Best Muck Boots For Hunting – The Perfect Pair of Muck Boots Makes For The Best Hunting

best muck boots for hunting

If you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the field chasing down your prey, you will need some good boots. Aside from keeping your feet protected from the roughness of the terrains and the weather, good boots will also keep you comfortable all throughout the trip.

Take a look at the best Muck Boots for hunting and see for yourself why they have a sterling reputation on the market!


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Top 10 Best Muck Boots For Hunting On Market.

#1- Best Muck Hunting Boots Reviews: The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

If you’re looking for some of the best rubber hunting boots">best rubber hunting boots, the FieldBlazers got you covered. It is the company’s flagship model and is designed for all-weather use.

It is suitable for people who just started out and need a pair of beginner’s boots. If you don’t have any special preferences in particular, its balanced design makes it a decent choice, too.

Three-Season Hunting

These boots are great for hunting in most seasons, with summer being an exception.

Wrapped in a layer of neoprene about 5mm thick, it can adequately protect your feet and keep them warm without being too stifling during the more chilling times of the year.

We tested these boots during the late fall — early spring hunting seasons in Colorado (temperatures ranging from 40°F to 45°F). All throughout, our feet rarely got too cold nor too hot.

However, we also did an experiment wearing these around during late spring and well into summer. The result wasn’t encouraging. Sweat broke out on our feet in only a few minutes.

It’s to be expected, unfortunately. Neoprene isn’t exactly the most breathable of materials. To prevent water and odor leakage, the boots are sealed shut, so sweat doesn’t escape from the boots as easily as it would in a pair of leather or fabric shoes.

It doesn’t do very well when it comes to extreme colds (in the 20°Fs), either. It’s worth noting that these are not arctic boots. Even if you wear them with thick socks, the cold will penetrate the thin rubber and catch onto your feet soon enough.

This is the exact reason why for hot or arid weather hunting, leather or fabric hunting boots or shoes are preferred to rubber.

Wrap Around Bumper

While not the strongest available in this brand of boots, the toe protection on these hunting boots is nothing to scoff at. They will definitely protect you from scuffs and other potential hazards on the road.

Unique Soles

The soles on these shoes are unique, and perfect for any kind of flat ground hunting. That said, they're not exactly ideal for going over ice, rocks or actual wetlands as they may have a tendency to slip in those situations.

If you need better traction on select surfaces, try other Muck Boots models.

Furthermore, the soles aren’t exactly heavy-duty. According to many customers’ reviews, they can be punctured quite easily if the ground is too rough. As a result, we don’t recommend these for hunting in mountainous areas.

Four Color Variations

There’s a little bit of customization available for these boots. They come in a couple of different camouflage patterns as well as a more normal boot black.


If you hunt from a stand or prefer to stalk your prey on relatively flat ground (prairies, for example), the FieldBlazers are the pair you’re looking for. For the best muck boots for hunting, look no further than the Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot.

#2- Warmest Muck Boots for Hunting: Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot

Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot

These best rubber hunting boots are made for colder temperatures, meaning anything under 40°F. If you find yourself hunting in exceptionally cold climates, then they’re definitely worth a closer look.

For the best muck boots for hunting, look no further than the Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot. This boot is specifically designed for hunters who need to brave the elements, with a waterproof and breathable design that will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Extremely Warm

Even for the brand, the Arctic Pro boots are very warm. We are confident that they will keep your feet cozy in any sort of cold climate, from chilly to frigid.

First, the Muck Arctic Pro’s body is bulked up with 8mm of neoprene. The thicker rubber body will lock your body heat in, while keeping the cold air out. The inside of the boots is lined with fleece. Last but not least, there is also a 2mm layer of thermal foam to keep out the cold on the underside of the feet.

Altogether, the Muck Arctic Pro has the thermal-insulating design down to a tee. According to the company, the boots will keep you warm down to temperatures around -60°F, which is colder than most of us will ever experience.

The height of the boots is 17 inches, which is quite good for insulation. 

As a matter of fact, we have heard on the grapevines that these boots have been used by researchers in Antarctica as a daily footwear. That more than just proves just how well these boots work.

Full Camouflage

The boots are camouflaged down to the soles. This might give you a little bit of an edge if you’re hunting from a more open variant of a tree stand. It would help, too, if you often get up close to your prey.

