Knowing More about the Best Scope Rings and Mounts

One thing that all shooters should make sure is the sighting in the weapon has reliable zero, and it can be consistent in hitting the mark. This is why shooters need the best scope rings. Rifle scope rings are the circular clamps used in attaching a scope to a gun through pre-installed mounting bases.

These scope rings are crucial to enable the shooter to have an accurate aim by keeping the scope mounted securely to the weapon. One thing that one needs to be reminded about is that even top of the line scopes is proved to be useless if paired with sub-par scope rings.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Scope Rings

The decision to choose types of scope rings should be based on specific factors such price, material and the manufacturer’s reputation to ensure the quality of the product. One thing that you should also remember is to match the scope rings to the correct style of base. Check the following base types and do not forget to match your scope ring purchase with them.

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Weaver Style Base

Weaver Style Base has proven itself to be the top choice as a mounting platform by shooters and hunters as it is very affordable and rugged mounting base. It features a primary recoil block which keeps the rings in one place.

It also has 3.8mm cross-key slot which accepts unique Weaver keys located on the bottom. This kind of base is ideal for firearms but maybe too broad for airgun rings and works best with two-piece rings.

Picatinny-Style Base

This is similar to the Weaver Style Base; only it is larger since its notches are 5mm wide and are located at precise intervals along the rail. Picatinny base is widely used by the military and law enforcement nowadays since it can hold not only scopes but also other valuable items such as flashlights, lasers, rangefinders and night vision devices.


Leuopold Style Base

The Leuopold style base is the most versatile bases as the rear ring secured by the windage screws allow the scope’s internal adjustments to be reserved for precise sight-in. You can also add more shims for gross elevation adjustment to reserve the scope’s elevation adjustment for bullet drop compensation dial applications.

Once you have already decided which base to get and chosen the correct base that matches your firearm, it would be easier to purchase a set of rings that will match with your mounting system. However, the following factors should also be considered for you to choose the best scope rings for you and the things to consider after purchasing them:

1. Materials used in the manufacturing of your scope rings

Scope rings are either manufactured using steel or aluminum. Steel rings are deemed to be more reliable and sturdier compared to aluminum made. It also keeps the round shape of the rings from becoming compressed and oval-shaped.

2. Height of the ring

Scope rings come in different height such as low, medium and high To determine this. Usually, the size of the scope’s objective lens outside diameter and the ocular ball size determines the height needed on the rings which will allow the scope cap to clear the barrel.

3. Consider the set of rings that enables you to mount closer to the barrel of the firearm without the need for it to touch it.

Proper installation of the rifle scope does not only secure accurate aim but also protects the gun, the scope, and the shooter. It is very crucial to ensure that mounted rings are not too tight and too loose.

Mounted rings that are too loose will turn freely and throw off accuracy. While rings that are too tight on the other hand may bend the sight tube which would render the sight scope inoperable.


Types of Rings

1. Extension Rings

Extension rings are used when the shooter desires for the scope to sit higher on the rifle and during mounting a shorter scope onto a gun with a longer receiver. This can offer about another half-inch of mounting leeway.

2. Quick Release Rings

These rings have a lever which allows the shooter to take off the scope during cleaning or transferring the firearm from the field. These types of rings come handy for hunters who are trying to put a longer-ranged scope on.

3. Offset Scope Rings

Offset scope rings enable the scope to be mounted on the side of the weapon and if the weapon already has an existing factory mounted sights.

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Vertical and Horizontal Scope Rings

There are two (2) types of scope rings; vertical split and horizontal split.

Vertical Split:

These rings are considered to be stronger compared to the other kind as it is directly connected to the scope base. However, this is deemed to be the most difficult to install.

Horizontal Split:

Horizontal split rings are too easy to install compared to the vertical rings. The bottom of the ring screws or clamps directly to the base which holds the scope, while the other half or top half of the ring clamps down over the scope.

Our Top Seven (7) Picks for the Best Scope Rings

In the previous section, we have already established the necessary things that will enable you to decide what to get and which one to pick. Now, it is about time that we cover the most important aspect which is the decision making part. Allow us to narrow your choices down by providing you the most necessary information for our top seven (7) best scope rings.

Since the market offers a lot of different types of rings, bases, and mounts, it is very impossible to come up with the best decision without first learning their features and their downsides. The following models are highly recommended and are definitely among the best out there. So, check them out and learn from these reviews.

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**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Burris XTR Rings 1 Inch Medium 420181


Burris XTR is surprisingly super strong amidst its lightweight nature. It comes with six-screw aluminum rings anchor scopes which deliver a satisfying and unfailing return to zero capability. This is very resistant to any abuses such as hard hunting, magnum recoil, tactical shooting and massive recoil because of its little carbines and powerful magnums.

