Best Muck Boots For Hunting-The Perfect Pair of Muck Boots Makes For The Best Hunting

If you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the field chasing down your prey, you need some good boots. If you’re looking for something warm, dry, and scentless, then you don’t need to shop around as much as you think. Take a look at the best Muck Boots for hunting and see for yourself why they have a sterling reputation.

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Why Every Hunter Needs a Pair of Muck Boots

If you’re asking around about boots, plenty of hunters will point you in the direction of these. They can be a bit on the pricier side, but they’re worth every penny in the end. When you purchase Muck Boots you’ll receive all of the following, no matter which pair you go with.

1- Waterproof

These rubber boots are always waterproof, and what's more, it’s not just the lower that will be impervious to liquids. The entire boot will keep your foot dry in wetlands, snowy conditions, mud, and rain. All you’ll have to do is not step in water deeper than they are tall and you won’t have to deal with dreaded squelchy socks.

muck boots for hunting

This can be especially important while you’re hunting since you’ll be outdoors for an extended period.

2- Warmth

best muck boot for deer hunting

Many of us find ourselves hunting in colder climates. These boots aren’t just waterproof, they’re also well insulated which will keep your feet warm.

As a feature of their construction, every pair of them has CR-foam used in the layering process. This “neutral” material is also used in survival suits for cold weather marine applications. Having been tested in some of the coldest climates possible, it’s certainly good enough to keep your feet toasty on those cold mornings during the hunt.

3- Scentless

Since all Muck Boots are made of rubber, they’ll help you not to leave a scent trail while you’re outdoors. Leather and other materials can leave a tell-tale scent which will alert your quarry to your presence on the trail, while a rubber material can help you avoid this common pitfall by keeping your foot odor in.

This can be especially important when you’re managing land in the hopes of attracting deer , as you’ll be repeatedly going over areas that you’re trying to attract the animals too. Deer are quite wary of human scent, and every little bit helps when it comes to avoiding their powerful sense of smell.

4- High-Quality

The real stand-out feature of these boots is the quality of their construction. They’re made for rough use in harsh terrain, and you’ll find that they last for a long time. They’re not just used by hunters, pretty much anyone who finds themselves working in wet terrain could use a pair of these in their closet.

What does this mean for the hunter? Simply that a set of them will last you for several years, which can actually save you money in the long run over cheaper shoes.

muck boots for hunting

5- Easy to Clean

One of the best parts about owning a pair of these boots is that they’re easy to clean. You can do it with nearly any hose, since the rubber is non-porous and won’t pick up mud and dust the way that leather and other common boot materials will.

It’s real rubber too, and will remain flexible for years. While many of the plastics used in inferior boots have much the same properties, they also tend to have issues with cracking and stiffening as time goes on.

But Which Pair Is Right For Me?


While the boots are quite similar, there are some differences which you’ll notice upon closer inspection.

The main difference here will be in the soles. It seems minor, but different configurations of the tough material making up the bottom of the shoe can be ideal for different environments and somewhat change the weight and balance of the boots themselves.

You may also want to consider the cosmetic differences between the different shoes. This will come down to personal choice, in the end, a little bit of camouflage on your feet isn’t going to make or break your hunting experience in the end.

The most important thing is to make sure that you get the correct size of course. You’ll want to get the same size as you’d use for an athletic shoe, if you wear a half-size then you’ll want to round down.

One thing to keep in mind while sizing your pair of boots is that you may want to go one size higher than you’d normally wear if you intend to wear socks made of wool or other thick materials. This will help to ensure a snug fit without causing them to be too tight.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best of these fantastic boots around and we’ll discuss the ideal situations to use them in.

Best 5 Best Muck Boots For Hunting On Market.

#1- The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

If you’re looking for some of the best boots you can find to hunt in, the FieldBlazers have you covered.

  • Ideal for Hunting in Three Seasons- These boots are great for hunting in any season but the summer. They’re warm, without being stifling.
  • Wrap Around Bumper- While not the strongest available in this brand of boots, the toe protection on these hunting boots is nothing to scoff at.
  • Unique Soles- The soles on these shoes are unique, and perfect for any kind of flat ground hunting. That said they’re not exactly ideal for going over rocks or actual wetlands as they may have a tendency to slip in those situations.
  • Four Color Variations- There’s a little bit of customization available for these boots, they come in a couple of different camouflage patterns as well as a more normal boot black.

