The Essential Things to Know About the Best Case Trimmers

The ammunition cost will greatly come down by getting a hand of the best case trimmers and will inevitably become an essential factor to those who prefer reusing their cases.

There are a lot of shooters out there who spend extra time picking up the bullets they fired and trim it for the next firing session. However, it is best to get the world’s finest trimmer for you to be able to reuse them.

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What to Find in a Case Trimmer

Just like any other guns and equipment, choosing case trimmers is also a tiring and daunting task to perform especially if you do not have the specific ideas of what you need to find. Thus, we have provided you the most important factors which you need to consider and use as a basis before purchasing one.

One thing which you need to always keep in mind is that case trimming revolves around trimming, chamfer cut and removing burrs. So, if you have found the perfect trimmer that can do all these three for you, then you just hit the jackpot! Now, we have prepared the most simplified list for you to be familiar with these factors. Check them out down below.

The Ability To Chamfer And Deburr

These two refers to the process where you smoothen a case after trimming. You should notice that after the trimming process, there are sharp ends on the case which is located at the mouth. These edges are then cut by tools intended for deburring to smoothen it.

Tools for deburring are available in any retail stores, and you can choose to purchase it separately. However, if your case trimmer can deburr it for you, then that would be better.

You can also check this video for more info:

Ability To Hold Shells

Ability To Hold Shells

Capacity to hold shells while trimming and even during reloading is also a vital factor since it secures its case to the press. There are a lot of shell holder sizes, and it usually depends on the caliber your gun has.

For those who do not want to pay additional costs for this feature, you can opt to purchase case trimmers who do not require such instead.


This includes the materials used in making it since this greatly affects the longevity and durability of the case trimmer. Being able to ensure yourself with the capability of your trimmer to last long will keep your mind at ease that your money is in the right place.


What you need to bear in mind as well is that the performance of your chosen case trimmer should be able to deliver precise accuracy. Also, the time when you decided to get the best case trimmer that can provide you with the best performance should also be the time when you are willing to pay extra costs.


As what we have established earlier, most often than not pricing greatly depends on the performance and features that your chosen case trimmer can provide.

So, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend so you can then start deciding and accepting the fact that you have to compromise on some features if you only have a limited budget.



Yes, you purchase the best case trimmer that has great features and is considered to be the top of the line, but it is tough to use, adjust and even install. Unfortunately, it will still be stored in the storage and use the one that can provide you the same performance but a lot easier to use.

Here you have to consider the case trimmer that has the needed simplicity which will allow you to use it with ease and hassle free.


The lighter a case trimmer is, the best it would be especially that you will be carrying it around a lot. Portability should be one of the determining factors for you to decide which one to choose among the many choices you have.

Here’s Our Review For The Top Five Case Trimmers Reviews On The Market

Let us narrow your choices further by providing you the top best five picks of our experts. With this, you will have an easier way to choose the best case trimmer for the money.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


L.E Wilson Case Trimmer is the perfect definition of reloading and accuracy. It is very recommendable as it is made of stainless steel and comes with a micrometer. It is manufactured well and is built to last a lifetime since the materials are specially handpicked for longevity and durability.

L.E Wilson case trimmer boasts its ability to produce consistent results case by case. It ensures that the user will no longer have wobbly cases and inconsistent trim lengths. This one will also prevent finicky placement and extraction of the shell. This is a time-saving case trimmer that comes with post-trim finishing or deburring which is not similar to other brands.

This one may be a bit expensive compared to other competitions, but the extra cost is definitely worth paying because of the precision and consistency that this case trimmer can offer.


  • Ensures uniformity, consistency and precision for all cases
  • Adjustments are easier to make
  • Ensures durability
  • Prevents wobbly cases


  • Does not come with shell holders
  • Not good for those who are looking for speed
  • Expensive

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This is known to be the most effective case trimmer one can ever experience. It has the ability to trim and chamber cartridges which does not require the aid of special shell holders making the trimming worry and hassle free. Frankford’s Platinum Series is one effective case trimmer as it replaces five different reloading tools which permit the user to save time and resources purchasing the other tools.

It functions as a deburr and chamfer tool and permits doable and repeatable trim-length adjustment through its patent pending case holder assembly feature. Also, the steel cutters of this Platinum Case trimmer is very impressive as it is intended to become super hard and high speed for instant and stress-free trimming.