These rings come in three different sizes such as medium, high and extra high. Medium sizes are best to work with an average scope of a bolt of action rifle. The great ones are intended for the bigger scope on a bolt of a rifle. The additional high version is perfect for those who want to mount a scope on AR platform which assures the sight target not to be too low or too high.

The aesthetics are very excellent. It is very robust and sturdy and provides a very reliable and vigorous look which give extra beauty to its overall look. Also, it holds the scope perfectly with its locking bolts making it stay in place.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Well manufactured
  • Secure Torx bit bolts
  • Ensures exact fitting
  • Has good form and function
  • Provide firm mounting
  • Holds zero excellently


  • Proper information should be given as to its sizes
  • Expensive

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LaRue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount LT104- Best Scope Mount


LaRue LT104 is a precision-machined made from aluminum and anodized. It features the locking LaRue Speed Levers which provides outstanding return to zero. It also guarantees removal and replacement of the optics without losing the zero. It comes with a complete package of QD adjustment, manual and even spares mounting screws.

This scope ring is very attractive because of its innovative backbone which connects the split vertical rings which makes it more robust platform for the optics, allows it to increase repeatability and eliminates the need for lapping which consumes time. LT104 is precision-machined that comes with the highest tolerances and features threaded steel inserts. This ring is built to stay for years amidst the abuse and the harsh environment.

LT104 has 1.87 cantilevers that position the scope out front over the handguard and eliminates the demand for the spanning from the receiver to the handguard. It also allows you to obtain proper eye relief which adds to the comfort and confidence of the shooter. One thing that one needs to consider since the LT 104 will not work with any folding rear sight which is over .5 tall when folded.


  • Swift tension adjustment on the mount
  • Clear and concise manual
  • Outstanding return to zero
  • Solid but not in a bulky or awkward way
  • Lever mounts are lightweight, practical and easy to adjust
  • Aesthetically satisfying
  • Well aligned


  • Takes one’s finish off under the rail since it is connected to the rail tightly.
  • Expensive
  • Not glossy coating,
  • Box is tightly shut

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Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount


Springfield Armory G4 is a sturdy looking scope mount which allows co-witnessing iron sights smoothly. It perfectly fits and can add extra options for optics and weapon for tactical appearance. It comes with very complete and simplified instructions that can help the shooters and hunters with ease. It is very easy to install and can be zeroed within ten (10) minutes without the need to adjust it again.


  • Strong and well-built
  • Easy installation and zeroing
  • Clear and simplified instructions
  • Smooth co-witnessing with iron


  • Very high on the receiver
  • Cumbersome and bulky because of the big screw to mount
  • Wide enough that it does not allow an American Defense Recon mount to be installed
  • Mount is not centered with rifle bore
  • Shoots loose
  • Big and bulky knobs

Vortex Optics Precision Riflescope 2-Rings .97” Height for 30mm Specs- Best 30mm Scope Rings

Vortex has made sure that during the manufacturing process, all sets are perfectly manufactured by keeping the Vortex Precision Matched Rings in pairs. These rings are serialized, vibratory tumbled, hand-bead blasted and was finished off with a Type III hard coat anodize. It is very lightweight and rugged which makes it very convenient to take anywhere.

This Vortex Precision also features anti-snag design and Grade 8 fasteners.


  • Well-built and excellent design
  • Provides enough clearance
  • Easy installation
  • Rings are sturdy
  • Accurate, precise pair of rings
  • Heavy duty rings
  • Hold zero after removing and reinstalling


  • It does not work with Weaver mounts, only Picatinny
  • Rings are too short for 50mm lens
  • Oversized bottom key on the ring requires a gunsmith to cut and fit

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Seekins Precision 30mm Tube .82 Low 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring- Seekins Scope Rings


Seekins Precision has an excellent fit and finish which provides the shooters their money’s worth. It is very lightweight and sits very well on the mount. It also offers a perfect and definite alignment as it hits sets correctly.

It assures tight holding and features higher quality on hardware which it gives it more edge compared to other units and brands. It may look clunky and bulky, but it is very handy because of its lightweight nature. Its design is very perfect and can pass the standards of elite and experienced shooters.

These rings come with clamps that are considered to be larger in width compared to the others and instills confidence in its structural integrity. It requires no lapping since the rings are perfectly aligned with each other.

Overall, it is a perfect match when it comes to construction and design to the eyes and its tactical sense since these have nothing to hang up on. Its base has a pretty large recoil lug at the bottom which fits snuggly up against the front of the bolt opening.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfectly and functions excellently
  • Lovely designs
  • Definite alignment
  • Hardware is made of high-graded materials


  • They are very expensive compared to other brands
  • Looks bulky and heavy

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Warne 1 Inch Maxima TPA Scope Rings - Best 1 Inch Scope Rings


These rings come with two socket heads cap screws and are compatible with a Weaver-style base. It features steel recoil pin which makes the recoil in both directions to be controlled. It offers a lot pf plenty clearance over the barrel and for the action. Also, it locks into the scope mounts correctly.