Knobby Grip

The bottoms of the soles are knobby, bringing to mind off-road tires. While they’re not ideal for mountain climbing, they’ll allow you to move easily through loose, snow covered ground.

However, the grips could definitely be deeper for traversing over icy terrains. From what we heard of people who used these on ice, they’re quite slippery.

Weak Toe Bumper

Unfortunately, the toe bumper in these boots is a little bit undersized and thin. It’ll protect your feet from incidental impacts, but don’t expect to kick a boulder and get away unscathed.


For cold weather hunting, you’ll find that the Muck Arctic Pro is ideally engineered. However, if you’re looking for something for year round use you’re better off with a less specialized pair of best hunting boots

#3- Muck Insulated Hunting Boots: Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boots

Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boots


While these boots weren’t designed specifically for sports and hunting per se, they will do the job regardless.

Extra points if you have a daytime job that requires you to be out and about often, too. In that case, the Muck Chore Classic could also double as a pair of work boots.

Heavy-Duty, Yet Comfortable Design

As expected from any kind of work boots, the Muck Chore Classic has a very tough design. It will be able to withstand quite a lot of abuse before giving up.

The boot is constructed from 5mm of neoprene. The rubber provides your feet with protection while keeping water out.

For extra breathability, it is lined with a type of structured air-foam. The foam allows a little bit of cool air in to cool down your feet. At the same time, it will transport excess heat as well as perspiration out.

All in all, the Muck Chore Classic is a very durable, but also very comfortable pair of work boots.

Muck Chore Classic Men's Rubber Work Boots are some of the best muck boots for hunting. They are made of rubber, which is durable and waterproof.

Reinforced Heel

The heel is reinforced to bring even more comfort to the wearer. According to Muck, the heel section is made with “quadrupled rubber”. This simply means the reinforcement at the heel is bulked up to provide even more protection.

Within, the boots have a soft-molded footbed as well as an EVA midsole. In order to stabilize footing, the heel is also supported by a steel shank. The shank drastically minimizes fatigue, while also preventing injuries.

Thick Soles, But Not Very Grippy

The soles are very thick and can definitely protect your feet from injuries caused by sharp rocks underfoot.

However, the grip pattern isn’t very good. They will do the job on even, dry, and non-slippery terrains. But if any of these three things is reversed, you will immediately notice the lack of traction.

Lackluster Insulation

The boots perform well enough in relatively cold weather. But it’s worth noting that they are not insulated boots. If you go out with them in frigid or arctic-like weather (in the low 20°Fs), your feet will feel cold in no time.


If you’re in landscaping or similar businesses, the Muck Chore Classic will work great as work boots. Wearing them to go hunting wouldn’t be much of a problem, as well! These boots are built tough and can definitely tackle the challenge.

#4- Muck Boots Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Boots

best muck boot for deer hunting


For huntings on slippery, icy terrains and cold weather, the Muck Boots Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions boots will do. Designed for heat retention from the soles all the way to the top, you can count on it to keep you warm in cold climate conditions.

Very Grippy Soles

The soles are the biggest selling point of this model. Equipped with Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, you can walk confidently on slippery ice without fearing slip-ups.

Vibram Arctic Grip is designed with wide contact areas and rubber lugs with wide support surfaces. Together, they provide solid attraction against wet ice.

If the hunting ground you frequent often has thin, slippery layers of frost during the season, the Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions can definitely prevent you from taking a tumble.

However, it’s important to understand that these boots will only be able to stabilize your footing on ice. If you want your feet to grip the ice, you will need something else with steel spikes.

Acceptable Insulation

As a pair of winter boots, the quality of the insulation system is important. But unfortunately, as you will soon learn, it’s not as good as other winter models in Muck’s portfolio.

Like every other pair of Muck boots, the boots are constructed from neoprene. However, compared to the Muck Arctic Pro which has a thicker 8mm neoprene layer, the Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions’ neoprene wrapping only measures 5mm.

While this won’t affect its waterproofing ability, it will definitely impact its heat retention rate. And sure enough, we noticed a lot of people complaining about its weaker heat retention. We have no doubt the thinner neoprene layer is one of the major reasons for that.

