How To Wisely Choose The Best Food For Hunting Dogs?

Hunting dogs are active dogs, and they need the best nutrition to help them sustain the energy which they need for them perform efficiently in the hunting field. Selecting the best dog food for hunting dogs can be a tedious task especially if you are faced with numerous choices in the market. Read this article for you to learn the special ways which will enable you to pick only the best for your hunting companions.

This article aims to guide you throughout the entire hunting journey as we bring you closer to the richest and best hunting dog food. We will be including the important factors which you need to look for in a dog food and will also provide you the most honest and competent hunting dog food reviews for our top five picks hunting dog foods in the market.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Food for Dogs

The most active and efficient hunting dog is associated with two things; proper training and diet. However, it is always beneficial to know the important factors to consider when choosing one to ensure their safety and excellent performance. It may be true that genetics and proper training plays a big part in their development, but it is also undeniable that apt diet is one of the determining factors in their success. Read the following buying guide to learn from the expert.

Knowing the Difference between Maintenance Food and Performance Food

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Ideally, a well-maintained dog is one which is fed accurately, and that is 30 percent of protein, 20 percent of fat and 50 percent carbohydrates. This is exactly the excellent way to maintain the performance and health of your dog. This kind of diet delivers advanced levels of carbohydrates that help reduce the dog’s metabolism and its ability to use fats.

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20 %
50 %

Performance food usually is composed of high protein and fats not only for the promotion of metabolic endurance in optimum level but also its mental strength and visual sharpness. This is very appropriate for the hunting dogs which are not only expected to run daily during the entire hunting season but are also supposed to be flexible and prepared to whatever the hunting field will throw its way including the changing weather conditions and challenging terrains.

Knowing the difference between these two will allow you adjust your feeding plans and techniques according to the time and need of your dogs.

Learning the Fact that Dogs Need More Fat than Carbohydrates

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Unlike humans, dogs require more fat as it is their primary energy source which is way different from humans’ need for sugar and carbs. So, it is best to look for dog food that offers a high volume of fat. In fact, a study has shown that a hunting dog must be fed with 20 percent fat to avoid them from getting tired quicker and performing less during hunting activities.

Consider Your Dog’s Activity Levels

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Here comes the question as to “When to feed maintenance and performance food?” The best way to answer this is to consider the activities which you have set for your dog. When your dog is still doing active things even if it is no longer hunting season, you can still feed it performance food but with reduced percentage of fat.

Knowing the Types of Hunting Dog Food

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When choosing the right hunting dog food for your animal companion, you should also take into consideration that dog food comes in three different types.

Canned Foods

This is what your dog would undoubtedly love as it offers more meat which would automatically mean, more protein. It provides a lesser amount of carbohydrates which is a beneficial thing for active dogs. One of the best things that canned food can bring is that it has few preservatives as it is naturally preserved as it goes through the canning process. Canned foods are more preferred by dogs since it offers more meat, it is easier to eat and digest, and it promotes weight and bloating reduction than dry food.

Dry Food

When it comes to the nutritional value, dry food is the best choice for you to feed your dog. It offers low moisture level which fully maintains the nutrition that the food can provide. This only means that you can truly keep your dog from being healthy and fit by feeding it dry food.

Our Review for the Top Five Best Hunting Dog Food on the Market

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Salmon and Sweet Potato I one of the premium series of the Victor brand. It has additional vitamins and minerals that are well formulated to provide a better health and excellent digestive system for your dog. It is gluten free and offers a natural taste that your dogs will surely love.

It may produce a different sour smell at first, but once it is tasted by your dog, the smell will be a small issue. The ingredient it has is intended for the dogs’ healthier skin and coat and ensures an allergy-free experience. This food is the answer to those pet owners whose dogs are experiencing skin, hair and itchiness issues.

This food regulates the weight of your dog. This is the most powerful dog food that is suitable for owners with an active schedule for their dogs. This food ensures you that your dog can perform better and will still have extra energy for the next few busy days.


  • Provides additional minerals, vitamins and other helpful nutrients for your dogs
  • Best food for dogs with food allergy
  • Ensures shinier and healthier coat
  • Helps dogs with skin itchiness
  • Great ingredients (salmon, sweet potato)
  • Stool are standard and in good form
  • Grain free
  • Recommended for dogs with sensitive stomach


  • Expensive

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Solid Gold caters all dogs in different sizes as it promises a holistic development through its high-protein nature. It is low in carbohydrates and can moderate calories which are vital in achieving an excellent gastrointestinal health. This Solid Gold Dog Food ensures your dog that it will have an eating experience which is both healthy and easy to eat and digest.

