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Hunting boots are an essential part of any hunter’s gear. Any seasoned hunter can tell you how an excellent pair of hunting boots can either make or break a hunting trip.

With so many different types of hunting boots on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best hunting boots that satisfy your exact needs.

Quick Comparison: Top Best Hunting Boots

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Does a Good Pair of Boots Truly Make a Difference?

It’s easy to overlook your feet when you’re planning your next excursion or worse yet when you’re intently focused during the hunt.

After a long day of tracking or sitting outdoor in the elements, your feet will let you know they feel neglected.

Nothing is worse than realizing you are already physically exhausted only a few hours into your hunting trip because your feet have decided to go on strike.

Having the right pair of boots means you can focus more of your energy and excitement on the hunt and spend less time grimacing over blisters or frozen toes.

What’s Your Plan for Best Hunting Boots?

When choosing a pair of best hunting boots, it’s important to understand exactly how you intend to use them and what sort of conditions they need to endure.

Doing this will enable you to select the very best boot that will perform as you plan.

For example - the boot you need for stalking an elk through miles of snow will be very different from the boot you wear sitting in a tree stand for several hours.

The following points could be very useful for you to consider when choosing your next pair of hunting boots!
best hunting boots in the world

A Few Things To Consider for Best Hunting Boots

Comfort & Fit

Before you buy a pair of boots, ensure that you know your boot size and whether a particular boot fits smaller or larger than as it’s listed.

A comfortable boot that fits well is a must.

If a boot fits too small, cramped toes and loss of blood circulation can be a real problem.

On the other hand, a boot that is too large allows your foot to shift within the boot, and you’ll end up with a bruised and blistered foot. 

A snug fit in the heel with a little wiggle room for the toes is ideal, but keep in mind that boots take some time to break in.

Support & Durability

The best boots are designed with your feet and body in mind. Many hunters don’t realize that hunting boots not only protect your feet but also give you the support your back needs.

Active support promotes a healthy posture and reduces the tire and strain on your body enabling you to hunt the entire day.

Additionally, an excellent boot protects your ankle from rolling or twisting with steady ankle support.

Lastly, a boot that has good support is also typically built with durability for long-lasting use and can become one of your most trusted pieces of gear hunt after hunt.

Insulation & Warmth

Depending on where and what time of year you’ll be hunting, you’ll need to choose a boot with the right amount of insulation for the hunt you have in mind.

It’s ideal to have a boot that keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Warmth is more than just a comfort issue - a quality boot can save your feet from frostbite if the weather turns for the worse.

Some hunting boots are rated to keep your feet warm down to certain temperatures whereas others are built with certain amounts of insulate, measured in grams, to keep your feet cozy.

The more insulate typically means the warmer the boot will be. 

However, the overall design of the boot also plays an important part in ensuring warm feet.

The folks at Bowhunting  World made this information video on how to test your hunting boots against the cold.

Since I spend a lot of time hunting during the winter, the video helped me evaluate how different boots performed against one another in keeping out the cold.

Waterproof & Wicking

It may seem that all hunting boots should be waterproof, but that doesn’t mean they all succeed in their mission.

Various boot designs specialize in different types of technology that are designed to keep your feet dry even while sloshing through several inches of water.

Unfortunately, your feet can still get wet inside the boot because your feet naturally sweat during a hunt from adrenaline and movement.

The difficulty is finding a boot that is truly waterproof AND allows your feet to wick away sweat moisture. 

A great pair of boots keeps your feet dry from water without and helps the sweat within to evaporate out through the boot.

Don’t Forget Your Socks!

Last but not least, consider what sort of socks you will be wearing on the hunting trip. I strongly recommend socks that wick away sweat and keep your feet warm and dry.

Wet feet in the cold is a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, depending on how thick the socks are, your boots may fit you tighter or looser than you expect.

Learn from my mistakes! Make sure you plan to buy socks that will work with your new boots or face the unfortunate consequences.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here are the Best 5 hunting boots - what they got right and where they can improve.

81mSMYCFlEL. UY695

No one can hardly complain about this boot, except perhaps about how expensive it is. Having the best reviews on the list, those that have bought this boot are not disappointed. This Italian mid-calf 10” boot is ideal for mountain trekking and stalking.

The Kenetrek features a waterproof Windtex membrane which keeps feet dry and wicks away moisture.

This lightweight hunting boot was made for mountain terrain with stiff nylon midsoles and K-talon outsoles.

Additionally, it utilizes a one piece vamp with no seams in the tongue for excellent fit and waterproofing.

Its reinforced rubber sole guard adds extra abrasion resistance for durability.

This boot weighs in at a lightweight 3.9 lbs but sacrifices insulation and may not be ideal for winter hunting trips in the snow.

On the other hand, it has excellent support and a comfortable fit for long treks or stalking an elk in the mountains.


  • Utilizes One-Piece Vamp or Seamless Tongue and Comfortable Fit
  • Windex membrane for Waterproof & Wicking Capabilities
  • Excellent Support & Durable Build with K-talon Outsoles and Stiff Nylon Midsoles
  • Lightweight - Great for Trekking and Stalking


  • Expensive Priced Boot
  • Non-Insulated (Not for Extreme, Cold Weather)
  • Mid-Calf Boot 10” (Not for Deep Water or Deep Snow)

A1QRAld7HPL. UX695

With a renown name for hunting boots, Irish Setter has a versatile boot for many types of hunting trips

The 2870 Vaprtrek uses RPM technology which is a sole composite material which reduces the weight of the boot by 40%.