These best hunting boots are lined with fleece like every other pair of Muck boots. It helps conserve warmth excellently.

Overall, while it’s a good pair of winter boots, it probably won’t give you very good results in extreme cold weather. The name could be a bit misleading.

If a pair of good rubber hunting boots for extreme cold weather is what you’re looking for, try the Muck Arctic Pro.

Decent Comfort

The boot has an EVA midsole for extra comfort. Its heel is well-supported and thermally insulated enough that the cold won’t seep through and chill your feet.

As long as you size it right, you won’t find any problem with this pair comfort-wise.


For hunting on ice, the Muck Boots Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions is definitely a nice choice.

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#5- Muck Boots Excursion Pro Mid-Height

muck boots review hunting


So far, the list only includes calf-high boots. If you’re looking for a pair that only goes up to the ankle, the Muck Boots Excursion Pro Mid-Height is a good place to start.

Comfortable Ankle-Height Collar

From the arch to the top of the shaft, the boots measure 7 inches. When we tested it out, it’s high enough to fully cover up our ankles.

Of course, this means the boots won’t be of much use if you have to wade through deep water. However, it will protect well against mud and puddles.

The neoprene rubber material is flexible, but it is also rigid enough to support your ankle.

Suitable for Winter

The Muck Boots Excursion Pro is made for winter. Its neoprene layer measures 5mm, which is good enough for keeping warm during winter. Note that it won’t work for arctic-like conditions.

Neoprene is completely waterproof. Melted snow won’t seep into the boots, dampen your socks, and chill out your feet.

In addition to the thick neoprene, the boots are also lined with fleece to improve warmth and comfort further.

Grippy Outsole

While the outsole isn’t as good as the Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions, it is grippy enough to be able to keep you upright on slippery surfaces. From ice to rain-soaked grounds, the Muck Boots Excursion Pro can do a decent job at preventing you from taking a rough fall while you’re on the field.

No Camo

The boots come in four different colors, though it doesn’t have a camo version. If you prefer your boots to be camouflaged, this model won’t do.

When it comes to finding the best muck boots for hunting, the Muck Boots Excursion Pro Mid-Height are a great option. These boots are specifically designed for hunting and provide excellent traction, support, and comfort.


If you can stomach not having camo on your boots, the Excursion Pro can be a good pair of hunting boots for the winter.

#6- Muck MuckMaster Hi-Cut Boots

best muck boot for hunting


Muck MuckMaster Hi-Cut Boots are some of the best muck boots for hunting. The MuckMaster isn’t exactly what you would consider a pair of specialized hunting boots. Rather, its industrial-grade construction can fulfill the role of work boots better.

Still, with its weatherproofing and waterproofing ability, you can totally wear it to hunting trips if you want to.

Industrial-Grade Construction

The MuckMaster boots still use the same-old design of most Muck Boots models. It is constructed from a 5mm thick layer of neoprene to keep the water out. Heat regulation is handled by a type of air-foam lining.

Since it’s designed to be a pair of work boots, the MuckMaster has plenty of reinforcements to help it withstand abuse.

The toe is padded with thick, solid rubber in order to make it crush-resistant. It is not steel-toed, however, so if your workplace demands you to wear steel-toed boots, the Muckmaster won’t do, unfortunately.

Its sole is reinforced and comes with heavy-duty grippy soles to keep you mobile on mud and snow. The sole is also thick enough to prevent punctures.

Excellent Padding

To enhance comfort, the MuckMaster is designed with a molded footbed and EVA midsole. We really like the inner side’s lining of these boots. It makes the boots fit better, but also does a decent job at reducing chafing.

The MuckMaster also comes with a 6mm removable sock liner made from EVA foam, called “Nitracel”. Besides padding your feet, the liner can also insulate your feet better against the cold.

Most of the reviews we have read about the MuckMaster all praised its comfortable paddings.

Comfortable Fit

The boots are designed with Stretch-fit Comfort Topline tech. Basically, the upper shaft of the boot hugs your calf and creates a seal. This won’t just give you a better fit, it will also give you protection against errant debris and water.

Not Many Color Options

There aren’t many color options available for the MuckMaster. We didn’t find any version with camo patterns, either.


