Ultimate Buyer’S Guide For The Best Bow Sights

Bow scopes or bow sights are apparatuses that are usually mounted upon a bow riser to enable you to improve precision while aiming at your target. Bow sights are like the sights that are being utilized on firearms.

They are intended to help hunters get a higher level of control when targeting arrows at their game or prey. The best bow sights are amazingly advantageous for arrow based weaponry hunters and enthusiasts.

When you consider it, the entire concentration of bow and archery shooting is to attain great accuracy as possible.

When you are looking for the best single pin bow sight, you are searching for great materials, precision, convenience and cost adequacy. These bow sights are expanding in fame for learner and expert hunters and enthusiasts. The bow sights take into consideration expanded exactness with a decrease in sight disorder and blind sides.


Types Of Bow Sights

1- Fixed Pin Sights


These sights are noted to be the most widely recognized choice which gives around 3-5pins. If you are aiming a shot at short proximity, then the pin at the top will be utilized while aiming the target.

The base pin is utilized for a lengthy distance. It is highly recommended to adjust each pin before embarking on your next hunting trip, except if you can adjust them in a short time.

At the point when adjusting every pin you should think of 3-5 distances that won't be hard to recollect. Most bow hunters will perform this by utilizing particular additions; however, it will rely on the kind of chasing you are embarking on every time out. Staying with 5-10 yard increases is highly recommended.

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2- Single or Moveable Pin Sights

If you are interested in this bow sight type, it is recommended for advanced or intermediate hunters. These bow sights are made with only one pin, unlike the fixed type. So as to modify it for the next shot, the whole casing unit will either slide down or up. Appropriately setting a single pin sight should be possible in seconds.

Simply recollect using the white tape on the back of the bow sight. This will give you the chance to mark the distance range, and after that utilize it at whatever point required. We cherish this advantage since it permits you to simply move the pointer in regards to the present distance circumstance.

3- Treestand or Pendulum Sights

best bow sight for low light

All hunters know the contrast between taking a shot on the level ground, lifted regions or uneven terrain. Areas that are elevated require an alternate sort of sight, which will make up for those intense downhill shots.

Many hunters invest more energy on the ground compare to in tree stands, so precisely judging these distances can be somewhat more difficult.

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Bow hunters who utilize a treestand bow sight in these circumstances will turn out to be more precise in a split second.

It may take a few shots to completely see how these bow sights function, yet simply due to the fact that the sight pin will dangle up and out to make up for the odd point. It differs from moveable and fixed pin sights, so set aside the opportunity to comprehend this type before utilizing it.

Choosing the Best Bow Sight

While picking the best and the right bow sight, you will need to analyze the sort that is good for you and in addition to some other criteria. Here are the two most vital criteria to examine while picking a bow sight:

1- The Effectiveness of the Bow Sight in Low Light

In the event that hunting is the essential purpose behind utilizing your bow and for buying a bow sight, you will need to takes note of how that sight functions in low light circumstances.

This is essential since most of the animals that you will be hunting will be active at daybreak and nightfall. The usefulness of the sights in low light depends on either top notch optics or the nearness of an extra light source inside the sight itself.

Good optics simply implies better lens or glass that reaps more natural light from the earth. However, these alternatives can be somewhat more costly.

2- What Number of Pins is required?

As you most likely are aware you have a few alternatives with regards to the measure of pins a specific sight or sort of sight will have. These alternatives have diverse capacities as well as benefits.

Contingent upon the variables in your own particular life or as a hunter you will need to consider exactly what number of pins is the perfect sum for what you need to achieve. You will need to consider the region you live in and the sort of landscape you base your hunting on.

Also, the measure of pins will rely on your personal preference too. Some bow shooters enjoy "gap shooting" whereby you target the gaps between the pins while some others want to have just a pin at which to target.

Mostly, it depends on your very own inclination with regards to the appropriate measure of pins for you.

The Best Bow Sight for Hunting


Best 5 Best Bow Sight On The Market Reviews

#1- Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

This is the most recommended bow sights nowadays and it is effortlessly one of the best available at the present time. This bow sight has such a variety of components that makes it difficult to pick a commencing point. The first incredible feature about this bow sight is that it possesses 5 moveable pins that can be adjusted to variable additions to make aiming and shooting targets quite easier.

This bow sight also accompanies an awesome implicit sight level to ease things considerably more. It likewise features small scale customizable handles for elevation and windage. One of the colossal parts about the greater part of the adjustable components is that they do not need any apparatuses to modify and they can be adjusted manually. Another truly flawless part about this bow sight is that it highlights patented retina lock innovation that informs the user if the bow is being torqued in a wrong heading.


