Best Shot Timers: Things to Know About the Top Five Best Shot Timers

One of the most essential training gear in gun shooting is the shot timer. It is very critical to advance your shooting skill since it will allow you to measure and gauge your ability. Best shot timers tell you the accuracy and the quickness of your shooting and the areas which you need to address and improve.

Time is a very essential factor especially in self-defense training , and this is where the shot timer comes in as it allows the shooter to determine how fast you are drawing and shooting, the time in between your shots and how quick your transition from one to target will be.


How Do We Determine the Best Shot Timers?

Everyone who is shopping for the best timer and those who are planning to knows exactly how difficult the task is especially the decision making which requires you to choose which of the many choices to pick. So, what are the steps to know which one is the best shot timer among the many options that the market offers? This is the question that we will be addressing in this article. We will help you find out which one to get and what other things to keep in mind when purchasing one.

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Essential Features to Look For

1. Display

The very purpose of the shot timer is to let you see and have easy access to data and information which you need during your target and shooting training. The display feature should be your top priority when it comes to choosing your timer.

The shot timer provides the data by recording your time, and it gives ydeerhuntingfieldou a signal to start your shooting session. So, when choosing your shot timer, make sure to consider the readability of the display feature, clarity, and portability.

Best shot timer


2. Data Recording

As discussed earlier, shot timers allow you to record your progress and your areas to improve. It records the vital information which you would need to check and monitor your progress.

So, when choosing a timer, consider the one with excellent data recording capabilities and storage that will be able to perform readily and virtually take note your shooting skills, speed and other relevant information.



3. Battery Life

Since the shot timer is one of the most abused and used working gears in your shooting endeavor, it is vital to consider the battery life of your chosen shot timer. Battery life efficiency should be the number one on your list of things to consider before purchasing.

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4. Quality and Durability

Shot timers, just like any other gears and accessories in the training and shooting field should be able to withstand the most unpredictable and the harshest weather conditions.

Above all the added features that a shot timer offers, you should make sure that it also provides durability and high quality which will allow you to make sure that you are purchasing a good investment and not just wasting your money.

This will also enable you to protect your statistics and other relevant data by making sure that the timer you got will be able to keep such data while you still need them.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Shot Timers Review

CED7000 Shot Timer (Ced7000 Shot timer Review)



This features LCD screen and perfectly fits comfortably in the palm as it is minuscule which allows one to forget the big timers which everyone was used to. It Also comes with an integrated Par timer and includes a wrist watch and neck lanyard which makes it very easy to bring anywhere. It also has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. One can customize the LCD such as the splits, mode, date/time and review functions.

Also, it produces high-frequency loud beep and offers an option for silent operation such as stopwatch mode, soft beep for dry fire use that are fully adjustable and more! It has excellent menu functions and very easy to program. The only problem with this unit is it needs to be fully charged before using it since if it is undercharged, it will not last longer.


  • Small, handy and portable
  • Comes with an LCD screen
  • Integrated Par timer
  • Rechargeable batteries and comes with a charger
  • Has high-frequency loud beep


  • Battery needs to be charged before using since it drains easily
  • No switch off button

Pocket Pro Timer II CEI001 (Pocket Pro 2 Shot Timer)

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Pocket Pro Timer II is another hit from the world’s most renowned and trusted brand, Competition Electronics. This color blue shot timer has three easy to access display configurations that allow the user to read the valuable information from the bench or your belt. Its screen feature is very bright at night and even in the direct sunlight.

Pro Timer II allows you to record sensitive data such as your shooting speed and provides references for your progress. This timer will let you see how you can increase your speed based on your accumulated records.

Also, Pro Timer has an adjustable sensitivity that helps you maintain its use amidst the demands of the unpredictable weather condition, and it also features a random or instant delayed start buzzer, split, review and standard display.

The only negative side of this model is its battery life which potentially drains faster, and possible could die down after two consecutive days of usage.


  • Three accessible and readable display configurations
  • Excellent Data Recording Feature
  • Adjustable Sensitivity to withstand harsh weather conditions and environment
  • Easy to use and press buttons
  • Affordable


  • Battery life is not reliable since it drains after two days of usage
  • Susceptible to breakage
  • Par time setting could be tough to reach
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Pocket Pro II Timer CEI700 also comes with three different display configurations. However, this one boasts a bigger and better display settings compared to its counterpart, the CEI001.It is considered to be an ideal training gear since it is attachable and portable. Its battery allows the user to use it for twenty hours and assures an easy replacement process for it.