Want a pair of boots that can be worn both at the job site and on the field? Definitely put the Muck MuckMaster on your list of best boots to try out.

Like we said, it’s not exactly a pair of specialized hunting boots. But for many, it works well enough for hunting that it deserves a spot on the chart for best elk hunting boots.

#7- The Original MuckBoots Scrub Boot

muck hunting boots


Rubber boots can be very stifling to wear in hot, summery weather. The Original MuckBoots Scrub can be a compelling choice if this is what you’re looking for. Compared to other models on this list, it is among the coolest and most breathable. 

Perfect for hunting in late spring or throughout summer.

Thin Neoprene Wrapping

Most Muck Boots on this list get, at minimum, a 5mm neoprene wrapping. That can keep the cold out quite well, but your feet will sweat up a storm in hot weather.

The Scrub boots’ neoprene wrapping only measures 4mm thick. This is about as thin as it could get while maintaining waterproof ability and durability.

Breathable Design

The boots are lined with a breathable lining to wick away sweat and keep your feet dry. Breathability is important in hot weather conditions, so this is a huge plus.

Reinforced Construction

The toe, heel, achilles, and shank areas are all reinforced using extra-thick rubber. According to Muck Boots, each of these places get an extra 1.25mm of semi-rigid rubber reinforcement.

Aside from giving you better protection against the elements and puncture hazards, these reinforcements also improve comfort by absorbing the shocks of your footsteps.

Limited Color Options

The Scrub boots don’t come in many colors. There weren’t any camo versions on sale, either. The most popular color option is mossy green, which could potentially help you blend in a bit with vegetation.


if you're looking for the best muck boots for hunting, you'll want to check out the Original MuckBoots Scrub Boot. These boots are made primarily for gardeners, not hunters. Still, considering its waterproofing ability, its coolness, and overall durability, Scrub can be a decent pair of hot weather hunting boots.

#8- Muck Boots Chore, Steel Toe Rubber Work Boots

hunting muck boots

hunting muck boots

Hunters are unlikely to need steel-toed boots. Sure, they provide vastly more frontal protection than boots with toe-boxes made from hardened rubber. However, there are several drawbacks.

First, they are heavier. Second, steel gets cold quicker than rubber, so if you hunt in cold environments, steel-toed boots will chill your feet (specifically, your toes).

But that doesn’t mean steel-toed are totally useless in hunting. If you’re a south-westerner (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and the likes), you’ll probably run into some cacti eventually. If your hunting ground has a lot of cacti, steel toed may protect you from puncture wounds caused by these nasty plants.

With that said, here’s the Muck Boots Chore, Steel Toe. Give it a whirl if a pair of steel-toed hunting boots is what you’re seeking.

When it comes to finding the best muck boots for hunting, there's no doubt that the Original MuckBoots Scrub Boot is a top choice.

Steel Toe Protection

The toe cap is made from steel, which can protect you far better against blunt impacts and sharp objects than rubber. Like we said earlier, if you hunt somewhere with plenty of cacti, a steel toe cap could save you from a puncture wound.

In addition to cacti, steel toe will also protect you from sharp rocks and boulders. If you were to kick a rock with the Muck Boots Chore, Steel Toe on, it would be far more forgiving on your foot.

That’s not an invitation to go kicking rocks while you’re out there, though.

Fit for Summer

The Muck Boots Chore is constructed from 4mm of neoprene. Similar to the Original MuckBoots Scrub, these boots are great to wear during the late spring and summer periods. The thinner neoprene will give your feet more air to breathe.

There are many customers who have used this model in Texas’ summer and spoke warmly of it.

In addition to the thinner neoprene construction, the boots are lined with a breathable material. It wicks away moisture as well as facilitating cooling for the feet.

Vibram Soles

The boots are equipped with Vibram soles. This type generally provides very good traction on a variety of surfaces, including the more slippery ones. One of the many reasons why these boots will be great for hunters.


Yes, the boots are heavier than others on this list. The steel toe cap’s usefulness is also very limited. Nonetheless, for a small subset of hunters who regularly have to deal with potential puncture hazards, these boots could save you from a wound or two.

