Best Shooting Stick: Top Shooting Sticks That You Can Get In The Market Now (#2 Should Really Please You!)

When you go hunting, having the right gear can make all the difference in your success. One piece of essential equipment is a good shooting stick. A quality shooting stick will help you stay steady and improve your accuracy when taking shots at game.

With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best shooting sticks on the market and help you decide which one is right for you.

Whether you’re just wanting to reduce the potential fatigue that comes with your hunting endeavor or mainly aiming to increase your accuracy, the usability of shooting sticks within these objectives cannot be denied.

But with all the other alternatives around, this accuracy-boosting tool is a must-have especially if you’re a beginner and have this goal to shoot precisely.

This aim can be quite at challenge at first and could be quashed easily if you’re not equipped with the right tools to know how to spot the best shooting sticks.

I’m dedicating this article to beginners who are looking for the best shooting sticks in the market now.

In our discussion, we’ll also briefly cover on the right and effective ways to use your shooting sticks. And before we reveal our top picks for the best shooting sticks, I’ll disclose the only buying guide you ever need to have when choosing the finest shooting sticks.


Best Shooting Sticks Reviews on The Market Now

If you’re gunning (no pun here!) for a product that is both durable and comfortable, the first entry from Primos should be able to fit this need. Armed with a strong and lightweight 7075 legs along with a wrist strap, this trigger stick is ideal for easy transport. It also boasts of quality materials that are proven to withstand the toughest situations and terrains.

Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick

Your height adjustment variations are developed at an easy mechanism. With just a pull of a trigger, you can already adjust your desired height. Meanwhile, you can simply flip its switch if you want to lock the trigger to retain such height. Its accompanying, rotating V-Yoke alongside the fluid twisting handles should keep your target at bay.


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Equipped with a rotating V-Yoke and comfortable twisting handle
  • 100 percent designed to withstand the toughest situations
  • Comes with distinctive coating that enables quiet telescoping leg operation
  • Easy height adjustments


  • Not ideal for sitting
tripod shooting sticks for hunting

This tall monopod is specially crafted for hunters who prefer kneeling and standing. The trigger stick is lightweight and has a height-adjustable gun rest and an optical gear mount. It is also equipped with a detachable V-Yoke and a fluid twisting handle that should keep you on target. Whenever you’re wanting to adjust the stick to your desired height, you can simply pull its dedicated trigger with just one hand.

Meanwhile, this entry is suitable for cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser range finders along with almost any other mono pod mountable equipment. The second entry from Primos is also equipped with strong and the almost weightless 7075 aluminum legs for easy transport.


  • Comes with a trigger lock
  • Ideal for kneeling and standing
  • Strong and lightweight legs for easy transport
  • Suitable for cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars and laser range finders
  • Can be adjusted from 33” to 65”


  • None
shooting sticks for hunting


The Vanguar Scout B62 Bi Pod With V-Shaped Yoke exemplifies comfort, stability and durability. It sports a lightweight aluminum alloy gun pod that also features a rubber V-shaped yoke. This yoke is noted for its versatility as it can swivel to up to 360 degrees, allowing you to shoot from any angle.

Meanwhile, the products’ quick release leg clips should enable its legs to be extended and locked securely into a place without a hassle. The Bi Pod that comes along with it includes cushioned foam hand grips, an adjustable leg strap and a rubber tipped feet. On the other hand, the inclusion of its adjustable leg strap is guaranteed to aid you in stabilizing the leg placement during usage.


  • Features a V-shaped yoke that can swivel to up to 360 degrees
  • Equipped with a distinctive, lightweight aluminum alloy gun pod
  • Comes with quick release leg clips
  • Accompanying bi pod includes cushioned foam hand grips, adjustable leg strap and a rubber tipped footing
  • Ideal for most guns and crossbows


  • None
shooting sticks tripod


These sticks are specially developed to cater to hunters who are used to sitting on the ground or in a chair. They are constructed of premium and lightweight cast aluminum that only weighs than 6 pounds and has a height adjustment range from 20 to 42 inches. Adding to your comfort is its collapsible mechanism that should render the product ideal for transportation.

Meanwhile, the equipment is noted for its full support on the front and rear of numerous weapons that include rifle, shotgun or crossbow. As such, its innovative design should easily adjust to any weapon, supporting both the for end and stock. Ultimately, your target is easily acquired with the pod’s easy pivoting and rotating.


  • Lightweight construction (only weighs 5 pounds)
  • Ideal for hunters who sit on the ground or in the chair
  • Quickly collapses for transportation
  • Height adjustment range from 20 to 42 inches
  • Innovative design that suits any type of gun


  • May not be adequate for heavy rifles
  • May not be solid enough for long-range shooting
shooting sticks for turkey hunting

Primos’ enduring presence in the tripods and monopods segment is truly a force to be reckoned with. And with good reason — its products encapsulate the much-needed features whether our hunting or just practicing your shooting skills. This mantra is also enveloped with the its third and final entry on our list.

