The Important Things to Know About the Top Five Best Reflex Sights Reviews

With all the glorious things that the modern world offers nowadays, it is no surprise that reflex sights with amazing features are available in the market. However, with the long list of best reflex sights available for grab today, how does one choose the best for him? In this branded world, which brand stands out among the hundreds of other best reflex sights?

What are the qualifications need to be considered? These questions and more are the very reason why we have decided to bring this article to the world for everyone to have an easier time when choosing and purchasing reflex sight. We acknowledged that there are a lot of models to choose from. Thus, our main goal is to narrow down the choices for you and improve your purchasing and shooting experiences by providing you our reviews and observations with the top five best reflex sight reviews available in the market today. So, read on and learn from the experts.

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Let’s Be Reminded Why We Need The Best Reflex Sight

Reflex sights are best used as an optical device which allows a shooter to look through a glass element where an illuminated projection of an aiming point or an image is seen. Reflex sights are the best aid for those who are having issues shooting accurately especially when they are in a hurry or when the target is moving.

The greatest thing about reflex sights is that one can use the best reflex sights using multiple weapons and can even be mounted on one weapon to another without losing the zero and allows for quick accurate both open eyes shooting. It allows for center mass accuracy.


What Should Be The Factors To Consider When Buying A Reflex Sight?



This is one important thing to consider when buying a reflex sight since this will determine if the reflex sight can withstand various weather conditions and temperature changes. The ruggedness of the reflex sight also includes if it is water and fog resistant. Most reflex sights indicate the level it can withstand. In fact, a lot of reliable models in the market show if the reflex sight can take up to 40 feet to 100 feet.


Optical Quality

As the name reflex sight implies, it is important that it provides clear and accurate images. Thus, the lens and the optical quality should be one of the factors that you should look into when buying a reflex sight. The best reflex sights in the market have excellent clarity and were made to the point that it will no longer show any visual distortion.


Light Transmission

Light Transmission is the level of clarity and brightness of the target can be seen through the sight. In fact, the best sights in the market offer at least 95% or higher light transmission.

So, when buying a reflex sight, you should look for sights that are multi-coated instead of the fully coated since fully coated scopes will greatly reduce the light transmission. One thing that one needs to remember is, the higher the light transmission of a reflex sight is, the longer it can serve the shooter.



Length and Weight

The length and weight are also a critical factor to consider since a massive reflexive sight which comes with additional features may result for it to become heavier and will cause strain to the shooter if used for too long. So, for those buyers who want to keep the weight of the rifle to a minimum should go for compact models with a fixed magnification.



The compatibility of the reflex sight should also be considered. Buyers should make sure that the size of the reflex sight and the size of the rifle receiver are compatible with each other so they can be mounted correctly.

If the sight is too loose, it can be damaged when the user fires shot. Some designs may not go along with certain rifles, so it is best to research the mount capabilities of the sight first.


Eye Relief

Since the shooter needs to see the entire image when aiming, eye relief is imperative, especially for moving targets. It is paramount to have more eye relief since this will allow the user for quick target acquisition.




Prices of reflex sights relatively vary among brands and models. They also come with the features that the reflex sight offers. So, one can expect that the best reflex sights in the market are often the expensive ones.

However, one can also find affordable sights with acceptable and excellent features. This is the reason why you need to think through what features you prefer for your reflex sights and the how often you will be using it for you to determine which one to get.


Quick installation and Zeroing

The reflex sight should also be easily installed and zeroed for you to use it automatically when needed. These factors if present in the reflex sight which one has already bought will give assurance to the shooter that the rifle is always ready to go every time he picks it up.


Platform Versatility

It is also important that the reflex sight can operate efficiently on a broad range of firearms platforms which allows the shooters to use it in a variety of ways. Platform versatility is vital since it can be utilized from self-defense to hunting and even target shooting. Versatility will give the user a chance to maximize the use of the reflex sight.

You can also watch this video for other choices and for more information.

Top Five Best Reflex Sights On The Market

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**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1 .Vortex Optics SPR-1303 Spitfire 3x Prism Scope with EBR-556B Reticle (MOA), Black


Vortex Spitfire is a lovely reflex sight that has been making noise to all the avid shooters out there. Its features are excellently designed for the shooters to have a better experience.

It comes with 3x magnification which is specifically designed to be compatible with the AR platforms. Since it is prism-based, its design allows the Spitfire to have a compact optical system without the need for it to sacrifice the optical system.

For a rapid shooting both for near and far ranges, this Vortex Spitfire comes with a design around 5.56 x 45 cartridges, and this provides holdover and ranging references from 0-500 yards. Vortex Spitfire’s reticle is directly etched on the prism which provides assurance for the consistency of point-of-aim. It also has red/green illumination which has five intensity levels that match specific conditions.


