A Hunter’s Guide to the Best Lighted Nock

Most hunters have considered a nock as one of the most ordinary parts of an archer's armory. However, the arrival of lighted nocks changed all that. A single LED illuminates the nock which gets activated when the arrow is released. The basic idea is to be able to locate the shaft even in the dark.

It is particularly useful for tracking if the prey makes a run for it – the illumination from the nock marks the location of the shot and the direction that it takes.In our quest for the best lighted nock, we have gone into detail to provide you the best options that are available in the market. Here are some useful lighted nocks reviews:

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Best Lighted Nock On The Market 2018 Reviews

41HkhTV2u1L. SL1000

Via; Amazon.com

These Lightweight lighted nocks from Carbon Express with a universally compatible design have been an all-time favorite of both veteran and newbie hunters for several years. The contact points are precise to provide a controlled arrow release. The size and diameter of the bolts to be used with this lighted nock is unique, so care must be taken to use the correct size (0.244" through 0.246”).

Carbon Express Precision lighted nocks are easy to install and simple to use. Ease of use is the main advantage that we look for while selecting a suitable nock. Hence we felt that it is a worthwhile product to buy. The price at $7.26 a pack is also reasonable, especially considering that these nocks are re-usable.

Performance-wise, these nocks give a relatively precise shot thanks to the concentric design which centers the nock. Each nock is quite lightweight (just 18.5 grains) which helps to provide a better shot. The visibility is also fairly good with a long-life battery.


  • Precise contact points give high accuracy
  • Lightweight nocks
  • High-visibility LED used
  • Longer battery life
  • Manufactured with four axis strictness which provides the same level of accuracy for every shot
  • Reasonably priced


  • Tends to get damaged while installation
  • It 's hard to remove these nocks from the arrow, once installed.

61jlB4BiTmL. SL1500

Via: Amazon.com

As we always should have an alternative, here as well we have considered a suitable alternative so that if you for some reason do not prefer Carbon Express Launchpad, then you could go for this second product which is quite good in many ways which we realized after considerable research.

Nockturnal Lighted nocks reviews reveal that these nocks have high visibility and long lasting Lithium batteries. The battery life enables you to use them again and again and to the extent that even if you shoot it the night before, you can still find your arrow the next day. A reliable piston-driven contact switch provides the nock with a fail-safe way of triggering the illumination.

You don't have to undertake any complicated assembly procedure – you can remove these nocks directly from the package and assemble them onto the arrow shaft, and they are ready to shoot.

Nockturnal-S Lighted nocks fit arrows with an inside diameter of 0.244 and are compatible with various brands such as Carbon Express,Carbon Revolution,Victory,Carbon Tech,and CarbonImpact and so on.  Colors available in 3 packs of 4 different colors – pink, red, green and blue.Most customers who used these not found red to be the best color regarding visibility. Aside from the utility part, many users discovered that the different color schemes did well to match the theme of their equipment to make it aesthetically desirable.

According to those who use this product, these nocks perform incredibly well in telling you whether your shot has made its mark or not and they also found it very useful in following a shot to track down the animal and retrieve the arrow. Finally and quite importantly the LEDs can be switched on and off with ease without any chance of them you accidentally turning them on which is a handy feature and much required while using lighted nocks.


  • Bright LEDs
  • Long lasting battery
  • Pleasant color themes
  • High visibility
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to switch on and off
  • Fits of wide range of arrows


  • Some customers had issues with the LED switching on and off
  • There were reports of loose fitment

619k7U1vqTL. SL1500

Via: Amazon.com

Everyone doesn't have unlimited cash, so if you are on a budget and you are watching your pennies, but you still would like to do some hunting with arrows then the Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock is the one for you. This product is readily available and reasonably-priced to fit the budget of anyone who is trying to watch their expenses.

This lighted nock is easy to use and has a nifty LED that can be switched on and off at will and you don't need any tools to install the nock onto the arrow shaft. The battery has an exceptionally long life of up to 24 hours if you run it continuously.

These nocks are easy to use and install and can be fitted on and off the arrow shaft with ease. Customers have reported satisfaction in seeing shot placement clearly and finding the arrow quickly. This product is readily available on Amazon, and you get free shipping for a consignment of over $25


  • Reasonably-priced
  • Bright illumination
  • Ready stock
  • Easy installment


  • A little too long
  • Some customers had difficulty with fitment
  • They were cases of shorting out with the LEDs

61sB7IuPMUL. SL1350

It is usually the case after using a product for a particular period; we would like to spend a bit of money upgrade it or add to the collection if you like. This capacity to add on is why I have chosen the Lumenok GT Nock and taken inputs from the Lumenok reviews to give you this option if you feel the need for it.

