The Best Carbon Arrows For Hunting: How To Choose

The best arbon arrows are mostly chosen by both professional archers and hunters all around the globe. Although, not all arrows provide a similar level of functionality and performance regarding accuracy and durability. However, through appropriate research and careful selection, you will prevent any failure from happening by getting a good specification and quality of carbon arrows.

Arrows have been in existence since humans started hunting. Today’s hunters and archers now have many options on their equipment and accessories due to the advancement in science and technology. Sometimes, a rookie in archery is always confused on how to operate this equipment due to the numerous options available today.

In this article, we shall be discussing few tips on selecting the best arrows for hunting and more so, reviews have been made on top 5 best carbon arrows that we are recommending for your archery career.

Best Carbon Arrows



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The Common Myth Of Carbon Arrows

Archery bow

Many people always think that an arrow flies perfectly straight simply like it looks when at rest – flawlessly straight. This is not true as an arrow quickly starts oscillating once it is let go from a bow. That is not a deformity. Every arrow twists and flexes in a specific cycle as it leaves the bow. This term is called archer’s paradox.

If the cycle timing is perfect, the tail of the arrow leaves the bow without touching the arrow cables, riser or rest. In the other round, under-or over-oscillation will be generated thereby resulting to fatal fletching contact and paper-tune tears which can't be corrected if the timing of the cycle is not perfect. This is because of improper arrow spine So, we need to have this at the back of our mind.

Common Buying Considerations

Before you buy any arrow, it is good you know your draw weight, bow length and the tips you will be making use of. This is all the factors that will influence your selection. To help you out, arrow charts listing all brands, model, arrow length, point weight and all other parameters have been made available at each store. These charts will surely help you locate and pick the right arrow quickly for either your hunting needs, tournament or target practice.

There is a major contrast between the carbon and aluminum arrows with regards to weight. For each three grains, an arrow is heavier or lighter, it either increase or decreases the arrow speed by over a foot for every second.

Carbon arrows don't twist as effectively as the aluminum arrows commonly found. When making use of an aluminum arrow and the arrow hit the target, the persisting kinetic energy will cause the arrow to oscillate from side to side. Carbon arrows don't possess this kind of movement and the persisting kinetic energy actually force the arrow forward due to this effect.

When looking for the arrow to buy, always get similar arrows for whatever purpose you want to use them for. Try not to get an arrow for hunting and another one for the hunting. When you make use of similar arrows, your sights remain as before, the weight and feel will be the same, and more so, you are sharpening your abilities with similar arrows. It also makes you be more familiar with the feel, look, penetration and speed of the arrows the more.

Best 5 Carbon Arrows Review

Since we already have all the necessary information and tips we need to get a carbon arrow, let’s take a look at the review of the top 5 carbon arrows available in the today’s market

#1 Barnett Outdoors Carbon Arrow

This 20-inch carbon arrow is from Barnett which is a renowned maker that manufactures lightweight and good quality arrows for like quite a long time now. The Barnett Outdoors Carbon arrow is available in five for every pack. This arrow is 20-inches long and weighs about 8.1 ounces thereby making it lightweight. The arrow’s fletching is exceptionally manageable and is not detachable upon numerous shots. Barnett ensures that none of the shafts will break and will still be in good shape even after using this arrows for several months.


The Outdoors Carbon Arrows are so perfect with a couple of bows like the Jackal crossbow, Wildcat C-5, the Ghost 350 and so on. The arrow is made from polymer rocks which make them strong compared with aluminum and wood. It also has enhanced thickness for high durability.

You can find this carbon arrow in either orange and red fletching which are simpler to spot in tall grasses rather than the green and black fletching.


  • Sharp tips
  • Sturdy arrows
  • Fly reliably and straight
  • Amazing weight that is good for long distance shooting
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Give complete extreme penetration and accuracy.
  • Perfect with either the Jackal crossbow, 5 Penetrator, and the Ghost 350


  • Sometimes, the half-moon knocks can fall off
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#2 Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrows

If you really believe that you've effectively used many arrows and tired of them, here is another interesting one. The Carbon Express Arrows integrated with Blazer Vanes will without a doubt amaze you with their dependable premium features. The arrows are integrated with Dual-Spine Weight Forward Technology permitting them to rotate faster.

This arrow includes a durable BuffTuff together with carbon weave deign and Mossy Oak Treestand camo for enhanced sturdiness, BullDog nock collar for improved protection, quality and strength, and Blazer vanes for absolute penetration.



