 1,400-1,800 ft/s, in some degree with their diminished weight of 30-32 gr. These ammo rounds come in a wide range of lengths and with various tips such as hollow point. The hollow point is ordinarily utilized for varmint chasing since it gives the flattest direction with decent exactness.

Considerations When Getting a Scope for a .22 LR

1- The price

There is a tremendous range of price point in .22lr rifle scope. The least expensive .22 scope will cost around $30, while the most costly scopes can run into 4 figures. There are two primary points to focus on here. For of all, consider the person that you are purchasing the scope for. On the off chance that it is a novice or beginner shooter you needn't bother with a $400 rifle scope.

Ordinarily, when you go from $30 rifle scope to $80 rifle scope, there will be a noteworthy difference. Nonetheless, when you knock that up to a $150 scope the enhancements are less claimed. Just like any sporting gear, the most elite commonly is just 2-3 percent superior to the grade down.

2- Magnification

Variable scope and Fixed Scope are the most common types of scope. If you converse with enough firearm devotees you will hear every answer much of the time. Here is my take – I incline toward a variable scope on my .22lr. But it greatly depends on taste and the experience you have had. Numerous aficionados will let you know that they have had less expensive variable scopes and they are not reliable, but a less expensive fixed scope is more dependable.

Best 22 Rifle Scope on the Market

#1 Nikon P – Rimfire 2-7 x 32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope -22 Rimfire Rifle Scopes

This is a fabulous gear from a great firm. It is completely warranted, as though you will ever require it. These rifle scopes are known for brilliant fog proof, multi-covered glass that accumulates light and enhances your sight straight up to the completion of shooting.

Nikon is a noteworthy player in the assembling of optical glassworks and the glass utilized even as a part of the lower end lines of Nikon items is amazingly high caliber.



  • It has a standard 3X to 9X power range
  • It is designed for the advanced age, with computerized lenses, and great materials
  • It gives a non-reflective view with a small loss of light.
  • The tube is totally sealed for air
  • It is filled with nitrogen gas
  • Moisture proofing
  • Parallax-free at 50 yards.
  • It is extremely economical.


  • The parallax setting is not adjustable.
  • It won't function well on bigger guns

#2 Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope

This specific scope has numerous exclusive components that truly set it apart from different scopes. The glass is the thing that you'd anticipate from this scope; about as immaculate as you would ever require. It has an exceptionally fresh reticle for making exact shots formed over an inconceivably crystal glass.

Every one of these components tips the scales at only 8oz. to keep the adjustment of your rifle exactly where it ought to be. Leupold keeps on being a pioneer in the top of the line, high esteem optics. Leupold is additionally one of the best organizations available for creating rifle scopes of adequate weight.



  • The VX-1 is a beauty
  • It is streamlined, sleek and moderate
  • It will surely suit almost any firearm
  • It gives an equivalent power measurement to most centerfire scopes.
  • Fog and water proofing framework.
  • There is minimal technical obstruction when using it
  • The glass is very clear and splendid


  • It is not greatly refined.

#3 Vortex Crossfire 2 Rimfire- Vortex 22 Scope (Best Scope For 22lr Squirrel Hunting)

Vortex Company keeps on making a greater sprinkle in the rifle scopes market consistently. They keep on introducing great gears and deliver optics that customer request. This includes the release of this scope. This scope is designed to an indistinguishable specification from its greater rimfire sibling, yet surmounted for rimfire cartridges. This scope is a 2-7 power optic having a 32 mm target lens

This scope has a somewhat longer eye alleviation which is helpful for small game and pest hunting. This is very good when chasing creatures like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums, where you are in all likelihood targeting upwards. While targeting upwards, your normal eye alleviation is decreased. The eye-box is a quick concentration outline that permits the shooter to remove seconds off their time in the middle of targeting and crushing the trigger.



  • The flexible 2 to7 power range gives versatility
  • The lenses are completely multi-covered enhance scratch-proofing and reduce glare
  • It is sealed off with O-rings
  • It is designed to confront unpleasant duty over time.
  • It has a 50-yard parallax setting
  • Easy zeroing on target with a fast-focus eyepiece


  • The reticle is not technical
  • The turrets are kind of stiff

#4 Bushnell Rimfire 4x32mm

This scope is a fixed power rifle scope. The fixed magnification enables the scope to be compact and light and a four power optic are ideal for a rimfire rifle. A few people may think that four power optic isn't sufficient magnification, however, to be straightforward I have to take a shot at 500 yards with four power on center-fire ranges.

This scope is pleasant and reasonable and provides an optic where the central plane is negligible. The scope is superbly light at ten ounces and is compact and nice. The scope is the right fit for micro-rifles. The glass is extremely clear and the reticle is sufficiently fine



  • Looks extraordinary Exceptionally dependable
  • It works well
  • Easy set up and ease of use
  • 100% fog-proof, waterproof and shockproof
  • Easy-grip control change ring


  • It looks a little less expensive

#5 Weaver Classic Rimfire Scope

These scopes are made with a strong one-piece aluminum casing that maintains the fog-proof and waterproof. These scopes have completely multi-covered, no glare focal points. These scopes convey great low light execution with a 28mm target lens.

This scope is made to draw out the best in rimfire and mature air rifles since it comes in fixed and variable power models and also with completely multi-covered, glare-less optics that create a low-light brilliance, even in dark conditions. This scope is Waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof. It is made to resist the multidirectional draw back from the weightiest spring-stacked matured air-guns.



  • Optical quality
  • Sleek controls
  • Simple to zero
  • Construction quality
  • Positive turret clicks
  • Build quality, clarity


  • It is costly


Now that you might have read the reviews of the scopes listed in this post, which one is the best one for you? Out of all the scopes listed, Nikon P – Rimfire 2-7 x 32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope is the best 22lr rifle scope. It is exceptionally proficient, the solid decision for a starting scope, or for beginner and experienced hunters on a budget.


Nikon scope has a hefty range which covers most shootings you make with your .22lr rifle and has straightforward and accurate adjustments. This scope is chosen as the right one for you since it has great quality and the guarantee coverage truly makes it different from other cheap scopes. It is likewise the most powerful among all others.

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