#9-Best Men's Muck Boots For Hunting: Muck FieldBlazer Classic Industrial Boots

muck hunting boots reviews


The FieldBlazer Classic is a beloved model for a great many hunters. As of the moment of this writing, it actually has a 100% satisfaction rate, which is quite rare for such a popular product.

If you need a pair of all-rounder boots for hunting, the FieldBlazer Classic could very likely be it.

All-Weather Performance

The FieldBlazer Classic is a mix-match between Muck Boots’ different heat regulating technologies.

It has a 5mm neoprene wrapping, which can provide decent insulation against the cold while keeping the boots waterproof. At the same time, the wrapping isn’t too thick that it’s uncomfortable to wear in more temperature - hot climates, either.

The boots are lined with a type of cooling air-foam to keep your feet breathing and wicking away excess moisture.

Toe and Heel Reinforcement

The toe and heel areas are bulked up with rubber to provide more protection and insulation. Both of these parts of your feet are sensitive and prone to injuries while out in the field. So, the reinforcements are definitely appreciated.

Besides protection, reinforcement of the heel also brings more comfort by absorbing shocks.

Odor Control with Enzyme

Foot odor is controlled using an enzyme coating. This will prevent odor leaks, which can alert preys of your presence and position. Additionally, if you have a foot odor issue, the enzyme can reduce smells over a long period of use.

Camo Paint and Safety Orange Lining

The boots are available in a mossy camouflage pattern. Within, the boots are lined with a bright, safety orange. You can roll down the top of the boots to expose the orange lining, alerting other hunters of your presence and improving safety.


The FieldBlazer was designed with hunters in mind, so it’s not at all surprising that it’s commonly referred to as the best boots for hunting. So if you're looking for the best muck boots for hunting, look no further than the Muck FieldBlazer Classic Industrial Boots.

#10- Best Muck Boot For Deer Hunting: MuckBoots Woody Sport Cool Hunting Boot

MuckBoots Woody Sport Cool Hunting Boot

If you’re a mobile hunter, then you should take a look at the Woody Sport series of boots. They have a few features which give them an edge over the other pairs when you’re moving quickly.

Beefy Lower

The lower portion of these shoes and the toe bumper are quite beefy, which will protect your feet while you’re actively stalking your prey. The reinforced, vulcanized rubber is strong against rocks as well as other sharp objects and can withstand punctures quite well.

Like every other Muck model, the Woody Sport boots are made from CR foam with structured air-mesh. This gives them excellent waterproofing. You can run through mud or shallow water bodies without much of an issue.

Great Grip

The soles of these pairs of boots are quite similar to running shoes (called “Speed-Tracker soles” by Muck Boots). They will hold their grip well over varied terrain, and allow you a freedom of movement that a lot of other boots simply won’t.

This is the reason why we highly recommend it for mobile hunters. When it comes to mobility, the Woody Sport is among the best in the company’s portfolio thanks to the grippy soles.

Extra Ankle and Heel Support

The tough rubber lower rises above your ankle, which will help prevent injuries if you were to slip while in the woods.

Muck also added extra support for the heels, too. It has a soft-molded footbed as well as a spongy EVA midsole. This improves overall comfort significantly and will keep your feet from becoming achy after spending a couple of hours in the field.

Subpar Camouflage

While it won’t matter very much while you’re on the ground, the camouflage on these boots looks cheap and grainy. It will still serve its intended purpose of course, but to the human eye, it’s just a little bit ugly.


If you can bear the thought of the lower quality camouflage of these boots, then you’re looking at a boot that’s great for hiking and more mobile styles of hunting. The increased support and unique soles make it excellent for these purposes.

Why Every Hunter Needs a Pair of Best Muck Boots For Hunting

If you’re asking around about boots, plenty of hunters will point you in the direction of these.

Although they can be a bit on the pricier side, they're worth every penny in the end. Muck Boots are known to have the following characteristics throughout the line-up:

1- Waterproof

These rubber boots are always waterproof. What's more, it’s not just the lower that will be impervious to liquids. The neoprene-wrapped uppers are totally waterproof, as well.

The whole boot will keep your foot dry in wetlands, snowy conditions, mud, and rain. You can confidently wade your way through a stream or a river and your feet won’t even be dampened, let alone wet. We have tested a variety of Muck Boots models and we never found any leak on them.