The Primos Gen 2 Jim Shickey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick also comes with a removable V-shaped yoke that is coupled with a fluid handle and leg adjustment — keeping you adequately on target. As the yoke can be removed, this can accommodate cameras or spotting scopes. On the other hand, its strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum legs for easy transport is likewise featured.

The trigger stick is also suitable for your binoculars, laser range finders and with other mono pod mountable devices.

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  • Stands 24-62 inches tall
  • Comes with removable V-shaped yoke and a fluid twisting handle
  • Features a distinctive coating for whisper quiet telescoping leg operation
  • Strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum legs for easy transport
  • Trigger lock


  • Not ideal for heavy guns
  • Legs may be fragile

What is a shooting sticks?

A shooting stick is a device that helps steady your hand when taking a shot. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as when you are sitting, standing, or even lying down.

There are many different types of shooting sticks on the market. Some are designed to be used with a specific type of weapon, while others can be used with any type of weapon.

What are the benefits of using a shooting stick?

There are many benefits to using a shooting stick when hunting .

A shooting stick can help you take more accurate shots. When you are using a shooting stick, you will have less movement in your body and your hand will be steadier. This can lead to better accuracy and more successful hunts.

A shooting stick can also help you take longer shots. If you are trying to take a shot from a distance, using a shooting stick can help you steady your hand and improve your accuracy.

In addition, a shooting stick can help you take shots in difficult situations. If you are trying to take a shot from a sitting or lying down position, a shooting stick can help you stay steady and improve your accuracy.

Finally, a shooting stick can help you take shots in difficult weather conditions. If it is windy or raining, a shooting stick can help you stay steady and improve your accuracy.

Types of shooting sticks:


A monopod is a single pole that you can attach your camera or rifle to. Monopods are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a good option for hunters who have to hike long distances. They are also less expensive than other types of shooting sticks.


A bipod is a two-legged support that helps stabilize your rifle. Bipods are more stable than monopods, but they are also heavier and more difficult to carry.


Tripods are three-legged supports that provide the utmost stability for your camera or rifle. Tripods are the heaviest and most difficult to carry of all the shooting sticks, but they offer the best stability for taking long-range shots.

Which type is best for you?

The type of shooting stick you choose should depend on your needs. If you plan to hike long distances, a monopod may be the best option for you. If you need a little extra stability, a bipod may be a better choice. And if you need the utmost stability for taking long-range shots, a tripod may be the best option.

How to use a shooting stick:

Using a shooting stick is relatively simple. First, extend the legs of the stick to the desired height. Next, place the stick on the ground in front of you and rest your rifle or camera on the top of the stick. Finally, take your shot.

When using a monopod, you will need to hold onto the base of the stick with one hand while steadying your camera or rifle with the other hand.

With a bipod, you can simply rest your elbows on the bipods arms for added stability.

And with a tripod, you can use either one or two hands to steady your camera or rifle.

No matter which type of shooting stick you choose, using one will help you take steadier shots and improve your accuracy.

Best Shooting Sticks Buying Guide

There are a few yet very crucial factors to consider when you’re about to purchase shooting sticks. This guideline should aid you in getting the best sticks in the market now.

The following are the things you have to look for in shooting sticks:


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing shooting sticks. You have to make sure that the sticks are easy to carry so you can take them anywhere with ease. There are different types of sticks available in the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, monopods are great for hikers since they are easy to carry around. On the other hand, tripods are perfect for those who need more stability when taking shots.


The weight of the shooting sticks is also an important factor to consider. You have to make sure that the sticks are not too heavy or too light. The ideal weight of the sticks should be around 2 to 3 pounds.

A hefty pair of shooting sticks will just make your gun heavier whenever you adjoin its fore end. In addition, this should make your gun bulkier and a burdensome to use.

In essence and by practicality, your shooting sticks should be extra lightweight. Moreover, ensure that the durable materials that make your sticks are also lightweight.

Strong And Durable

Your shooting sticks should also be all brawny and enduring for them to withstand your heavy firearm. These features can be tested if your gun along with the sticks are not wobbling during your shooting especially when it’s loaded with the weapon.

Meanwhile, the materials that are used in making your shooting sticks should be the parameters in which you can determine the strength of these sticks. Aluminum is one of the most widely used because it’s lighter compared to wood.

Proper Length

The next thing you need to consider when buying shooting sticks is its length. You have to make sure that your sticks are not too short or too long. The ideal length of the sticks should be between 40 and 60 inches long.

Adequate Support

Your shooting sticks should also provide you with enough support especially when you’re using a heavy firearm. The sticks should be able to hold your gun steadily so you can take accurate shots.

Easy To Set Up

Last but not the least, your shooting sticks should be easy to set up. You don’t want to waste your time setting up your sticks every time you want to use them. Look for shooting sticks that are easy to assemble and disassemble.


One of the hallmark features your shooting sticks should have is that they must have an easy-to-follow installation. You shouldn’t be spending minutes in just installing these sticks as time is of the essence when you’re fixing your gun on the tool. The remaining time should be solely focused on the adjustment of the bipod for the ultimate accuracy.

