What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm?

Cleaning your rifle on a regular basis is a critical factor which ensures proper functioning and maintenance of the gun.

Responsible gun handling and other important factors are few basic things that will help you maintain the optimum performance of the gun and will advance your shooting skills and experience.

This article aims to openly discuss the first step in cleaning a firearm which is considered to be one of the most essential measures in the process.


The First Step In Cleaning A Firearm Is A Simple, Non-Technical Process

Yes, everyone expects a highly technical and scientific first step that will surely be a mind-boggling one. However, we are very pleased to inform everyone that the first step is a simple, non-technical and very doable process yet is an important safety rule that must be followed while cleaning a firearm. Read on.

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Preparation Of The Needed Items For Cleaning

Preparation Of The Needed Items For Cleaning

A lot of people feel that this step is a common and useless one as it does not aid in the gun cleaning process.

Yes, a lot of people fail to see the importance of this step. However, preparing the cleaning kit beforehand assures a more procedural, safer and more organize cleaning experience.

You have two options here since you have the liberty to pick your items or go straight to a retail store and pick the cleaning kit they offer.

It is very crucial that you do not start the cleaning process without these items as each of them has different roles that will make the cleaning process and stress-free and easy one.

If you prefer to have the pre-assembled cleaning kits, you can go ahead and use whatever the box has inside. However, if you want to provide for your cleaning tools, it is best to take note of the following items as part of your desired cleaning kit.

  • Gun Lubricants
  • Cleaning detergent or solvent
  • Cleaning stick
  • Flashlight
  • Cotton pads
  • Cloths
  • Nylon and bore brushes
  • Patch holders

Also, once you have gathered all the needed materials for you to start cleaning your gun, it is also very essential that you find a place that is well-ventilated where the air can freely move since you will be using materials and solvents that maybe harmful to your body when inhaled.

It is also recommended that you use mask and gloves while cleaning for safety purposes.

Let Us Get Technical Then

The previous step is considered to be the first phase on the non-technical side. So, let us go to first technical step.

Discharging the gun properly is very crucial for the user’s safety and protection. This move is an important safety rule when cleaning any firearm. It is important that you take the rounds still inside the gun and take the magazine out to properly clean the rifle.

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What you need to do is open the chamber while paying attention to the barrel. You can glance at the end of the barrel to ensure that there are no ammunitions left since it is possible that there is still a single round left inside which is ready to fire and may carry a threat when neglected.

 The Gun Should Be Cleaned First

Which Part Of The Gun Should Be Cleaned First?

Alright, since we are talking about the “firsts” in this article, it is also suggested that we take care of the most common question.

The first part of the gun which you need to clean first is the barrel, especially its bore and inner portions.

You can take use of the cleaning sticks or rod and the patches to clean the said parts since it is undoubtedly the part where residue and other materials or dirt are left after firing.

One thing that you need to remember when cleaning the barrel with your rod is to take extra care since cleaning rods can damage the barrel of the gun.

The slightest touch on the crown will certainly create an impact on the accuracy of the weapon. Thus, it is always recommended to choose those cleaning rods which are made of softer steel.

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Few Reminders:

Always take your time while cleaning your gun. We have already emphasized the importance of taking extra measures when doing such and cleaning in a hurry will not do you and your rifle any good. Aside from the fact that you cannot guarantee the utmost cleanliness of the gun, you are also risking your safety and protection by doing the cleaning process in a rush.

So, once you have decided to clean your weapon, you have to schedule it in your free time when you do not have to rush things. This will allow you to be more familiar with the parts of your gun, clean it properly and ensure safety.

Also, in the context of responsible gun handling, it is best that you also exercise proper keeping and storage of the weapon after using and cleaning it.


We have laid out all the necessary information for you to adequately take care of your rifles including the first steps in cleaning it and other relevant basic information.

All in all, the information we have presented in this article are deemed necessary and essential especially to those who are still new in this field.

We hope that we can help you in your cleaning needs and inquiries through the guided and clear ways we have discussed above. We are now assured that our readers are more confident in taking care of their guns and are more responsible gun owners.

Let us be aware of what you think of this article. We are very open to suggestions and comments. So, leave your comments and recommendations for us to address all your concerns in our next posts, and we will try our best to gather all your needed information.

Our team would be euphoric to serve you and take care of your shooting and rifle needs. Please leave your comments below.

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