Best Hunting Tripods Reviews – Make the Perfect Shot with One of These Tripods

Not everyone is a crack shot from a standing position with their rifle, depending on the terrain a rest isn’t always available.

That’s where a tripod really comes in handy, it’ll allow you to line up the perfect shot and make for a clean harvest of your prey. The question that remains, however, is just what is the best hunting tripod around?


Picking out a Hunting Tripod

There’s a lot that can go into making your sure your gear is perfect for you, even for something as minor as a tripod. You’ll want to take all of the following into account before you decide on which one will best suit your needs.


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There are two basic types of hunting tripods, those made to support your rifle and those which are made to support optics like a spotting scope.

If you’re just hoping to get a stable look at a distance, one which supports optics is a good investment. They’re particularly useful for stand hunters who won’t need to be hiking it around with them while they’re stalking.

For those who do like to roam the fields and forests, a tripod made to support a rifle is a great investment which can allow you to be sure of your shots at longer distances. While some hunters will scoff, an accurate shot can ensure a smooth and clean kill.

Some tripods have removable yokes which can be switched out, allowing for dual functionality. Don’t expect to be able to switch from your scope to shooting in only a couple of seconds though, if you’re planning on taking a shot soon after you spot a deer with your spotter, try to do it in an area where you can stabilize the rifle on a log, boulder, or other natural rest.

Weight and Size

The weight of the stabilizer is a huge consideration. If you’re the type that hikes over miles of terrain while you’re looking for your deer, then it’s probably best to make sure that you get something which is lightweight in order to save you effort while you’re on the hunt.

If you’re a stand hunter, on the other hand, it’s not quite as big of a consideration since you won’t be moving with it too much.

There are also a number of different sizes available while extended, from smaller ones which will work best from shooting while prone to full sized tripods which will allow you to fire with almost complete stability while you’re standing.

best hunting tripod stand

The Legs

While the legs of a tripod might seem simple, there’s actually a lot of variation that can make them suited for different uses.

Standard telescoping legs are generally quite sturdy, but without a quick release they can take a few extra seconds to set up in the field. This is fine for tripods meant for optics, particularly from a stand, but sometimes you’ll need to stabilize your firearm quickly and in this case quick-release legs are your best bet.

Quick release legs will tend to be a bit less sturdy, but the added speed while you’re in the field might mean the difference between filling your tag and going home empty handed.

Yoke or Mount Type

There’s a couple of different types of yokes available, and while you can replace them on most tripods it’s important to make sure you have what you want as soon as the box is opened.

For rifles, the standard is a V-yoke which will allow you to use your rifle quickly and easily once the legs of the tripod are deployed. Some tripods will have a double V spaced out by a few inches for extra stability.

Optical mounts will differ depending on the type of optics supported, and some cameras and spotting scopes will use different types but a good universal should cover almost any gear you can think of.

Putting it All Together

Before you pick out your tripod, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to use my tripod with optics or a rifle?
  • Where do I plan on using it?
  • How much stabilization do I need for my rifle?
  • Am I going to be hunting in a stand or on the ground?

With the information above and those valuable questions you should be able to determine what you need in order to get the best tripod for your needs.

Top 5 Best Hunting Triopds On The Market

The Primos Gen 2 Trigger Stick is a great tripod, especially for hunters who are looking at shooting while kneeling.

61 RJQCtWSL. S200


  • Easy Use Legs- The legs on this tripod extend by pulling the trigger, and lock when you release it. This makes it perfect for a quick set-up since you won’t have to mess with any settings to get it at the ideal height.
  • Sound Dampening Coating-The legs are covered in a proprietary blend coating which makes them quiet when deployed so you won’t need to worry about alerting your target.
  • Lightweight- The Trigger Stick weighs only two and a half pounds, so you won’t need to worry about excessive weight being added to your hunting bag.
  • Rubberized Feet- The feet of this tripod will be sure to hold steady in nearly any terrain since they’re coated with rubber. This is especially important with higher caliber rifles, as it keeps the tripod from sliding under the recoil.
  • Detachable Yoke- You can easily remove the V-yoke that comes with this tripod in order to attach your optics, making it a dual-use device.


  • Quite Small- The legs extend between 18” and 36” so it’s not ideal for riflemen who want to be able to shoot while standing.
  • High Price- The Trigger Stick is actually rather expensive, compared to most other tripods with comparable build-quality.

The Trigger Stick makes a great companion for the mobile hunter who prefers to shoot while kneeling, but it’s not quite big enough for those who prefer to fire from a standing position.

# 2 - Bushnell Advanced Tripod- Best Hunting Tripod For Spotting Scope

This tripod from Bushnell is great for your optics, allowing you a stable and smoothly moving platform to survey the terrain in front of you.