If you hunt from a stand or prefer to stalk your prey on relatively flat ground, the FieldBlazers are the pair you’re looking for.

#2- Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot

These boots are made for colder temperatures, meaning anything under 40°F. If you find yourself hunting in exceptionally cold climes, then they’re definite worth a closer look.

  • Extremely Warm- Even for the brand, the Arctic Pro boots are quite warm, keeping your feet cozy in almost any normal climate.
  • Full Camouflage- The boots are camouflaged down to the soles, which might give you a little bit of an edge if you’re hunting from a more open variant of a tree stand.
  • Knobby Grip- The bottoms of the soles are knobby, bringing to mind offroad tires. While they’re not ideal for mountain climbing, they’ll allow you to move easily through loose, snow covered ground.
  • Weak Toe Bumper- Unfortunately, the toe bumper in these boots is a little bit undersized and quite thin. It’ll protect your feet from incidental impacts, but don’t expect to kick a boulder and get away unscathed.

For cold weather hunting, you’ll find that the Muck Arctic Pro is ideally engineered, but if you’re looking for something for year round use you’re better off with a less specialized pair of boots.

#3- MuckBoots Woody Sport Cool Hunting Boot

If you’re a mobile hunter, then you should take a look at the Woody Sport series of boots. They have a few features which give them an edge over the other pairs when you’re moving quickly.

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  • Beefy Lower- The lower portion of these shoes and the toe bumper are quite beefy, which will protect your feet while you’re actively stalking your prey.
  • Great Grip- The soles of these pair of boots represent running shoes. They’ll hold their grip well over varied terrain, and allow you a freedom of movement that a lot of other boots simply won’t.
  • Extra Ankle Support- The tough rubber lower rises above your ankle, which will help prevent injuries if you move wrong while in the woods.
  • Subpar Camouflage- While it won’t matter if you’re on the ground, the camouflage on these boots looks cheap and grainy. It will still serve it’s intended purpose of course, but to the human eye it’s just a little bit ugly.

If you can bear the thought of the lower quality camouflage of these boots, then you’re looking at a boot that’s great for hiking and more mobile styles of hunting due to the increased support and unique soles.

#4- The Original MuckBoots Adult Woody Elite Hunting Boot

Now we’re talking. When it comes to hunting boots, the Woody Elite is sure to meet the needs of almost any hunter due to the differences from the others in its category.

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  • Full Camouflage- These boots are covered in camo, all the way down to the soles. It’s good looking and will definitely serve its purpose while you’re on the hunt.
  • Treated Soles- The soles have been treated with an antimicrobial compound, which adds to the scent reducing qualities inherent in the rubber. Not only will it cover your scent, you also won’t have to worry about mildew or bacteria giving your presence away.
  • Hiking Boot Grips- The configuration of the underside of the soles is just like a normal hiking boot, which means that you’ll be able to go anywhere in them without worry.
  • Full Neoprene Upper- The only real problem with these boots is that the entire upper is made of a soft material, making them less durable than some of the other options if you’re in jagged or thorny terrain.

In most climates and terrains, the Woody Elite are the best boot choice you can make. Keep them in mind as long as the terrain and cold weather aren’t too extreme in your favored hunting ground.

#5- The Original MuckBoots Adult Wetland Boot

While not ideal for deer hunters, these boots are great for those of us who like to hunt waterfowl and might find ourselves needing to wade in shallow water.

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  • Heavy Duty Lower Portion- The lower portion of the shoe is ideal for wading, and goes above the ankle which can assist if you’re in murky water.
  • Great Grip- Since they’re made to handle wading, the rubber of the tread maintains a large amount of grip on wet surfaces like snow and mud.
  • Flimsier Upper- While the upper section of most Muck Boots is always less tough than the lower portion, these can rip quite easily. Not recommended for rough terrain.
  • No Camouflage- There're no camouflage options available for this pair of boots, they only come in a plain brown color configuration.

While not the best for most hunters, if you find yourself frequently wading on your trips take a closer look at this Wetland model.


Overall, the best muck boots for hunting are definitely the Woody Elite. In addition to all of the great parts of the brand its unique features and tough soles will serve you quite well in the field.

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If you decide to go with Muck Boots, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase. They’re some of the best boots around for almost any outdoor purpose, and once you purchase a pair specialized for your kind of hunting you’ll wonder what you were waiting for.

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