  • 3x magnification designed to be compatible with AR platforms
  • Reticle is directly etched on the prism which provides consistency of the point-of-arm
  • Excellent optical system
  • Lightweight and small size is perfect and does not weigh down the rifle
  • Five brightness levels
  • Combined red dot scope
  • Flip up covers


  • Eye relief is not robust enough
  • Small-sized adjustment control knobs
  • Eye relief is too close

2. Burris 300235 Fastfire III No Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black)


This reflex sight is intended to increase your shooting speed and accuracy. By using this, the need of aligning the front and rear sights when shooting will be eliminated since what you need to do is point the weapon, and the red dot will show exactly where the bullet will hit.

Yes, its compact and durable nature is also a plus, and it is even sweeter because you can always mount it quickly on a rail by using a screwdriver exclusively provided and comes with the box upon delivery. The best thing about this reflex sight is it is parallax free making you aim accurately. Also, its battery life which boasts five years continuous usage and the low battery warning indicator are both plus to consider purchasing this model.

It has 3 MOA Dot reticle and boasts its tool-less windage and elevation adjustments. Burris Fastfire also has a convenient power button that has three levels of brightness and auto-brightness settings. All in all, Burris Fastfire is still one of the best reflex sights in the market as it can still provide you quality shooting experience and assures you for accuracy and satisfaction.


  • Its small size makes it very easy for installation
  • Windage and elevation are very easy to adjust
  • Battery life is very excellent
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to mount
  • Holds zero perfectly
  • Speedy target acquisition


  • Difficult to turn on and off
  • Dot brightness button is too small and hard to adjust
  • May not work best, especially co-witness well with C.O.R.E

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3. Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight


Trijicon known for creating excellent and dependable reflex sight has come up with its one of the best sights, the Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA adjustable LED Red Dot Sight. Its auto adjusting brightness is very appealing since even in the dark room to outdoor venues, the dot is still clearly visible. Trijicon RMR is very durable as it is made of aircraft aluminum alloy that helps in diverting the force or impact away from the lens.

It features an automatic brightness mode and offers a way for the users to control and adjust the settings because of the eight adjustable settings that it comes with. Plus, its push buttons are very accessible. This reflex sight can be easily adjustable without the need of special tools. Everyone will love the capability of both eyes open sighting with the ability to remain on the focal plane of the shooter’s target as opposed to focusing solely on the front sight.

This reflex sight transitions through various ambient lighting situations and the user will never find the need to adjust the dot manually. The battery is very promising as it can provide a longer performance.


  • 6.5 MOA LED with adjustable brightness
  • Easy push buttons
  • Unique patented housing shape
  • Right color multicoated lens
  • Adjustable windage and elevation


  • Very narrow-angle of view required to see dot
  • Could not be mounted on a pistol
  • Intermittent red dot is a known issue to users

4. EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic AA Batteries Weapon Sight


EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight boasts its close-in combat design that also promises versatility. It offers unlimited eye relief which a plus is making it more excellent. The best thing about this reflex sight is it is parallax free making you aim accurately and can be submersible to water up to 10 feet.

Also, it is known for its capability to be resistant to fog and can easily be installed in Picatinny rail and can be mounted together with other accessories on the rail. As to the brightness settings, EOTech Tactical Holographic has twenty scrolling features. The battery life is very appealing in addition to its auto battery check indicator.

This reflex sight also has auto shutdown capabilities which make it very assuring to the user since it helps in increasing the battery life. Since EOTech is known for making excellent designs and this provides assurance to the shooters since the plans are intended to work with various platforms or firearms.


  • Very easy to zero
  • 20 brightness settings
  • Visual acquisition is great, and the field of vision is excellent


  • No night vision
  • Reticle has a granular look because of the lasers
  • Too big and too heavy

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5. Trijicon 1x25 MRO 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot


Trijicon MRO’s larger objective lens provides 44% greater FOV, and its ambidextrous brightness control is well located between the daytime levels which is very convenient to the users since cycling up through every level starting from the lowest setting is no longer need just to get a visible reticle.

It also takes pride with its 50 thousand hours battery life which is a must, especially to experienced shooters. The sharpness and clarity of the reticle are also a bonus to its users and makes every shooter’s experience a lot better. It is also water-resistant up to 30 feet.


  • Five-year battery life
  • Ambidextrous brightness control
  • Wider objective lens
  • Excellent construction and durability


  • Red outer ring on anything above level 3 setting
  • Light magnification can result to the user to experience discomfort shooting with both eyes open
  • Obscuring lens tint
  • Red glare on the user side


The abovementioned reflex sights are the five best reflex sights in the market basing from its affordability, durability and other excellent features. Basing from the factors that need to be considered as discussed above, the Vortex Spitfire outweighs the other four mentioned reflex sight as it has more features that deliver total satisfaction to the shooter’s end.


Its features are more than enough to overshadow the minor downsides that we have indicated above. All in all, it has met all the important requirements and we are very confident that this can do its job excellently compared to other high-priced brands.

The 3x magnification and excellent optical system that it has, together with the directly etched reticle have made it to be the top spot in the reflex sight category. The comfort that it provides because of its lightweight nature delivers the user’s worth of money satisfactorily.

We have laid down all your needed information for you to grab the best reflex sight that could improve your shooting experience. This article hopes that it has provided you your needed buying guide and has helped you come up with the best reflex sight that suits your needs and preferences.

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