The Best Deer Hunting Apps In iOS & Android Now (#2 Is A Lifesaver!)

It’s undeniable that technology nowadays plays a crucial part in everything that we do. From the simplest things such as ordering a take out to more complex tasks such as building a sixty-storey high condominium or learning a hobby such as deer hunting. Every now and then, we seek help online or through the use of our gadgets to guide us into the proper way of executing the tasks that that are needed to be done. Various applications are also now available in smartphones that serve the same purpose. As such, learning about deer hunting is made easy by accessing various information online as well as the vast number of applications that are now downloadable via smartphones.

This article is dedicated for those who are just beginning and are looking to bolster their chances on deer hunting through the most useful apps that are associated to such task. And right before we unveil these applications, we’ll briefly discuss the basics of this endeavour and some useful tips that you can arm yourself with.


Deer hunting, then & now

Generations ago, deer hunting was already considered a passion by native tribes. Certain methods and practices have evolved, however, it still remains as a tradition to many. Deer hunting could be described as survival hunting or sport hunting for others. There are various species of deers from different locations. To name a few, white tail deers and mule deers are usually found in the Rocky Mountains and blacktail deers are found in Northern California to Southeast Alaska. They basically differ in body mass, color, shape of the antler, ears and tails.

Before you go to you hunting trip, it is important to have a detailed plan and prepare for it. However, it may be a bit of a task for you to plan it, and we did mention that technology nowadays can do wonders. In this regard, we have collated some of the best smart device applications that can act as your guide.

Top 10 Deer Hunting Applications

1. Google Earth

google earth

Almost everyone have knowledge of how Google Earth works. Essentially, this application shows you detailed information about a specific location you want to scout. In deer hunting, this can work wonders as you can use it to scan potential locations and identify funnels, low land or high lands and other terrains. This application is available on both Apple and Android devices.

2. AccuWeather

google accuwwather

Knowing weather conditions before, during and after your hunting trip is important too. AccuWeather is another application available on Apple and Android platforms that can give you just that. It provides weather forecasts in more than 100 languages and covers almost every region of the earth. It also provides both short term and long term forecasts. It has current and hourly forecasts as well.

3. SAS Survival Guide

Sas Survival

We stated earlier that you must get yourself familiar with the basic survival tips and techniques. This is important since you will be in the field and will be exposed to all sorts of risks. The SAS Survival Guide application is packed with information about surviving in the outdoors.

The upgraded version of this application includes a survival checklist, photos of night sky analyzation and videos on basic survival. Moreover, it includes details on first aid. It can also give you information on animal tracks, animal prints, edible plants and different types of rope knots. This can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices.

4. Deer Tactics and Calls

deer tactics

Another application that can be found in both Apple and Android devices is the Deer Tactics and Calls. This application is considered one of the most comprehensive deer call apps available currently. It can effectively simulate 12 deer calls. Among these are doe grunt, breeding bellow, and doe bleat to name a few. An upgraded version of this application includes information on rutting which is the mating season for deers. This is the perfect platform for finding and tracking deers.

5. Hunting Light and Blood Tracker

hunting light and blood

The Hunting Light and Blood Tracker serves as a handy hunting flashlight app but with a few more benefits. Also available on Apple and Android devices, this application has different flashlight color options for tracking the blood of your prey. In addition, it effectively enhances red colors while dulling any green colors from the surrounding allowing you to have a clear vision of the blood tracks. It also features photos of different animal hoofs and paw prints.

6. iHunt Journal

hunting journal

Capturing precious moments and creating great memories of your experiences is a beautiful thing. And the iHunt Journal application can help you with that. Available in both Apple and Android devices, the iHunt Journal application manages all your hunting memories. It allows you to record and track your hunting notes and observations. You can keep a record of your previous hunts, trophies and even the locations that you have been hunting. Having all these recorded date allows you to have the necessary information for planning your next hunting trip.

7. Ballistic

ballistic app

Having the perfect aim increases you chance of hitting your target and ensure a great hunting trip. Practicing your shots is now made easy with the use of the Ballistic application.. This platform calculates trajectory, velocity, energy, windage and the bullet flight time for any type of range. The Ballistic app also takes into consideration the surroundings’ humidity, temperature, altitude and barometric pressure.

This is not just a ballistic calculating application. It includes around 5000 projectiles, GPS and atmosphere awareness, full size charts and precision target logs. With this application, you can practice to achieve the perfect kill shot. If you plan to be a serious and well-trained shooter, this application is a must-have.

8. Primos Hunting Calls

primos hunting call

Looking for ways to bring out your target can be really challenging. However, with the [Primos Hunting Calls] , this seems like an easy task to accomplish. The Primos Hunting Calls is considered the best-selling application with more than 20 fully interactive calls. This is the application that allows you to attract your target by speaking the language of nature. To name a few, the Primos Hunting Calls include categories such as Elk, Deer, Turkey and many more.

9. ActInNature

actlnnature hunting

ActInNature is an application that has mapping, tracking and navigating features for hunters. For a well-planned hunting party, especially for large group, this application gives a lot of advantage. You can split into small groups and the app will help you check your position and track the other groups’ location. It also shows direction, speed and your distances from the hunters. Arranging groups and planning strategic positions for each group will increase you chances to find more targets. And by knowing specific locations of each of the group, this ensures you to have a safe hunt.

10. GoldenPic

Originally designed for photography to capture great shots, the GoldenPic platform has other features helpful for the hunt. Not only hunters, but hikers, campers, anglers and even pilots find this application very useful. The GoldenPic application gives you sunrise and sunset times and lunar phases too. It also provides the Golden Hours which is the first and last hour of sunlight.

In addition, it shows the Blue Hours which is the hours of twilight each morning and evening. Not only it provides you specific hours that you can take advantage of hunting during the daylight, it also gives you moon phases and moon rises which is also important for hunters to know. And since its initial purpose is for capturing that perfect photo, you can use this to document your hunting event.

Final thoughts

By combining the knowledge that you have read and learned through this article along with the innovative smart device applications, you are now ready to embark on your hunting trip. We are looking forward to your adventure in the wilderness and we sure hope that we served as a huge help with the information we just shared. Keep in mind to enjoy every second of any activity you are embarking on. Adventures are meant to be shared with important people and should be made into cherished memories.

If you feel that there is still an app there that could topple our entries, please sound them below on the comment section below. But for now, we wish you the best of luck and happy hunting!

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