Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier On The Market Today

Since you have the ideal gun safe to make your firearms accumulation secure and safe, it is the perfect time to find the best gun safe dehumidifier. The fact that it is an encased space, the level of humidity inside your firearm safe can rapidly turn out to be sufficiently high to allow for mold and also condensation to develop inside.

Both of these effects can bring about costly harm to your firearms, affecting their entire appearance and even their execution. There is an assortment of dehumidifiers available nowadays, and we will review the best ones on the market that render consistent great performance to enable your weapons to be fit as a fiddle.


What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is an embellishment each firearm handler is required to have installed. Obviously, you require the perfect dehumidifier that you can manage. It will shield your guns from corroding. It will likewise shield your safe from mold and some other issues that can be unsafe to your firearm collection.

There are people that have various expensive guns. On the off chance that you are one of them, a few dollars to safeguard them is worth sacrificing. They likewise have diverse components so you can locate the one that suits your necessities whether you possess a large or small safe.

Why Does A Gun Safe Require A Dehumidifier?

The major thing that will gradually but certainly wreck your safe and its substance is moisture. The main period that natural air gets into the gun safe is the point at which you open the entrance to get something out. More often than not, your safeguarded things will be secured in the dark and moist space; the rearing ground for fungi and mold. This is an effect that would, in the long run, happen to all safes particularly if you live in a moist surrounding. However, there is a straightforward approach to staying away from any moisture harm and that is to utilize a firearm safe dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier is an essential instrument for sustaining the lifespan of your gun safe. If you are ready to sacrifice many dollars on a firearm safe then spending a couple of additional dollars on a dehumidifier isn’t going to make that quite a bit of an imprint in your purse. This is absolutely so if you take note of the extent at which it is saving you over the long haul. This apparatus will shield the inside of your gun safe, thereby securing all your safeguarded things.

What Does a Gun Safe Dehumidifier Do?

Basically, it eliminates wetness from inside the safe by absorbing it from corner to corner. The inside will be kept moisture-free and dry. Rust and erosion can be spread inside the safe without a dehumidifier. The most defenseless things in a safe would be any jewel, guns and most importantly, paper documents.

Firearms are constructed with metal and will rust after some time if not taken care of. Wetness can get anywhere inside a firearm and make it rust from the back to front. Any ammunition kept in the safe will likewise corrode over time.

Without a dehumidifier, the life expectancy of your safe will be decreased and its substance will erode away.

Types of Dehumidifiers for Shielding Your Guns

There are two fundamental types of dehumidifiers and are the Desiccant dehumidifier and Electric dehumidifier. The one you pick depends on upon the kind of firearm safe you have and the cost you will spend.


1- Desiccant Dehumidifiers

This kind of dehumidifier comes in various sizes. However, they normally come in little packets containing exceptional materials that soak up any kind of wetness. They are not costly to purchase and they do not require any external power source. You just have to place either one or two packets inside your safe and let it carry out its function.

Desiccant dehumidifiers have a wide range of brands and a decent quality to last you for a long period of time. The benefit they are having is that they can be reused, so don't think you have to purchase more packets every month. Just bake the already used desiccant in an oven according to the instruction manual and you can use it once more.

2- Electric Dehumidifiers

The electric dehumidifier the higher end variant of a gun safe dehumidifier and is exceptionally effective in eliminating any form of moist from a safe. Unlike the desiccant dehumidifiers, it uses heat technology to remove wetness from inside the safe.

They make use of an uncovered warming component called the 'golden rod' to vaporize any wetness thereby preventing condensation. This is due to the high temperatures being generated from the golden pole. This electric version, as the name implies, will require an electric power source to function. They are rechargeable and easy to handle.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier On The Market 

Before you purchase a gun safe dehumidifier, always remember to measure your gun safe and read the instruction manual to know what size of a dehumidifier will fit your safe. Here are the Top 5 gun safe dehumidifiers on the market today:

#1 Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod Reviews

This Dehumidifier is electronic and highly recommended if you live in a humid surrounding. It is accessible in various sizes so you can look for the one that fits in your safe. It spreads warm air all through your safe. This removes the moisture so that your safe does not become moisturize.

