All Things You Need to Discover About the Top Six Best Crossbow Scopes

Experienced and professional hunters alike are all aware that scopes are very essential for every hunting and shooting endeavor. Also, to be able to reach the zenith of expertise in this field, one could not deny that a full preparation of the needed materials and equipment is very much required in this kind of field.

An excellent quality scope is one of the many secrets that plays a vital role in bringing all your efforts, training and knowledge into play. Thus, knowing the best crossbow scopes is a fundamental knowledge so that you can think clearly on which to spend your money to.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


What Qualities of Crossbow Scopes Should We Look For?

We are already aware that choosing the best crossbow scopes on the market will be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are just thousands of choices out there all promising to be the best scopes for crossbows. Thus, it is very helpful to know the basic things that you need to look for to scrutinize the one you will be purchasing entirely. Follow the discussion below to get some ideas as to what things to consider when choosing crossbow scopes.

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Magnification is one of the most crucial features that you need to require for your scope to have strictly. This feature allows you to put the target into enlarge mode in some folds that the normal eye is not possible of seeing. This will allow you that you have the right aim to your target and ensure accuracy and precision.

Anti-Reflective Feature

This is commonly known as the stray light feature or the internal coating of the scope which allows the proper dispersal of the entering light and repels the light from creating a reflection off of the metal. The very purpose of this feature is to provide the highest quality of the target’s image.

Eye Relief

This is the distance between your dominant eye to the lens of the eyepiece which secures your eyes from any unwanted incidents from happening. This stands as a safety precaution and measure for your eyes’ protection.


Since your scope will be your guide in hunting and shooting, it is possible to be exposed to different conditions and environments. Thus, it is critical that you pick the one that can withstand all the challenges of a harsh condition. This feature assures the user that the scope will continue serving the shooter no matter how bad the weather or the circumstances gets.

Your scope will also be your investment. You may want to splurge a significant amount of money in purchasing it depending on your needs and your shooting purposes. Therefore, it is best to choose the one that will stick with you for a long time.

Clarity of the image

No matter how expensive, sturdy and magnified your scope is, if it does not produce sharp and clear images, it will still be deemed useless. So, look for a scope that will still give you the best quality images amidst the low light or different light conditions.

Our Reviews on the Top Six Best Crossbow Scopes

To fully assist you in your crossbow shopping dilemma, we have examined the top six best crossbow scopes that will surely give you an idea as to which to get and which is suitable for your needs. So, read the following review and take note of the things that you prefer to have in your scope.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Nikon Bolt XR is considered to be the best upgrade of the previous crossbow scopes in the market. It is designed to be compatible with 305 FPS which makes it very easy on the hand when it comes to adjustments. It features a relatively great zero-reset turret adjustments that allow the user to lift the knobs and rotate to zero making it very easy to remember your point of sight-in.

This scope is shock, fog and water resistant making it very robust even in severe conditions. It assures the shooter that this scope can withstand the most challenging situations. It also produces high quality and clear images.


  • Fantastic eye relief which is set to 3.4
  • Has zero-reset turret adjustments
  • Fog proof
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • 3x magnification and BDC 60
  • Produces clear and crisp images
  • Accurate 35.6 field of view


  • Has hard to see dots instead of the horizontal targeting lines
  • It does not have illuminated reticle
  • Does not include scope rings with it

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Excalibur Twilight Dlx Scope Multirange Reticle- Excalibur Twilight Dlx Crossbow Scope


Excalibur Twilight screams durability as its strong nature and look will assure the user that this type of scope will be able to withstand the outdoor harms and other damaging conditions. It is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum that is why its durability is very expected. It promises to be fog, shock and water resistance to the users.

It features 44mm lens and comes with 30mm tubes that allow the shooter to see the target clearly and precisely. It is also multicoated which allows the scope to gather a lot of lights and improves the sighting and precision of the shooter. This feature is very necessary for the hunters that will enable them to see their target even at a distance.

It comes with an illuminated reticle that keeps you see things even in dimmer or darker light conditions. This scope is very convenient to sight in and provides comfort adjusting it.


  • Powerful scope with dependable optics
  • Produces crisp and clear image
  • Very durable construction that can withstand the harshest conditions
  • It has the most outstanding light gathering capability
  • Dual illuminated reticle


  • Heavier compared to other scopes
  • Arrow speed setting needs to be locked in place
  • Too large

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Truglo offers a 4x magnification to its shooters and assures the production of high-quality images in targeting. Its optical system is very irresistible which is fully coated and can withstand water and fog. It also offers excellent brightness and clarity which could be very surprising for a non-expensive scope.