It mixes excellent balance and traction with dexterity - a hunting boot that acts as an athletic shoe.

It’s sole is designed for multipurpose use from climbing a tree stand steps to angled lugs which prevent downhill slips in the mountains.

Its UltraDry construction combines a moisture management lining for wicking sweat and waterproofing for long-lasting dry protection.

Additionally, this boot utilizes ScentBan which kills bacteria in the boot to keep it smelling clean.

This breathable ankle boot lacks insulation like the Kenetrek, so it isn’t necessarily geared towards winter hunts in the snow.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit Due to RPM Composite Sole
  • UltraDry Waterproofing System Wicks Away Sweat and Keeps Feet Dry
  • Excellent Support & Durable Build 
  • Versatile Design - Great for Trekking, Stalking, and Deer Stand Use
  • Medium Priced Boot


  • Non-Insulated (Not for Extreme, Cold Weather)
  • Ankle Boot 8” (Not for Deep Water or Deep Snow)

81nSXXsH68L. UY695


This next hunting boot is quite a bit different from the Kenetrek or Irish Setter.

LaCrosse’s Arrowhead Mossy Oak Infinity boot is a knee high boot for deep snow or deep water use.

It utilizes patent-pending AeroForm technology in it’s Liquid Polyurethane Over Neoprene construction which offers an extremely comfortable lightweight fit with flexibility and durability.

Additionally, Armor Weld Liquid Rubber protective coating and Moisture Wicking Jersey Knit Liner allows for excellent waterproofing and locks the heel in place for a snug fit.

Lastly, this boot is insulated for -30 degrees F and incorporates an Integrated Shank over the arch of the foot to provide Support and Stability on hills or ladder rungs.

These try to stay stay lightweight at 4.0 lbs while not sacrificing protection but run into problems wicking away sweat due to lining failure.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit Due AeroForm Technology
  • Armor Weld Liquid Rubber Protective Coating Provides Excellent Waterproofing
  • Good Support & Durable Build with Built in Shank to Protect Arches
  • Knee-High Boot for Deep Snow and Water Use
  • Insulated for -30 degree F.
  • Medium Priced Boot


  • Knee-High Boot 18” - Not The Best for Trekking or Stalking
  • This Boot Sometimes has Problems Wicking Moisture and Lining Failure.
  • Not a Versatile Design for Various Uses

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Bogs has designed a boot perfect for a snowy hunt. T

his insulated high-calf boot offers protection against deep snow and is guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry while trekking or stalking in the winter

It’s insulated to keep your feet warm to -40 degrees F and features Neoprene upper with a rubber outsole which offers excellent grip on wet surfaces.

It also incorporates an internal shank to protect the arch and provides wonderful ankle support.

These boots also offer a great amount of comfort and are durable in handling the elements.

Additionally, this boot has a moisture-wicking sock liner that is designed to reduce heat and eliminate odor.

The waterproof design seems to do a great job keeping the water and snow out, but the wicking sock liner doesn’t always do the trick in getting rid of foot sweat.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
  • High-Calf Boot 14” offers waterproofing for Deep Snow use.
  • Good Support & Durable Build with Built in Shank to Protect Arches
  • Low Priced Boot
  • Insulated for -40 degree F.
  • Designed for Trekking and Stalking in The Mountains.


  • This Boot Sometimes has Problems Wicking Moisture
  • Does Not Offer Special Waterproofing Technology and May not Be Best for Deep Water Use

91IGBCS6jtL. UY695

The last hunting boot on the list is also the cheapest boot of them all.

Kamik produces a cost-saving option boot that does it’s best to perform with the rest of the boots on this list.

The Nationplus boot is a mid-calf 10” boot that is also insulated for -40 degree F weather in the snow.

It has a sturdy rubber sole with a leather upper that provides comfort and style. It is a winter boot designed to keep feet warm, cozy, and dry.

It features 200B Thinsulate insulation with a moisture-wicking lining.

On the other hand, these boots were not specifically designed for hunting purposes.

They do not offer any advanced waterproofing technology, and the leather upper seems to have trouble offering the ankle support the other hunting boots provide.

That said, these boots are incredibly popular as cost-effective winter boots for trekking in the snow.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
  • Cheap Priced Boot
  • Insulated for -40 degree F
  • Designed for Winter Use
  • Waterproof and Wicking Capabilities


  • Leather Upper Does not Provide the Best Ankle Support
  • Does Not Offer Special Waterproofing Technology and May not Be Best for Deep Water Use
  • Mid-Calf Boot 10” is not Ideal for Use in Deep Snow

Choose The Right Pair For You

The clear winner of this roundup for myself is the Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek hunting boot.

I have always owned a pair of Irish Setters, and they have never failed me in the past.

These boots are versatile for every season except snowy winter hunting and have an incredible, sturdy design with a modest price.

A1QRAld7HPL. UX695


My runner up would be the Bogs Classic High Camo Winter boot.

If I lived in a snowy and cold climate, I would have to give these boots a try for any winter hunting trip. They seem to have an excellent, stable design for a great price.

There are some great hunting boots listed here.

Each one fulfills different needs and could be an ideal fit for your next hunting trip.

It’s a good idea to weigh out the pros and cons of each pair of boots and consider how you plan to use them so you can buy yourself the very best hunting boots.

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