So, all you’ll have to do is not step in water deeper than they are tall and you won’t have to deal with dreaded squelchy socks.

This can be especially important while you’re hunting since you’ll be outdoors for an extended period.

2- Warmth

best muck boot for deer hunting

Many of us find ourselves hunting in colder climates. These boots aren’t just waterproof, they’re also well insulated which will keep your feet warm.

Being able to keep your feet warm is one of the most essential functions of a pair of hunting boots. In cold weather, your extremities are always the first parts that get cold. Too cold, and you will have to retreat to shelter for the day or you may have to deal with hypothermia.

Fortunately, Muck Boots can fulfill this role pretty well. And we found that it can do so not just on the special “arctic” variants, but also in common wetland versions, too.

As a feature of their construction, every pair of them has CR-foam used in the layering process. This “neutral” material is also used in survival suits for cold weather marine applications.

Having been tested in some of the coldest climates possible, these best rubber hunting boots are certainly good enough to keep your feet toasty on those cold mornings during the hunt.

When we tested the boots ourselves in Colorado’s December hunting seasons last year, the boots performed well enough. The temperature then was around 45°F. While it certainly wasn’t as cold for us as many of you who hunt further north, the boots managed to keep us warm for hours in the crispy weather.

If arctic, sub-freezing weather is what you have to deal with during your hunts, try the arctic variants. They got extra padding and lining to improve cold resistance.

3- Scentless

Since all Muck Boots are made of rubber, they’ll help you not to leave a scent trail while you’re outdoors. Leather and other materials can leave a tell-tale scent which will alert your quarry to your presence on the trail. Rubber can help you avoid this common pitfall by keeping your foot odor in.

This can be especially important when you’re managing land in the hopes of attracting deer, as you’ll be repeatedly going over areas that you’re trying to attract the animals too. Deer are quite wary of human scent, and every little bit helps when it comes to avoiding their powerful sense of smell.

But this can present a problem, too. While you will be locking your scent in, the scent doesn’t dissipate. So, the boots may develop some bad smells if you don’t clean them regularly.

Wear the boots in concert with some good socks and foot powder. That could help quite a lot in controlling foot odor.

4- High-Quality

The real stand-out feature of these boots is the quality of their construction.

Like every other hunting boots that’s worth their salt, Muck Boots are made for rough use in harsh terrain. As a result, you’ll find that they last for a long time. An investment into one pair will last you for a couple of years easily.

They’re not just used by hunters, pretty much anyone who finds themselves working in wet terrain could use a pair of these in their closet. So, while you’re not out on the field hunting, you can use it for other jobs, too. If you work a job that requires you to be out in the elements a lot, they can serve as excellent work boots (Muck Boots also has a few models that are steel-toed.)

5- Easy to Clean

One of the best parts about owning a pair of these boots is that they’re easy to clean.

Unlike your typical leather shoes, you don’t have to baby these neoprene boots. You can scrub it with an abrasive pad to get the dried mud off, then hose it down with a garden hose. Leave it somewhere airy to dry and they will be ready to go the day after.

We have found the formula of rubber that Muck Boots used to be quite durable, too. One of us owned a pair that’s two years old and it has remained flexible to this day. A very common issue with rubber boots is that they tend to stiffen and crack after some time when the rubber “aged out”.

This isn’t much of a problem for Muck Boots (at least, according to our experiences.)

But Which Pair Is Right For Me?

While the boots are quite similar, there are some differences which you’ll notice upon closer inspection.

The main difference here will be in the soles.

It seems minor, but how the soles are configured can decide a lot on its suitability for different environments and terrains. Furthermore, as the design of the soles will affect the weight and balance of the boots, it directly influences the comfortability, too.

You may also want to consider the different cosmetics between the different models.

In the end, of course, this will boil down to personal choice. The cosmetic doesn’t affect the performance of the shoes at all. A little bit of camouflage on your feet doesn’t actually affect your hunting experience all that much (especially if you do long-range shots.)

Arguably, the most important thing is to make sure that you get the correct size. You’ll want to get the same size as you’d use for an athletic shoe, if you wear a half-size then you’ll want to round down.

One thing to keep in mind while sizing your pair of boots is that you may want to go one size higher than you’d normally wear, if you intend to wear socks made of wool or other thick materials. This will help to ensure a snug fit without causing them to be too tight.