The dehumidifier is accompanied with mounting sections so that it can be mounted low in your safe. There is no plug attached to the cord so you can slice the wire to your satisfied length and connected to a plug



  • Generates sufficient warmth to keep your safe dry.
  • Remains low to the floor of the gun safe, which makes it out of your way most of the time.
  • Same incredible quality as Golden Rods and cost lower
  • The installation takes 10min


  • Gets excessively hot
  • The plug is economically made

#2 GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier- Goldenrod Gun Safe Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier will cover a range of about 100 cubic feet. The plug of the dehumidifier comes unattached thereby making it simple to hookup. On the off chance that you already have holes penetrated in your gun safe, it will use around 10 min to finish the adjustment.

This dehumidifier is able to keep your gun safe around 70 degrees to lower down humidity level. Unlike other dehumidifiers, you don't need to stress over this one getting excessively hot, making it impossible to touch. The producer of these dehumidifiers is quite certain you will enjoy the guarantee on their product.



  • Doesn’t it get excessively hot, and not making it impossible to touch
  • This Dehumidifier can lower the humidity to 50%


  • The legs of the dehumidifier are not durable enough
  • You will need to get at least two if you possess an expansive safe

#3 GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier was specially designed to battle dampness in firearm safes. This dehumidifier also conveys an indistinguishable execution just like the Original GoldenRod Dehumidifier at a temperate cost. The Dehumidifier rods are the best approach to reliably diminish the mugginess level in your firearm safe.

This dehumidifier comes in the scope of sizes, accessible at 12-36 inches long. This enables you to pick only the correct length for your firearm safe, as bigger firearm safes, for example, the lengthy cabinets for shotguns and rifle, gain advantage from the additional length of a more extended rod and the more functional dehumidifying offered.



  • Compact and small
  • Simple to utilize plug and go.
  • Totally safe
  • Reliable


  • It is entirely muggy in the safe than outside the safe
  • Desiccant packs need to be used with this dehumidifier to remove moisture

#4 Silica Gel, 750g

Silica Gel wicks off rust, spoilage, corrosion and mold. This specific dehumidifier just conceals a space nearly close to 57 cubic feet. The majority of the other brands encompasses more area, which therefore enables you to require more of these for an expansive safe. An implicit pointer will tell you when the silica gel dehumidifier should be reactivated. This dehumidifier accompanies a one-year guarantee.



  • It is non-poisonous despite the fact that it has silica gel in it
  • Batteries or an electrical outlet is not needed to reactivate the silica gel
  • Noted to offer you a long time protection


  • Another dehumidifier will be required
  • You need to put the dehumidifier in the furnace for nearly 4hrs to reactivate the silica gel

#5 Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier

This Everdry electric dehumidifier is 18 inches in length. It is designed to be utilized in safes 30 inches or more. You can take off the cord to install it just like numerous dehumidifiers. Many individuals have made remarks of it working just like a GoldenRod, however, the cost is a much lower.

Numerous electric dehumidifiers get excessively hot for you, making it impossible to hold. This dehumidifier can be held, however, it will be somewhat uncomfortable to be held for over a second. The guarantee relies on where you purchase the item from, however, Browning will offer you an additional one-year guarantee when you enlist the item on their site.



  • Does not get excessively hot, and not making it impossible to touch
  • It takes 5min to get it installed once there is a hole in your safe


  • You need to disconnect the entire cord before installing it
  • Desiccant packs need to be used with this dehumidifier to remove moisture


Whatever kind of firearm safe dehumidifier you pick, ensure that it gives the correct level of execution for the safe size and the relative level of the surrounding where you abide. Our top pick out of the rundown is the GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier.


It requires adjustment of your safe unless your gun safe accompanies a pre-penetrated hole for an electric cord; however, it gives successful and consistent humidity lessening, thereby shielding your firearms against harm from condensation and mildew. You need not check whether it should be reactivated or recharged, so this dehumidifier style is incredible for the individuals who may not recall checking on their dehumidifier if it is still good or not. For further inquiries, you can comment below.

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