This dog food is manufactured intending your gundogs ‘entire fitness and health as it is made with Omega 3 and comes with six classes of fatty acids that protect the immune system, the skin, and even its coat.

With this dog food, you can be ensured that your dog is free from any digestive issues that may become the breaking point in hunting session. You will see that through the proper feeding practices and the efficiency of this dog food, you will find that your dog will be a lot livelier and more active than ever.


  • Ensures healthy skin and coat
  • High in protein, 38% to be exact
  • Grain free
  • Gluten-free
  • Formulated with Omega 3 and six fatty acids
  • Attractive to dogs
  • Offers additional 16 superfoods
  • Small and easy to chew
  • Recommended for dogs of all sizes


  • Highly expensive
  • Gives dogs gas

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Victor Dog Food made it to our list as it contains the necessary the ingredients that are perfect for the health of your hunting pups. It has 26 percent protein and 18 percent fat which is just the right ratio to ensure your dog’s top performance. Its nutritional value is undeniably attractive as it has an additional Omega 3 and 6 and vitamins that will take care of your dog’s fitness and active demands.

It is grain free, and the glucosamine and probiotics which this dog food comes with are very helpful in the reduction of joint and digestive issues of the dog. This feature is critical as it helps in the efficiency and problem-free performance of the dog and even improves its hunting routine and tasks.

The ingredients which it is made of are very well thought of and are all intended to enhance the hunting skills and activeness of the dog. With Victor Dog Food GMO-Free Performance Beef Meal, the hunter can focus significantly on the task at hand instead of diverting his attention and time taking care of his hunting dog.


  • Ensures zero digestion issue for the dog
  • Quality ingredients
  • Provides increase in energy levels of the dogs
  • Grain free
  • GMO free
  • Can be simply absorbed by the body through the chelated minerals which it comes with


  • Most dogs are not enticed to eat it

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The RedPaw Dog Food may contain few grains, but it is considered to be one of the most adequate dog food in the market today. All its ingredients are carefully studied and are confidently included in it considering that it will be used by the dog to perform better and more efficiently. It does not have fillers, unwanted sugar, preservatives and flavorings on it.

This RedPaw is recommended for those dogs who are tediously training three to four times a day as it is intended to keep their energy at a desirable level and to maintain their power amidst the tiring activities. With the benefits that this dog food can offer, it is very obvious that your dog will be healthy, fit and active whole year round, hunting season or not.

This, being one of our top contenders, has proven itself to deserve its spot on top as it caters to the nutritional demands of the dogs and allows them to run quicker, perform better and be a better hunting companion.


  • Does not have fillers, additives, flavor and sugar
  • Best for dogs that are training for four days a week
  • Comes with excellent nutritional value that can keep your dog maintain good performance for days without any decrease in the energy level


  • Expensive
  • Comes with grains

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With its 26 percent protein and 16 percent fat ratio, it is undeniable that Purina has made it on our cut as one of the finest dog food for today. Its primary ingredient, chicken is very appealing and enticing to any dogs regardless of the size and breed. Purina, being one of the world’s best dog food has once again proven that they can produce high-quality food for hunting dogs.

Aside from its quality ingredients, the Purina Pro Plan Sports Performance consists of amino acids that nourish muscles which are very essential especially during exercises. This is very necessary as it provides the dog the ability to enhance its muscles and be prepared to take on the next hunting adventure.

Also, it also comes with glucosamine that guarantees mobility and performance because of the nutritional significance that it brings. This is such an excellent choice for those dog owners who prefer to train and maintain the strength of their dog’s joints which will eventually contribute to the success of the entire hunting activity.


  • Rich in amino acids hat nourish the muscles
  • 30% protein, 20% fat ratio for lean muscle maintenance
  • Rich in omega 3
  • Has fatty acids and glucosamine for healthy joints
  • Has anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and improve immune system
  • Real chicken as main ingredients
  • Suitable for active dogs


  • Small grains are not appropriate for larger breeds since they eat fast and can inhale the food

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The Verdict

Basing from all the reviews we have provided above, it is clear that the Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Salmon and Sweet Potato is the actual winner among them all. Its healthy ingredients and carefully prepared product made it be on the top of our list. It is costly, yes, but all the troubles that you are having with your dog will certainly be resolved if you try this miracle food.


Food is one of the most important things that you need to carefully choose for your dog because what you feed them will certainly affect their physical health and their entire performance. We are very confident that you are now more than ready to pick your best dog food choice that is guaranteed to be free from any doubt and regret.

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