To properly torque these and achieve a secure attachment and not damage the scope, use a higher force to attach the rail and lower the cap screws. Make sure that the scope is well secured, and there will be no slippage.

The engineering and design are very attractive especially to experienced and professional shooters since it adds to its beauty and other features. These maybe a little heavier than those made of aluminum but they certainly are solid robust and tougher.

Since these are made of steel, one can expect that it will never bust or break and will last for how many years. It is also guaranteed that these will be able to withstand abuses and harsh environments. One thing that one needs to remember is to make sure that you lap the rings when you mount them to be able to reach a precise fitting.


  • Perfect Alignment
  • Perfect amount of clearance
  • Appealing engineering and design
  • Tougher and more substantial since made of steel


  • Removing the rings requires taking everything out
  • Installation needs time and experience
  • Uses vertical mount which is harder than horizontal

Badger Ordnance 30mm Max-50 Standard .823 Scope Ring Set P/N 306-11 - Badger Scope Rings


Badger Ordnance 30mm Max-50 standard scope rings are machined from steel bar stock as serialized match pairs which ensure the rings to be identical, unlike mass produced rings. These rings are intended to fit Picatinny rails with military specification finished. It features 60% holding power and is 1 inch wide. It is built to subdue the recoil of the .50 BMG.

It features a very lightweight nature and manufacturing products made from aircraft grade Aluminum alloy and Mil Spec Hard to maintain its lightweight nature. Badger Ordnance has ensured that they will be able to deliver and exceed their need for quality Tactical scope rings and mounts which are intended to meet the higher demands of the emerging tactical shooting community. It is designed to be resistant to any harsh environment and is built to last a lifetime. One can be assured with Badger Ordnance top notch craftsmanship.

These rings are meant for bench rest or long range target shooting. These are also recommended by the professionals' ad experienced shooters. Since it measures .823 from the base to the center ring, it is sufficient for most applications such as 30mm scope with a 42mm objective. This ring has plenty of surface area for most hard recoiling applications.


  • Serialized matched pairs
  • 60% holding power
  • Can reduce recoil
  • Lightweight nature
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Designed to last for years and endure harsh environment


  • Only compatible with Picatinny rails

The Verdict

We have come up with the decision to hold Burris Extreme Tactical Rings (ETR) as the best scope rings among the seven brands we have reviewed above.

These rings work great, and the fact they center on the rail makes it very convenient to use as it adds MOA which one needs. Its six screws on the ring clamps make it easier to tighten without changing the scope level. Its Torx screws are very helpful in attaching rings to the rail instead of using the big nut sticking out to the side to catch on.

One thing that you should consider is to make sure that the base nut is on the left side of the rifle and the base is pushed forward in the rail slot to allow it to touch the rail tug. Then, try to have the same amount of gap on each side between the ring caps and the bases during tightening. Then, tighten the cap screws in a crisscross pattern to be able to guarantee an even tightness.

All in all, Burris ETR is the best scope ring among the seven (7) items above mentioned. It offers the users a lot of good features that will serve very useful to the shooter especially to those who are still starting in their shooting venture. This may be considered to be one of the most expensive brands, but these definitely will give you your money’s worth. It gives you what you paid for. Burris is the ultimate “pay once, cry once” worth of purchase as it guarantees regret-free and 100% satisfaction.

Burris XTR Rings 1 Inch Medium 420181, Black
110 Reviews
Burris XTR Rings 1 Inch Medium 420181, Black
  • High-strength mounting System for pica tinny-style rails
  • Size: 1/2 inch (MED)
  • The wide 6-screw rings combined with lightweight
  • 1/2-Inch size
  • 1 inch pair of rings

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The best rifle scope in the world would be of no use without scope rings that are accurately aligned that hold it immovably in place. This is the reason why we have taken the necessary steps for us to discuss the importance of choosing the best scope rings that will suit your needs and will match your shooting prerequisites.

There are a lot of rifle scope out on the market today, and the last thing that a shooter needs is to spend a considerable amount of their money on a gun and scope only to compromise its accuracy and shooting quality because of a poor scope ring choice. Good rings should not be costly, but it should have the needed quality and durability that will ensure the user for a positive and better shooting experience.

The abovementioned guidelines provide assurance that once they are followed and religiously considered, you will have the best shooting experience. The reviews that we have also included in this article are the step by step guide for you to know which of the many choices that the market offers will be the best one for you.

Also, we are very grateful for choosing to come to us and seek our guidance on your shooting needs and venture; we are happy to help. For more hunting tips and shooting equipment reviews, you can subscribe to this page, and we guarantee you more of these helpful tips. To be your partner on your every shooting adventure, would be a big deal to us!

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