360-degree panning

This is a must-have feature for those who want to take landscape photos or do vlogging. This allows you to adjust the tool in any angle so you can get the perfect shot without compromising your vision.

Multi-directional movement

Aside from 360-degree panning, your shooting sticks should also have a multi-directional movement. This means that you can adjust the tool in any direction so you can take shots in different angles.

Adjustable legs

The legs of your shooting sticks should be adjustable so you can use them on any terrain. There are times when you need to use your sticks on uneven surfaces, and this is where adjustable legs come in handy.

Foldable design

Your shooting sticks should also have a foldable design for easy storage and transportation. This is important especially if you’re always on the go. Look for shooting sticks that are easy to fold and unfold.

Carrying case

Last but not the least, your shooting sticks should come with a carrying case for easy transport. This is important especially if you’re always on the go. Look for a carrying case that has enough space for your sticks and other accessories.


The shooting sticks you should be choosing must have a comfortable provision with its usage. Nothing is ever disrupting than sticks that always wobble or make your experience complicated. The more comfortable your shootings sticks are, the better your accuracy is.

Height Adjustment Options

As your shooting accuracy will depend on the environment or situation you’re in, a flexible pair of shooting sticks will propel you more in this respect. I’d recommend that you go after shooting sticks that offer a variety of shooting heights that you can choose from. These varying heights will allow you to gain shooting accuracy on any type of terrains — ultimately giving you an edge in terms of adjustability.

Tips On How To Use Your Shooting Sticks Effectively

While all shooting sticks come in varying types, these variations follow only one purpose — they’re all created to improve your shooting activities. But that could all go south when these sticks are used incorrectly.

I’ve streamlined 5 effective steps that you need to remember when using your shooting sticks:

1.) It’s never a good thing when you’re in a rush in using your shooting sticks. As such, take all the time that you need to propping them up on a solid ground. Once an ideal ground is found, you can anchor these sticks carefully.

2.) Next, establish a proper shooting position in which you should be comfortable with when you’re shooting. You can either stand, kneel, or even sit — your choice should be dependent on how you define comfort here as a relaxed and convenient position usually translates to not only effective shots but also the more precise ones.

3.) As soon as this position is appropriated, fine adjustments with your shooting have to be made. Use your sticks’ flexibility features like panning or even swiveling to make these necessary adjustments. When these are made, your rifle’s shooting accuracy will then be improved.


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4.) The height that you choose for your shooting sticks is very crucial. This can aid you in shooting accurately along with the comfort that must be present at all times during your shooting. Meanwhile, this height should largely depend on the nature of the terrain or environment you’re shooting on.

5.) The last step involves the mounting of your rifle properly. And as most users still don’t know how to do this, they’d usually mount the gun barrel on the stick — a mistake that could render your experience a failure. Other than that, the disruption of the shooting’s accuracy should be expected. To avoid this, mount the fore end part of your gun to the tool.

Some More Helpful Tips

1.) Shooting sticks generally work better when they are used from a sitting position. Ensure that your sticks are adjusted correctly and that both of your elbows are braced in front of your knees. In addition, your rifle should also be able to rest securely in the “V” of these sticks. If you’re able to shift your body back and forth, this will enable you to adjust the elevation of the muzzle while you maintain all points of contact.

2.) If you’re planning to form your shooting sticks into a tall tripod, you can adjust its height by simply moving its legs closer together or farther apart. This adjustment should allow you to pivot quickly whenever the need arises.

Meanwhile, the broad base of your tripod enables you to lean into the rifle — rendering your stance to be a whole lot steadier. You should be able to pull the rifle tight into your shoulder while you apply a downward force in order to anchor the rifle correctly. As such, these sequences are known to provide you a solid standing shot range.

You can watch this video clip about tips on how to use a shooting stick.


The taller entry of Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-Inch has all it takes to make it as your ideal shooting sticks. Its overall mechanism on height adjustment, durability and comfort is a testament as to why this product is picked as a standout among the best entries that I’ve collated for you.

If you happen to think that I’ve missed on something that is crucial on the ways on how to use your shooting sticks, please feel free to sound them on the comment section below.

FAQ for Best shooting sticks

How do I choose the best shooting sticks?

To choose the best shooting sticks, you need to consider its length, material, and weight. You also need to make sure that the sticks are easy to set up and provide adequate support.

What is the ideal length of shooting sticks?

The ideal length of shooting sticks is between 40 and 60 inches.

What are the different types of shooting sticks?

There are three main types of shooting sticks: fixed, telescopic, and folding.

What is the best material for shooting sticks?

The best material for shooting sticks is aluminum because it is lightweight and durable.

What are the benefits of using shooting sticks?

Shooting sticks provide stability and support, which are essential for taking accurate shots. They also help reduce fatigue and improve your shooting posture.

How do I use shooting sticks?

First, you need to assemble the shooting sticks. Next, you need to adjust the height of the sticks according to your needs. Finally, you need to mount your gun on the shooting sticks and take your shot.

How do I clean my shooting sticks?

You can clean your shooting sticks with a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe them down after each use to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

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