If you’re going to order these boots online, unfortunately, you won’t be able to try them out on your feet before setting down the money. Nonetheless, once they get to your home and don’t seem to fit well, return them for a different size.

Do not, under any circumstance, try to “tough it out”.

Well-fitting boots are extremely important.

If you wear an ill-fitting pair of boots to the field, you’ll get cramps and injure yourself soon enough. You will tire faster, so you won’t be as durable as you normally would. And last but not least, if the boots are too tight, they would cut off circulation to your feet, causing them to turn cold quicker.

It’s inconvenient and will take a lot of time to get a new pair, yes, but it’ll be well worth it, we promise.

Now that the important things are said and done, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best of these fantastic boots!

How To Properly Fit And Size Muck Boots

Muck Boots are a unisex product, so the sizing is going to be the same for both men and women.

You’ll want to take note of the fact that these boots don’t come in half-sizes. So, if you normally wear a size 8.5 then you’ll want to go with a size 9 instead.

If you’re still unsure about which size to get, Muck Boot has an excellent sizing chart on their website which you can use as a reference. We highly recommend that you use this before making your purchase.

Once you have your boots, the first thing you should do is to put them on and walk around a bit in them. See how they feel and if they’re comfortable.

If they fit well, then congratulations! You can now use them as you please.

However, if you find the boots too tight or too loose, you should return them for a different size.

It’s important that the boots fit snugly but not too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes a bit, but not so much that there’s a lot of extra space in the toe box.

The boot should also be comfortable around the ankle and calf area. If it feels like the boot is cutting off circulation to your feet, then it’s too tight and you should get a different size.

Muck Boots are meant to be comfortable even when you’re wearing them for long periods of time, so if they’re not comfortable from the start, then they’re not the right boots for you.

How To Care For Muck Boots After Each Use

It’s important to take care of your boots after each use, even if they don’t look dirty.

The first thing you should do is to knock the boots together to remove any loose dirt or debris.

You can then use a brush to get rid of any dried mud or other stubborn dirt.

Once you’re done with that, you can spraying them down with a hose or using a wet cloth to wipe them clean.

Make sure that you don’t soak the boots in water, as this will cause the leather to deteriorate.

After you’ve cleaned the boots, you can then apply a boot conditioner to keep the leather supple.

It’s also a good idea to stuff the boots with newspaper when you’re not using them, as this will help to keep their shape.

You should also store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

By following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your Muck Boots and make sure that they always look their best.


Overall, the best muck boots for hunting, in our opinion, is the Muck FieldBlazer Classic. In addition to all of the great parts of the brand, its unique features and industrial design will serve you quite well in the field.

If you decide to go with Muck Boots, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase. They’re some of the best boots around for almost any outdoor purpose, and once you purchase a pair specialized for your kind of hunting you’ll wonder what you were waiting for.


Are Muck Boots Good To Hunt?

Muck boots are a great choice for hunting, because they provide excellent waterproof protection and insulation. They're also lightweight and comfortable, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down. Additionally, the high-traction rubber soles provide stability in slippery conditions.

What Is The Warmest Muck Boot For Hunting?

The Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot is the warmest hunting muck boot on the market. It's made with 7mm of neoprene insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable in even the coldest conditions. And with a durable, water-resistant design, it's perfect for wet and muddy conditions. So if you're looking for a warm, reliable hunting muck boot, the Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot is tough to beat.

Are Muck Boots Good In The Snow?

Muck boots are good in the snow. You can wear them through softer snow or for wading, fishing, or hunting. They aren't ideal for snowmobiling because they tend to get clogged up with snow."Pick" what you like best!

Pick what you like best! Good muck boots are often constructed of neoprene, which is semi-rigid and waterproof; unlike all-rubber boots, neoprenes snugly hug your boot interior without creating too much cold air space between the upper and lower halves of the footwear. Lastly, I love black rubber soles that allow me to wear my boots around town without slipping on ice!

Are bogs or Muck boots better?

There is no clear answer as to which one is better. It really depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer Bogs because they are lighter and more comfortable, while others prefer Muck Boots because they are tougher and more durable.

How long do Muck Boots last?