This model comes with a belt clip and a separately designed sensor and buzzer that ensures an optimal performance every time it is being used. Also, it has an intuitive menu and navigation.

Thus, one can be assured that this unit is very durable and provides quality features that make it very easier and convenient to use during training sessions. One thing that one needs to remember is that this unit’s battery needs to be properly installed as it will affect its performance.

However, there are numerous feedbacks regarding this unit’s data recording feature as it does not offer a function which allows the user to erase the previous data aside from resetting the unit or removing the battery which would be very tiring and inconvenient for the user. Also, this unit will no longer record shots after ten minutes of inactivity as being indicated in its manufacturer’s note.


  • Three Bigger and Better Display Configurations
  • Comes with a Belt Clip
  • Sensor and Buzzer features that assure optimal performance
  • Intuitive Menu and Navigation Features


  • Do not have any function to remove previous data
  • Stops recording shots after ten minutes of inactivity


Pro Shot Timer features a large display in a numeric segment which assures the users for readability even for outdoor settings. It boasts its capability to review 50 shots whether in forward or reverse order allowing you to review your split times, shots and shot number directly. It allows the user to use it for twenty hours and has a low battery indicator which will give you an idea when to charge or replace them.

It may be the most expensive in the Competition Electronics series, but it highlights its adjustable sensitivity with par time intended for the second beep which indicates your time limit. It has a separate buzzer and tiny sensor and instant selectable switch.


  • Readable display
  • Direct forward and reverse review capability
  • Twenty hours battery lifespan
  • Has low battery indicator
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Separate buzzer and sensor


  • Expensive
  • Battery lifespan could be improved considering its price
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This is one of the pioneering units of shot timers that comes with a large multi-function display. It is uniquely designed since the manufacturers have considered the buzzer and microphone to be unobstructed and made its ergonomic buttons sunken to avoid unintended activations. Its display also allows a direct review feature which makes it very convenient for the user to go back and review their preferred part.

Also, it also features sealed conducive rubber keypad with corrosion proof contacts. It is capable of displaying shot numbers, split times and total times simultaneously and boast its 100 shot memory that comes with automatic data compression, par time and automatic battery-saver.

This also offers less loud buzzers to the participants and spectators through its low frequency but loud buzzer. However, its interface is not intuitive and is tough to program.


  • Easy to read and see
  • Direct review feature
  • Very compact
  • Robust and sturdy for competition


  • Expensive
  • Low Memory
  • Mic is too sensitive which usually ends up for the timer to record its beep

The Verdict

Basing on all the information provided and discussed in this article, we now have decided which of the best five shot timers own the top spot. This is in accordance with the factors that we have discussed and highlighted as important things to consider when choosing a shot timer.

After our thoughtful discussion, we have seen the edges of the CED7000 Shot Timer compared to the other four named units. It is very handy, making it easier for the shooter to carry it to the woods or the range. It can fit perfectly in a palm so it would not be very inconvenient on the part of the user to carry it anywhere especially that it comes with a wrist watch or lanyard.

Yes, it may be more expensive compared to the other brands, but one can be assured that it will only be a one-time out of the pocket experience. Consider it as an investment instead of buying cheap units and have them replace every week or so that would not be practical.

One can be assured that all other factors are met, and this unit will be able to serve you for a long time. We do not also need not to mention the fact that it offers more convenience to the user as he need not bring spare batteries anymore since the batteries of this CED7000 is rechargeable.

After providing you with our most practical ways and guided steps to find the best shot timers, this article hopes that you now have the confidence and the clearest idea when choosing and purchasing one. Always take note of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect shot timer for you. Always go for the one that will surely give you your money’s worth without regretting. Now is your time to take shopping and grab your ideal shot timer basing from the reviews that we have provided.

Keep improving your shooting and targeting skills by learning and practicing more. By being here, we know that you are on the right track.

Take advantage of our guided steps and our reviews, and we are very confident that it will help you decide quickly as it will narrow your choices eventually show you the way towards your preferred shot timer.

Also, keep in mind that these top five best shot timers are recommended for International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and Competitions which ensure everyone that these are top caliber shot timers.

Now, leave your comments and let us know if this article has been helpful to all of you. We would prefer to keep this interactive by letting us know what you think. We would appreciate your feedbacks and comments. Hope to hear from all of you soon!

Good luck on your shot timer hunting and enjoy shopping!

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