Choosing The Best Two Way Radios For A Great Hunting Trip

If you are searching for an approach to remain in contact with your family, friends and loved ones during hunting adventures, you need to get the best two-way radios for hunting in order to collaborate and work together to track prey, receive alert about weather conditions of the field, and remain safe in the wild. Although two-way radios won’t give you the clarity of a mobile phone, but they will provide reception in zones where calling signal is low.

Two-way radios for hunting are far different from walkie talkies you used in childhood. They are more sophisticated radios designed and built for better range, clarity, and climate resistance. Two-way radios are known to be rugged and possess special features such as vibrate mode that shows sign of approaching calls, eavesdrop reducers to receive conversation from the broadcasts of all other radio users and most especially, privacy codes to allow several people to share a common channel and still not able to listen to each other’s messages.

The aim of this article is to let you know how to select the best two-way radio for your hunting exercise by providing you with a top 5 chart that we feel will become the top choices on today's market.

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Features To Consider

1- Range

While numerous radios boost of covering up to 35miles in a totally leveled unhindered zone, your sensible range will be more like three miles in many areas.

It can be really hard getting great reception in thick woods but most manufacturers are aware of this issue. This is the main reason why most hunting two-way radios incorporate additional features to boost up the range. These may incorporate built-in repeater channels, flexible wattage, and longer antenna.

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​2- NOAA alerts

This special feature cautions you when nasty climate conditions are approaching. This is an imperative security highlight when you are out in the wild.

3- Camouflage​

The bodies of most hunting two-way radios are designed to blend with the hunting surroundings alongside your camo gear. This is not a significant component, but rather it can be pleasant to have.

4- Headset​

You can’t be able to hold a 2-way radio while you are trying to sit still and aim at your prey. Thus, you will need to ensure the radio you are buying can support the model of your headset. A few models even have a headset attached in the case, which can curtail the cost and bother of getting set up.

5- Quiet operation​

A vital thing needed when you have the ideal shot arranged is for your two-way radio to sound and give notice to your prey when you are around. Look for a brand which highlights quiet operation in order to avoid spooking your prey.

6- Water and dust resistance​

Your radio is most likely going to be exposed to dirt, dust, rain and mud while hunting. Search for a durable model which will retain up to unpleasant handling and also which won't be destroyed the when you dropped. There are some two-way radios that are even waterproof. This could be critical on the off chance that you do a great deal of your chasing in bogs or ranges with lakes or streams.

Now you already have the understanding about the features which are most critical to search for in a two-way radio for hunting. You will also need to consider the area to hunt, to what extent your hunting trip will be, and the hunting range you will require.

The Needs for Privacy Codes And How They Function

Privacy Codes allows several people to share a common channel without listening to each other’s messages. if you are the type that would like to keep in touch with your hunting group in order to maintain a constant communication and alerts without listening to other hunters’ messages, this feature is designed for you.

Just by selecting a preset channel and privacy code, and you'll have the capacity to discuss just with somebody utilizing a similar channel and protection code. And if peradventure, someone tuned into the channel you've chosen without turning on the privacy code, they will still hear you. If you need to know more about Privacy Codes, you can take time and check out the video below:

Questions to Ask when Looking for a Good Hunting Two-Way Radio

1- To what extent are your hunting trips?

If you are planning to take long on your hunting trips, a two-way radio with an extra-long battery life is highly recommended. And also, be patient to look for a compatible battery

2- Where is the location of your hunting exercise?​

This is an essential question to ask when considering range. If peradventure you are hunting in some thick woods, you will need a shorter compelling range than you would go hunting on the plain field. Search for a long receiving wire and other range-boosting properties in case you go hunting in a thickly wooded zone.

3- Do you require whistles and bells?​

Some hunting radios incorporate a ton of additional properties like LED spotlights or even creature call alarms. Features such as this like these will add to the cost and thereby promoting its value. Although, some additional elements may deplete your batteries, you can still deactivate them when they are not required.