  • Easy to mount on bow
  • Customizable second axis
  • Enhances your shooting precision
  • Makes you shoot at any conceivable point
  • Takes out flimsy motions
  • Red or green dot
  • Windage and elevation


  • No third hub settings
  • Fiber optics insufficient at outrageous darkness

#2- HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

This bow Sight may very well be the best available, that is obviously next to our top prescribed one, yet this one unquestionably comes close.

The fundamental explanation behind this incredible rating is the way that it accompanies an earth shattering yardage dial that permits the user to create yard by yard settings to the sight to rapidly compensate at once.

This bow sight has awesome sight since it has technology that permits you to sight only the twenty-yard pin and the eighty-yard pin and some other pins will be taken care of.

The pins are additionally truly awesome due to the fact that they possess a mechanical rheostat light to adjust pin splendor depending upon the level of light.


  • Designed for hunters
  • Simple to mount
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • With rheostat light
  • Fiber optics technology
  • Aluminum construction
  • Toolless adjustment framework
  • Quick vertical modification
  • Good for both left and right handed


  • No third axis settings

#3- Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight

This is truly an incredible bow sight to possess in your armory since it makes shooting precisely much simpler than at any other time.

One reason with respect to why this is such an extraordinary sight is on the grounds that it can be set for 11 diverse brilliance levels to enhance easy shooting during the darkest nights and brightest days, which is incredible for individuals who enjoy going hunting in a wide range of conditions.

This customizable section TruGlo bow sight is definitely one of the best choices for a bow hunter who utilizes a treestand. General this model is the silent sight available today.

It includes a propelled outline and sturdy construction that is lighter yet sufficiently strong to deal with the element. This sight is designed to last and is a standout amongst the most innovative bow sights on the market.


  • Extremely quiet
  • Simple to mount
  • Simple vertical settings
  • Pendulum can be locked even if you are on the ground
  • Rust-resistant
  • Aluminum construction
  • Fiber optics innovation
  • No need for batteries
  • Bright in dark range


  • Lefties needs take off a screw before sighting

#4- 3 Pin Bow Sight

This is a staggeringly affordable bow sight coming in at $15 with a great rating. It has additionally been esteemed as a hit.

The sight is made of aluminum and with a fiber optic range of 0.029 inches. 

The bow sight is effectively set to allow both righties and lefties with markings for elevation and windage.

Cheerful users are extremely satisfied with the cost to the quality proportion of this bow sight. 

The unit has been utilized for numerous applications and consistently without faltering in precision.

Many users are satisfied with this bow sight for both hunting and target shooting. Users who were displeased with this bow sight made a complaint that it couldn't be mounted on their hunting bow with a few users having their vision break after or less than 20 hours of utilization.


  • Micro adjustments for elevation and windage
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Simple to sight in as no pins exist
  • Liberal field of view
  • 11 brightness adjustment for the dot sight


  • Difficulty in installing on bow
  • Sight break after or less than 20 hours of utilization.

#5- Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

This bow sight is truly awesome because it highlights patented Smart Pin innovation that permits you to effortlessly set the ranges on the five pins to enable your precision to as good as possible.

All you need to do to make this bow focused and splendidly aligned is to sight both your twenty and thirty-yard pins utilizing the windage and elevation miniaturized scale adjustable handles that need no apparatuses to change.

On the off chance that you have sighted the initial two pins, whatever remains of the pins conform naturally for further ranges because of the smart pin innovation.

Another completely awesome part about this bow sight is that it is produced from Ballistix copolymer which is 25% lightweight compared to aluminum, however, has much more quality and sturdiness.

Another truly critical angle that accompanies this sight is that it possesses a unique soft touch covering to decrease vibration and enable your shooting to be much steadier.


  • Simple to mount
  • Versatile due to various mounting gaps
  • Guarantees precision on any landscape
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Simple settings
  • Programmed alignment work for yardage pins
  • Great for righties and lefties


  • Susceptible to cracking
  • On the heavy side


There are lots of choices if you want to purchase a bow sight. Various  brands offer an assortment of models with differing price points and features. The bow sights highlighted here in this article all are made with features for adjusting windage and elevation to enhance the precision of your shot. Out of all the rundowns, our top pick is Field Logic's IQ 5 sight. The sight has 5 fixed pins and also some features that enhance easy elevation of shot and adjustment of shots.

Field Logic's IQ 5 is perfect for all shooters whether experienced or beginners. We do not think you can turn out badly with any of these amazing bow sights, but for any further inquiries, you can like, share and comment below.

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