  • Accurate and Straight
  • Exceptionally strong arrow
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Exceptionally feasible fletchings


  • Can't be dispatched to Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, or Canada
  • You can't buy this arrow if you are under 18 years
  • Have white and green vanes and it is difficult to spot them in tall grass

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#3 Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow

This carbon arrow Is also from Carbon Express and one of the top chart arrow in the market. The arrow is fabricated with a special design and provide top-notch accuracy and performance. This is accomplished by having hardened ends that feature in-flight flexing.

The dynamic spine is productively controlled to the extent that just 2 spine sizes have to align with draw weights from about 40 to 81 pounds.

Other decent features on this arrow are Blazer vanes, BullDog collars, and the LAUNCHPAD nocks. The Maxima Red is a superior arrow, and user reviews demonstrate that most people are happy with this god quality and reliable arrow



  • Fly straight
  • Premium quality arrow
  • Perfect for long-distance shooting
  • Amazing accuracy and performance
  • Astounding durability
  • Simple to spot in the tall grass
  • Sensible estimated
  • Better groupings


  • Only dispatched inside the USA

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#4 Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

If you are searching for a carbon arrow that is specially designed for your compact bow, you can always count on Excalibur Diablo. It highlights 2-inch vanes that are finished to make them noticeable all around.

The interesting part about this arrow is fitted with both fixed and mechanical broadheads. More so, they are constructed with a hard-front insert in order to enhance its front-of-focus (FOC) weight for brilliant performance and outstanding accuracy. Honestly speaking, the craftsmanship is brilliant.

You can find this arrow in only red fletching which makes it easy to locate in tall green grasses, unlike others. This arrow has exposed shafts which are accompanied by LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks and BullDog Nock Collars.



  • Astoundingly precise and accurate
  • Strong pieces
  • Hard-hitting performance
  • Reasonably valued
  • Perfect for generally long range shooting
  • Simple to spot in the tall grass


  • Accessible just inside the U.S

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#5 Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

This Carbon Arrows is also from Carbon Express and are designed with the intention of providing maximum Brodhead accuracy and performance. This is accomplished by controlling the bolt's dynamic of the arrow. Doing this is an important way of increasing accuracy of the arrow

To reveal some insight about the protected and dynamic spine, this new innovative carbon construction has shard ends to occupy the arrow flex and this term is called the "Red Zone". It is fundamentally the area of the arrow shaft designed to occupy the Dynamic Spine.


A broadhead moves the focal point of the mass in a forward direction on an arrow, which therefore multiplies the flex of the arrow when propelled from the bow. Both fixed blade and expandable broadheads exaggerate the impact of this expanded flexing in due to the fact that the broadhead’s shape is in form of "wings" on the forepart of the arrow.

The stiffer forepart of the arrow shaft repositions the flex to the RED ZONE and therefore decreases wavering toward the front to make the broadhead shoot reliably. This brings about more tightly gatherings with broadheads and makes this carbon arrow an amazing one. Besides, this turns out to be a great tuning arrow because it oversees dynamic spine extremely well that it will take just two spines to cover 40-92 pound bows.


  • Has Weight-forward Technology.
  • Enhances entrance quality that will really be more suited for a wide range of hunting endeavor.
  • Look amazing with its Predator Vanes


  • Heavier compare to other models out there.
  • Beginners may find it hard to use due to the heavy nature
  • May have reduced speed because of its heavy weight.


Whether you are out there hunting for animals or you are doing your best to exceed expectations on the archery field, you really need to furnish yourself with the best available gear. This simply implies that from your bow straight to your arrows and then to your hand-gloves, we recommend that you locate the gears that do not only suit your taste and style but likewise the ones that meet your requirement for getting them.

We are all aware that there are diverse arrow types in the market. Every one of them fills at least one need or usage. However, with regards to both sport and hunting, carbon arrows are the ones we suggest that you should acquire. Furthermore, after every one of the reviews that has been done already to these top five on our rundown in search for the right carbon arrows for both archery and hunting, we are able to tell you that the Carbon Express Maxima Red Carbon Arrow unquestionably turns out to be the winner among all the other carbon arrows that were reviewed. And while it can be somewhat pricier compared to other four on our rundown of top 5 carbon arrows, these great arrow shafts offer accuracy, high-tech design, speed and definitely, strength, making it worth your cash, attention and time.

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Just in case you have anything to share with us as regards to the best carbon arrows available in the market, please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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