It may not be illuminated, but it provides a remarkable light gathering feature that may be acceptable to be used before sunrise and after sunsets. The best thing that this scope offers is its range finding and trajectory reticles that promote accuracy and guarantees quick and easy shot.

Truglo promises durability, which can be felt with the materials that this scope is made out of. Its aircraft-grade aluminum prevents any scratch and bend from its surface but also assures that it will retain its lightweight nature. It is very convenient to set up and provides a clear instructional material or manual for easy adjustments.


  • An increased magnification of 4x guarantee
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Excellent and bright image production
  • Range finding and trajectory reticle feature
  • Very strong built


  • Rings does not fit all crossbow scope mount types
  • It is not illuminated

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Vortex Viper most highlighted and appreciated feature is the exposed elevation turret which is in 1 MOA which makes it very suitable for active and engaging activities because of its instant dialing adjustments intended for long shots. It features as well the most coveted Customizable Rotational Stop or CRS which guarantees the users for a quick and versatile long range shooting.

It has illuminated reticles and quick focus eyepiece feature that instantly ensure the shooter’s desired focus and clarity. Its lens is excellently built, and it is also multicoated. It is made to last for an extended period as the aircraft aluminum promises and assures.

Its water proof, shock proof and fog proof features are the necessary protection that everyone loves about this scope which is compatible with its rugged nature. It can indeed protect itself from the tough challenges of the outdoor.


  • Durable
  • Fog resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Fog resistant
  • Have illuminated reticles
  • Features the CRS for speed and versatility
  • Has elevation turret


  • Expensive
  • It is very heavy which makes it inconvenient to the shooter

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Hawke Crossbow Scope has been intended for crossbow’s high performance. It has a speed selector which lets it be compatible with any bow in the market and with the users; preferences. Its optics are all multicoated that assures quality transmission of light and is available in two colors which guarantee optimum visibility of the reticle.

It provides an excellent quality of the images, and its reticles are working great too! It promises durability with its materials used to manufacture it. It can withstand the harshest environment because of its strong nature. It can be capable of withstanding water, fog, and shock which makes it convenient to use for action-packed activities.

It also features visible increments which are very ideal for crossbow shooting. It is very easy to install and adjust, and the reticles move without any hassles. This is the best crossbow scope for the money as its features are all worth the extra costs.


  • It has speed selector
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Durable nature
  • Visible increments
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • Reticles are movable with ease


  • Illumination’s capacity is not enough; it can’t be turned up
  • Its settings automatically changes the magnification

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Excalibur Tact-Zone is one of the few scopes that can work well with the modern crossbows. It presents itself with a very compact design which makes it suitable to fit perfectly in any case intended for a crossbow. One thing that you need to remember when purchasing this scope is that it does not come with rings, so you will need to buy a separate ring for it.

Its magnification capability is set to 2.5x up to 6x which gives you the liberty to range your image at a low level or tightly focus it to achieve the best precision that will guarantee the best shooting experience. All its zoom levels produce high quality, bright and sharp images making you see your target clearly without any bends or distortions.

It comes with optics that are coated in multiple ways which allow the shooter to see the clear image even in low light conditions. It is capable of surviving even the water, fog and shock. It also boasts its capability to instantly focus which gives no time for your prey to escape and dodge your shot. The reticle is illuminated with red or green color and is imprinted into a glass exterior.


  • It has excellent target image
  • Close to perfect illuminated reticle capacity
  • It is compatible with various crossbows in the market
  • Durable and sturdy nature that can last a long period and can withstand unforgiving conditions
  • Quick focus adjustments
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Optimum brightness
  • Hassle-free experience to sight in
  • Optical system is exceptional
  • Provides brightness control for the shooter
  • Very affordable


  • It does not come with scope rings

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All in all, we have presented to you the best things that you need to consider when purchasing a crossbow scope. As to the review which we have provided above, clearly, the winner is the Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope. This scope’s price is ranging under $200-$300 which is already a great deal when seeing all the useful features that it offers to the users.

It may not come with scope rings with them, but I would rather spend extra cost buying an additional scope ring than purchasing a new scope from time to time because of inefficiency. Vortex Viper came second to it, but the cost was a deal breaker as Excalibur can provide more than the features that Vortex Viper can for a lot lower price.

Now, you can take advantage of this simplified guide and make use of it as you buy your new crossbow scope. We are very glad to help. Happy shopping and hunting!

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