Bushnell Advanced Tripod


  • 3-Way Universal Mount- The mount that comes with the tripod can move in three different directions and fits most cameras and spotting scopes. This will allow you to easily look over the area in front of you.
  • Telescoping Legs- The legs telescope to a full sixty one inches, allowing you to use it standing, sitting, or kneeling for extra versatility.
  • Padded Leg Cushions- There’s foam padding on the metal legs, which will keep them from getting too hot or too cold to handle in extreme weather conditions.
  • High Load Capacity- This stabilizer will easily handle equipment weighing up to eleven pounds, allowing for a wide variety of optical devices to be mounted.
  • Individually Adjusting Legs- The legs are individually adjustable, allowing you to use this tripod on uneven terrain.


  • Not a Shooting Tripod- If you’re planning on shooting off your tripod, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Quite Bulky- This one is probably only good from a stand, while the weight is a manageable five and a half pounds, the tripod itself is quite large.

If you need to use your optics from a stand or a relatively stationary hunting position, this tripod from Bushnell is exactly what you need.

This tripod is great for shooting from a standing position, and will help you to level out for the perfect shot at any distance your rifle can reach.

Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod


  • 68” in Height- The tripod can reach up to 68” in height, making it perfect for shooting from a standing position.
  • Pivoting Yoke- No need to worry about being locked in one position with this tripod, you’ll be able to follow your quarry with the smoothly pivoting yoke in order to take the shot at your leisure.
  • Carbide Tipped Legs- The unique carbide coating on the legs will keep them working steadily for a long time by decreasing the wear.
  • Foamed Handles- Foam handles can be essential if you’re hunting in particularly cold or hot weather by protecting your hands from temperature extremes.
  • Comes with a Carrying Case- No need to shop around for a case to fit it, this tripod comes with a convenient strapped carrying case that’ll let you carry it anywhere.


  • Comes with a Carrying Case- No need to shop around for a case to fit it, this tripod comes with a convenient strapped carrying case that’ll let you carry it anywhere.
  • Long Setup Time- This isn’t the tripod to use if you’re wandering in the woods, it will require a couple of minutes to get it set up.

This tripod is perfect for shooting from nearly any position except for prone, and it’s quite reasonably priced. Unfortunately there seem to be some issues with quality control, but if you end up with a good one it’s worth the gamble.

This is the big brother of the Trigger Stick reviewed above, expect the same great quality in a larger package.

Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition


  • Highly Variable Size-Ranging from two feet to a bit over five feet, you’ll be able to use this tripod from pretty much any position you prefer for shooting.
  • Trigger Release Legs- The legs of the tripod will release with a trigger, allowing for quick and easy adjustment on the fly.
  • Extremely Quiet- The legs extend quietly, allowing you to deploy it both quickly and almost silently while you’re in the field.
  • Very Light- Despite it’s considerable size once deployed, this tripod only weighs in at three pounds which will allow you to pack it almost anywhere.
  • Dual-Use- You can remove the yoke and replace it with an optics mount in order to use your favorite spotting scope, camera, or pair of binoculars while in the field.


  • Very Pricey- If you’re trying to hunt on a budget, look elsewhere. This tripod comes in at over a hundred dollars.
  • Bulky- When folded down, this Trigger Stick is a full 41” which makes it hard to use if you’re hiking while on the hunt.

If you’re a fan of stand hunting or still hunting, and not afraid to spend a little bit of money this is one of the highest-quality tripods you’ll be able to find. It comes highly recommended for any hunter who’s not constantly on the move.

Coming in with a unique yoke design and high-quality construction, the Caldwell Dead Shot is an astounding product.

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod


  • Double Yoke- The double yoke allows you to use rifles with extended magazines like the ever-popular AR-15 with ease, while also allowing for even more stability than the traditional V-yoke by essentially becoming a mobile gun rest.
  • Telescoping Yoke- The yoke can also be adjusted to account for whatever variety of rifle or crossbow you’re using, making it customizable to nearly any firearm you’ll want to be hunting with.
  • Amazing Build Quality- The tripod is made entirely of machined cast aluminum, making for a long-lasting product.
  • Adjustable Legs- While it comes from the factory designed for shooting from a stool, you can adjust the legs to a wider stance to allow for shooting from other positions.
  • Adjustable Rotation- You can dial up or down the tension to make it easier or harder to rotate the yoke.


  • Heavy- Coming in at a full five pounds, it’s not quite as light as one would like for crows-country treks.
  • Expensive- Due to the unique nature of this tripod, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.


If you’re looking for the best of these tripods, the Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod is clearly the standout choice. Its unique design will allow for the greatest amount of stability, and it’s perfect for any lower shooting position. The ability to further customize its stance makes it an incredible choice.

More mobile hunters may want to look at the smaller variant of the Gen 2 Trigger Stick, however, which will serve them better and be easier to pack.

A tripod is an often overlooked piece of equipment, but when you’re in the field you definitely want the best hunting tripod available at your side in order to ensure accuracy of long shots.

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