The Lumenok GT nock is ideal for an upgrade because although it's a bit pricey, you will get a value-added product to add to your existing set of nocks. This lighted nock has a few interesting features that make it stand out above the rest, so let’s look at what this product has to offer.

One interesting feature about Lumenok lighted nocks is that it doesn't have an external activation switch. The LED gets activated on releasing the arrow, and the activation relies on the conductivity of the shaft, so it is automatic. Another good thing about these lighted nocks is that the batteries are 100% replaceable. The nock is quite robust, so you can continue to reuse the nocks again and again. There have also been enough positive reviews about the illumination which is quite good. 


  • Has a soft covering for vibration lessening
  • A good option as an addition to an existing set
  • Fully-automatic activation
  • 100% replaceable batteries
  • Made of best-quality materials to ensure that you can reuse the product several times
  • Prompt delivery (48-hour delivery offered by Amazon)
  • Free shipping offered


  • Accidental switching on takes a toll on battery life
  • A few customers had difficulty turning the light off
  • Limited colors (red and green only)

81GEIOWtdjL. SL1500

Via: Amazon.com

If you have an exclusive weapon like a high-end crossbow, then you would probably be looking for an equally-unique product in accessories like nocks, whatever the price. The best lighted crossbow nock that you could get is Game Warning System Lighted Crossbow Nocks which are well-suited for use with crossbow arrows. 

Exclusively manufactured in the US, this product is produced by ProHunter Products, a subsidiary of GWS from their factory based in Plymouth, WI, USA and is available for shipping throughout the US by Amazon. These lighted nocks fit all sizes of bolts, and are easy to install – they just need to be pressed on the arrow shaft.


  • Has a soft covering for vibration lessening
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Material is of good quality
  • Good visibility, even in tall grass
  • Shipping is prompt, and the packaging is well done


  • Wrong measurements
  • Some customers reported difficulties with activation of the LEDs
  • Plunger sometimes sticks which causes the LEDs to malfunction
  • Some customers felt that the battery life is somewhat lower than of other brands

Lighted Nocks Vs Holographic Sights for Crossbows

I would like to make a quick comment on the relevance of using sights and lighted nocks for crossbows. A question widely asked is whether it is possible to install a holographic sight on a crossbow. After seeing some of the responses, in particular for the question posed by someone who wanted to know if installing an Aimpoint Holographic Sight could be possible.

The answer, from what I can see is, not really. Although it would improve the visibility of the target, the consensus seems to be that installing a holographic sight on a crossbow would make it somewhat cumbersome. Moreover, by using lighted nocks, you are improving the visibility of your target after taking the shot. In a way, this is a better option, especially if you can develop your shooting skills to shoot accurately without the help of a holographic sight.

Choosing the Best Lighted Nock

Now that you have an idea of some of the best products in the market let us take a closer look at how to look the best lighted nock for your bow hunting experience. Although there are several factors involved, I have put together a few useful pointers which should help you to answer your fundamental question – what is the best lighted nock?

Since lighted nocks are products of recent times, there is still not much material available on the internet to guide you on what to look for in a lighted nock. One good way of going about it is to read reviews about each product. You will be able to get a lot of information about how each product works from customer reviews. There are a few important considerations you can keep in mind while shopping for a lighted nock.


This is a major factor that governs purchasing any product. Everyone has budget constraints, and some products are just downright overpriced, so you would do well to try to get a lighted nock at a reasonable price by looking around a bit and comparing the prices.

Ease of Use

Any product is as good as it is easy to use. Hence, your lighted nocks should be easy to fit and remove from your arrow shaft. Also, try to get ones where it is easy to switch on and off the LEDs whenever required.


After spending money on the product and the time to order them and install them onto your arrows, of course, you would like the lighted nocks to do what they are supposed to do. What might you regard as the best lighted nock in the market is not going to impress you if it doesn't perform well?


This is by far the most important factor which you need to consider while looking for lighted nock. The LED light tends to vary from one brand to another. You need to choose a brand whose product gives you enough illumination so that you can locate your arrow visually from a considerable distance, say, for example, 50 yards.


Most hunters attach much importance to the weight of a nock. However, as in the case of regular nocks, manufacturers of lighted nocks also provide details of the weight of each product. If you are looking to do some extremely precision shooting, then the weight factor could well come into play.


You should be able to reuse lighted nocks again and again. You don't want your nock to get damaged after the first one or two shots. Try to find out details of the material used for manufacturing the nock – many websites will publish this information. Customer reviews will also give you an idea of which brands are the best regarding how durable the product is.

I hope that you have found this article useful. Please feel free to send in your comments and feedback or put over any questions that you may have, and I will be happy to respond to them.

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