As to the design and materials used to manufacture this case trimmer, one could not find anything to complain about as it is made of aluminum and steel that ensures durability and reliability amidst the possible harsh terrains which it will be exposed to. In addition, it has built-in storage box where you can keep your tools and other materials for organization and addition ease of mind.


  • Multi-functional case trimmer as it can function as chamfering, deburring and trimming tool.
  • Tough and high-speed cutters for instant and easy trimming
  • Easy adjustments on the stand and feet
  • Does not require shell holders
  • Has a built-in storage box for organization and safekeeping
  • Extremely durable as it is made of steel and aluminum
  • Easy installation and use


  • Trimmer only works for cases with shoulders while those straight-walled cases need to be trimmed manually

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This compact case trimmer is intended to be used for various calibers and is designed compatibly to a special die fixed in a reloading press. Simplicity, being the remarkable trademark of the Lee Series is very evident in this trimmer. It may not have the luxurious versatile features that all other brands can offer, Lee 90437 is still the perfect pick for those who are seeking precision and are only set for a couple of calibers.

The best thing about this Quick Trimmer is it is very true to its name since it is quick and very precise. It is a lot affordable compared to other brands and does not need the complications of adding another tool to be mounted on the bench.

Since this case trimmer is very affordable, one can be ensured that what you get is worth the value of your money. It is very quick to use and is expected to last for years.


  • Consistent trim length
  • Easy Adjustable Trim Length
  • Spring-loaded hand-crank and trimmer
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent time saving feature
  • Works fast, easy and clean without any hassles


  • Inconsistent chamfer and deburr

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Most often than not, we find the satisfaction in simple and basic things. This principle is exactly what this case trimmer can offer as it is the one of the most basic and yet the most dependable case trimmers in the market today. It has a standard shell holder and has the ability to work with almost all kinds of rifles. It features very easy and quick adjustments to set the trimming length.

It is the best case trimmer when it comes to speed and ease of use. In addition, it is well-thought of as one can perceived in its design and construction. Upon looking at it, one can be assured that it can overcome tough conditions and rough treatment from its users and will still last for years. Its durability is unquestionable as it is made of fine and high-quality materials.

One can expect a smooth sailing experience when using this trimmer as after installation, you only need to do insert and rotate the shell until the right length is achieved. For the features that it offers, the price will certainly be overlooked as it can deliver your money’s worth.


  • Strong built and promises longevity
  • Works fast, consistent and hassle-free• Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Flexible to work with various rifle types
  • Easy adjustment settings


  • Does not stay locked in
  • It may take time to get the exact rhythm for exact sizing through coarse and fine adjustments
  • Universal chunk does not align correctly

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Being one of the most economical trimmers one can find in the market, Lyman Power Adapter has been patronize by almost all reloaders out there who are seeking for genuine and reliable case trimmer. It is very simple and does not come with them all the complications and confusions which the other trimmers provide to its users. Installing and using it is a breeze as its features are set to be user-friendly and customer satisfaction-based.

It has an ability to trim cases in a speedy manner and makes sure that the case mouth is clean and reduces the deburring tasks. This trimmer is the perfect choice for those who are very particular with speed and is aiming to save more time completing the task at hand.

In addition, it is designed to perform for a longer period and ensures the safety of the user by keeping their hands and fingers away from any unwanted incidents to happen. It is best to work with the drill attachment and its accuracy is very impressive as it can deliver a great mass of accurate cases in a given period.


  • Works accurately
  • Easy to use
  • Easy adjustment settings
  • Works fast and reduces the deburring tasks
  • Simple and hassle free features
  • Time saver


  • Battery drains quickly

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The Final Judgment

Above is our in-depth and most honest discussion and reviews of the top five best case trimmers available in the market. Please know that these reviews are based on our observation and honest scrutiny of the individual products, and we are very confident that this information will help you as you decide which one to pick among the hundreds or thousands of other choices.


Overall, we find the Frankford’s Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System, the winner among the five products we have reviewed above. It is very evident that it can perform better than the rest and it offers far more features and benefits compared to the others. It may have a minimum setback, but its great features surely outweigh all the downside of this case trimmer. This is the best case trimmer that can hand you your money’s worth and a worry and regret free investment.

This article hopes to provide you your needed information to choose the best case trimmer. With all the information you have gathered here, we are very confident that you are all set to purchase your case trimmer. Happy shopping!

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