With proper care, Muck Boots can last for many years. However, the average lifespan of a pair of Muck Boots is around 3-5 years.

Do I need to waterproof my Muck Boots?

No, you don’t need to waterproof your Muck Boots. They are already made with water-resistant materials that will keep your feet dry in most conditions. However, if you plan on using them in very wet conditions, you can apply a waterproofing spray to the outside of the boots.

What is the best way to clean Muck Boots?

The best way to clean Muck Boots is to use a brush and some soapy water. You can also use a hose or a wet cloth, but make sure that you don’t soak the boots in water as this will damage the leather. Once you’ve cleaned them, you can apply a boot conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

What is the difference between Muck Arctic ice and arctic sport?

Muck Arctic Ice is a newer model of Muck Boots that is designed for extreme cold conditions. It has an insulated liner and a waterproof shell to keep your feet warm and dry in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Muck Arctic Sport is a less expensive model that is not as warm or waterproof, but it is still suitable for cold weather conditions.

How do I store my Muck Boots?

When you’re not using your Muck Boots, we recommend that you store them in a cool, dry place. You can also put them in a boot bag or box to keep them dust-free. If you live in a cold climate, we recommend that you store your boots in a warm place so the leather doesn’t dry out and crack.

Can I machine wash my Muck Boots?

No, you should never machine wash your Muck Boots as this will damage the materials. If they get very dirty, you can clean them by hand using a brush and some soapy water. You can also use a hose or a wet cloth, but make sure that you don’t soak the boots in water as this will damage the leather. Once you’ve cleaned them, you can apply a boot conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

How often should I clean my Muck Boots?

It’s a good idea to clean your Muck Boots after every use. This will help to remove any dirt, mud, or grit that could cause the boots to wear down prematurely. If you live in a cold climate, we recommend that you clean your boots more often to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

Where are Muck Boots made?

Muck Boots are made in the United States, Canada, and China.

Do Muck Boots run small or large?

Muck Boots tend to run true to size. However, if you’re between sizes, we recommend that you order a size up so you have room to wear thick socks.

How do I know if my Muck Boots are too small?

If your Muck Boots are too small, you may experience discomfort or pain in your toes when walking or standing for long periods of time. The boots may also feel tight and constricting, and you may notice that your feet sweat more than usual. If you experience any of these problems, we recommend that you exchange them for a larger size.

How do I know if my Muck Boots are too big?

If your Muck Boots are too big, you may notice that they slip off your feet when you walk or that your feet slide around inside the boots. The boots may also feel sloppy and loose, and you may have difficulty keeping them on your feet. If you experience any of these problems, we recommend that you exchange them for a smaller size.

What is the best way to break in my Muck Boots?

The best way to break in your Muck Boots is to wear them around the house for a few hours at a time. You can also try wearing them for short walks or hikes. If you have any trouble breaking in the boots, you can apply a boot stretch spray to the areas that are giving you trouble.

My Muck Boots are squeaking, what can I do?

If your Muck Boots are squeaking, it may be because they’re new and need to be broken in. You can also try applying a boot conditioner or a waterproofing spray. If the problem persists, we recommend that you take the boots to a shoe repair shop.

Will muck boots keep your feet warm?

Muck Boots are designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions. The boots are insulated and have a waterproof shell to protect your feet from the elements.

Can I wear my Muck Boots in the rain?

Yes, you can wear your Muck Boots in the rain. The boots are waterproof and will keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

What are the best socks to wear with Muck Boots?

The best socks to wear with Muck Boots are thick, wool socks that will help to insulate your feet and prevent them from sweating. You can also try wearing two pairs of socks for extra warmth.

Do Muck Boots come in half sizes?

No, Muck Boots only come in whole sizes.

Are bogs good for hunting?

Bogs are a great option for hunting boots as they are made of durable materials and are waterproof. The boots will also keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions. However, we recommend that you choose a boot with a camo print if you plan on doing any hunting.

How do I keep my feet warm while hunting?

There are a few things you can do to keep your feet warm while hunting. First, make sure to wear a boot that is well insulated and waterproof. You can also try wearing two pairs of socks or Using hand warmers in your boots. Finally, make sure to take breaks often to move around and Circulate blood to your feet.

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