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Best Two-way Radios Top Reviews On The Market

#1 Motorola Talkabout T465

This two-way radio is a mid-range review radio unit for hunters. It incorporates a desktop charger, earbuds with push-to-talk (PTT) mics and two Motorola MR355 radios. It is useful for medium range communications and supports climate channels. Although they lack extreme weatherproofing, it is incorporated with strong AA batteries. In case you require an alternate style headset, later on, you can easily find accessories of your choice for Motorola products unlike any other model.



  • Loud, clear speaker
  • USB charger
  • You don't need to program it
  • Handy built-in flashlight
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Weatherproof
  • Backlit display


  • The T465 is about unbreakable
  • You can't take away the T465's antenna

#2 Midland GXT1050VP4: Perfect for Hunters

The GXT1050 offers the best scope of all radios in today’s market. With the Mossy Oak camo shading, the two-way radio was made by Midland, particularly for hunters. Its special features are weather alerts and channel and can work using standard AA batteries. It is also designed to be waterproof than any other radios and this could be a great advantage in case you are beaten by rain in the wilderness. It also comes with a 2 (VOX) hands-free compatible headsets and a vehicle charging adapter in the case.



  • SOS siren.
  • Multiple channels
  • Good for fishing and hunting
  • Comes with a brilliant headset
  • Outstanding value
  • 3-year warranty
  • Animal call alerts


  • It's not totally waterproof
  • Midland customer product and services is first rated

#3 Motorola MR355R Two-Way Radio

This two-way radio was built having hunters in mind. It is almost the same as the Motorola Talkabout in a way. It incorporates a desktop charger, two earbuds with PTT mics, and two Motorola MR355 radios. It has great clarity, a developed radio wire for additional range over any other radio models, and of course, it is completely waterproof. And more, it can float and survive from being immersed in water for a long period of time. It also operates using strong AA batteries and is compatible with weather channel.



  • Good GMRS Range
  • Clear Signal
  • Simple to Use
  • Great Audio
  • Lightweight
  • Repeater Capable
  • Tough
  • Utilize A Lake
  • Use for Cert
  • Use for Skiing


  • Poor Range
  • Not able To Talk Wi 100yds

#4 Midland LXT650VP3 two-way Radio

This two-way radio, known for their cutting-edge plans, is one of the best walkie talkies for hunting in the market. It offers a considerable measure of execution for its generally conservative size, and ought to give you a brilliant performance for a long time of hunting and other outdoor games.

With a thirty-mile coverage area, the LXT650VP3 gets its data from the NWS (National Weather Service) and gives you almost 36 separate channels. Midland LXT650VP3 ensured that this one comes secured with an overgrown oak covered paint work.



  • Clear Signal
  • Simple to Use
  • Great Audio
  • Lightweight


  • Bat charger needs checking

#5 BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way Radio

These two-way radios are likewise picking up an enduring user base. This style is made for beginners. This radio makes available 16 memory channels, modeled programming for adjusting frequencies, battery sparing options, low voltage pointer, rechargers, VOX empowered, crisis alert with blaze light, littler and substantially more lightweight than any other radio. However, they are not to be utilized on FRS or GMRS frequencies unless you have customized them to work with lawfully permitted channels. Directly out of the case utilization, without frequency reprogramming may lead you to trouble.

So, once you have modified it to function, it renders great services for a considerable length of time, it has strong receiver and transmitter combo that enhance clear signals, functions with various reception apparatuses in the event that you wish to include more range, and it do cost a small amount of what the other market pioneers charge. At this cost, you can start your beginner hunting training without spending much.



  • Finest programming software BF-490
  • Great quality Plastic covering
  • Comprise flashlight components
  • The product is durable


  • The program is noted by user to be quite tricky
  • No cable programming for flash channels
  • Complaint of being expensive


Getting two-way radios are very important, be it speaking with your friends just to expand your achievement rate when it comes to hunting or tracking the well-being of your relatives. These are five best two-way radios that are great when it comes to price and performance. But out of the five rundowns, the best is the Motorola MR355R two-way radio.


 It includes full featured, two high-powered, repeater able MR355R radios, rechargeable batteries and a desktop charger. This is an incredible design on a quality radio that has repeater functions. This two-way radio offers incredible power, giving up to thirty-five miles of range in good conditions and usually up to two miles in urban situations.

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