Crossbow Deer Hunting- How to Hunt a Deer Using a Crossbow

Using a crossbow for the first time can be exciting, however many go hunting unprepared, they are a few things you should consider before leaving your home for the forest.

What’s the worst thing can happen when you don’t know much about crossbow deer hunting. First, you might invest into a crossbow that isn’t suitable for your needs, or you might leave out some features that you absolutely need if you want your shooting to be accurate.

Second, they are a few practices that you should be aware of when around your prey, you can easily scare the deer or alarm it even when you are this close to get it.

Finally, watching the tutorials will help you get a better understanding of how to hunt a deer using a crossbow by showing you exactly what it needs to be done.


Preparing your crossbow

If you can already shoot using a riffle or a bow, you can easily learn how to shoot with a crossbow using following these easy steps.

If you are a beginner is easier to start cocking using a cocking rope, a lightweight device even though cocking by hand is fast, it also requires more skill.

A cocking device works by ensuring consistent cooking and reduces the effort you need to make by pulling back the string in half.

They more sophisticated cocking devices are crank-operated and they come integral in the crossbow, they can be expensive and slower but a device like that can let you crack the bow even if you couldn’t beat a Taylor Swift at arm wrestling.

Use Enough Draw Weight

The feature that differentiates a weak crossbow model from a high quality one is drawn weight , fortunately most brands use at least the minimum draw weight that will help you in your hunting ventures.

While the minimum weight accepted is different from brand to brand, the minimum draw weight falls between 75 pounds and 125 pounds, the heavier the faster, but it should not go over 200 pounds.

Use a scope sight

Even though some cross bows come with an open sight, you will do your you will do better with a scope sight. The optical sighting devices will help you shoot the deer more accurately, avoiding superficial wounds , you can use anything between zero power and 5x.

Use a Rangefinder & practice with your crossbow to improve your shooting accuracy

A modern laser rangefinder can help you find out within seconds the distance from you and the deer, which is a critical piece of information which will help you in your decisions. Are you close enough to the target to shoot? Or should you wait a little bit more?

They are some models that tell you exactly where to aim when shooting at uphill and downhill angles.

Practice with your crossbow in order to be familiar with its performance when hunting, try practicing with and without gloves and decide which makes you feel more comfortable when shooting.

By practicing with your crossbow you will also find out your Maximum Effective Shooting Range, or MESR. It can be anywhere between 20 years and 60 yards, it takes practice to find that sweet spot that is perfect for you.

How to hunt a deer with a crossbow- hunting practices

Don’t smoke, or bring any food with you, not even flavored chewing gum. Wash your clothes with a detergent that has no scent, don’t use fabric softener, its best to wash your clothes with baking soda and dry them outside.

Make sure you bring the right deer attractants to lure them in.

Since your target is moving and everything seems to be in the deer’s favor, these tips from experts may help you come home with your prey.

Using your crossbow requires a small distance between you and the deer, so even the smallest changes can influence the behavior of the deer or the accuracy of your crossbow.

Wear dull clothes and stay quiet

You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, make sure you don’t wear bright colors, choose dark greens and brown and always cover your face and hands.

Make sure you don’t wear clothes that ruffle and make sure any movement is made slowly, check before you go boot, does it make any noise when you walk?

You have to make sure you stay absolutely quiet, deer’s have a very developed hearing and noises can easily scare them away.

The right time to hunt

One of the first things you should think of when hunting is having enough time to accustom yourself with the surrounding areas, come at least with one hour before the sun rises.

If you decide you want to hunt in the evening, do so only if you hunted in the same area before and you know when the deer’s are on the move.

Also don’t shot a deer if it notices your movement, better come home empty handed than superficially shooting a deer that will remember the place you tried to hunt her.

If the deer turns her back, don’t shoot and don’t move either, shoot only when it looks away, if the deer sees you’re your movement you lost your prey and harming her superficially only creates the deer pain and no gain for you, it’s an unethical move.

The things you should not do

They are 2 common mistakes that can seriously damage the accuracy or lead to injury when you are using a crossbow. These are the most common mistakes that a beginner makes.

Many shooters who previously used rifles have a tendency to use the same technique with a crossbow, if you do this with a crossbow you risk placing your digits in the way of the bowstring that is being placed down the rail, this can lead to serious injuries.

Don’t shoot off hand. The weight that is being placed mostly in the front of the crossbow makes it difficult to shot from an offhand position, make sure you start shooting from kneeling or sitting positions.

All this being said, hunting your first deer won’t be easy, it takes practice to become a good hunter but being informed before you go hunting is vital for your both hunting performance for your safety.

This is all crossbow deer hunting  tips. Tell us what you think about our little guide and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments bellow.

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