Your Quick & Definitive Guide On How To Build A Tree Stand

When it comes to hunting, having a secure and strategically well-placed tree stand gives you more chances of spotting a target. Tree stands are basically open or enclosed structures built to provide hunters a better vantage point.

Picture a camera tripod which also gives that support of elevation and better view for a photographer to capture great shots. A tree stand technically does the same for a hunters although it is attached to a tree.

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Tree stands are first commercially introduced back in 1970 and they are most commonly used in the Midwest and South to achieve the perfect kill shot.

Over the years, there had been modifications on how to build a tree stands and overtime, people have come up with other tree stand designs. Several of which are the climbing stands and hanging stands but the ladder stand is the most popular and basic type.


How To Build A Tree Stand-Building The Basic Ladder Tree Stand

1st Step: Building The Ladder

1. Place two 20-foot long (6 meters) beams lying down and side-by-side each other. Each beam should be 2 inches thick and 4 inches wide.

2. In making the rungs, cut 2-foot long (60.96 cm) pieces of beams. These should also be 2-by-4 beams and you will need 14 pieces.

3. Start placing each rung along the 20-foot long beams. Make sure that each rung is approximately 18 inches apart from each other vertically.

4. Nail or screw each of the rungs to the 20-foot long beams. Make sure that they are tightly fastened.

5. Lean the finished ladder against a tree. Using a rope of a chain, tie the top of the ladder around the tree.

Watch this to learn how to make a ladder tree stand.

2nd Step: Building The Seat

1. Locate the perfect spot by looking for two sturdy branches, parallel to each on a large tree.

2. Nail two 2.5-foot long 2-by-4 beams on top of the branches.

3. Depending on the size of the hunter, nail or screw a piece of plywood on top of the 2-by-4 beams.

4. To support the seat, nail or screw two 2-by-4 beams diagonally from underneath the platform to the tree trunk.

You can check this video to see on how you can create a seat on your own.

3rd Step: Connecting the ladder to the seat

1. Nail the two 2.5-foot long pieces of 2-by-4 beams to the top of the ladder.

2. Screw these pieces from underneath the plywood platform. The top of the ladder should be flushed with the platform.

Once you’ve learned and mastered the skills on building the basic ladder tree stand, you can incorporate your own modifications and come up with a new design. You can create a structure that would best suit your needs and for you to have a great hunting experience.

Now that you have successfully accomplished building your own tree stand, you are well on your way to having a great hunt. And as a bonus, we also bring you some of the few things to consider while you are hunting.

Things To Consider For A Perfect Kill Tree

1. Location With Free Access

The location you have chosen must have a way to get in and out without spooking your target. You must consider sound and sight when looking for your perfect spot.

Being able to stand without making too much commotion such as crunching noises of dry leaves is a big plus. You must also be able to conceal yourself effectively during the hunt.

Location With Free Access

2. Safety Is A Priority

Apart from building a sturdy tree stand, you must also keep in mind to use a harness or any other safety mechanism to your design. One out of three hunters suffer from a fall during hunting from a tree stand as recent statistics have revealed.

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And since hunters choose great heights to have a better view, falling from these heights can possibly cause death. Always make sure that you attach your harness properly before climbing to your tree stand.

Apart from that, wearing the perfect footwear for climbing is also a must. Invest on a footwear with great traction. This is extremely important so you can avoid slipping and falling during climbing or descending from your tree stand.

Another safety tip is to never allow yourself to fall asleep while on your tree stand. It is a fact that during hunting, you will be spending hours perched on your tree stand and exhaustion may kick in at anytime.

Even if you’re secured by a safety harness, falling asleep while on your tree stand could still be dangerous. Since it is advisable to be with a hunting partner, having a person ensures you of a help anytime, especially that one who can keep you awake.

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3. Stay Close To The Game Trail

One of the most important things to consider is the location. This will not only give you the perfect view but also increase your chances for spotting more targets.

To maximise your potential for a successful hunt, make sure that the location of your tree stand is close by a number of game trails.

Determine the perfect spot by monitoring the tracks and signs of the trail to know how often it is used for the hunt. A great location would also provide you of at least a view of 180 degrees.

In this way you can see the whole game from afar and be able to prepare for the kill.

Final thoughts

Building a tree stand may be a simple task to complete but you also must take in a lot of things into consideration.

Your skill for building a sturdy structure, your ability to determine a perfect location and having a strategic plan in place will get you a higher chance of having a great hunting experience.

We hope that we shared with you more than enough information to get you going on building your own tree stand.

If you feel that we have given you useful tips or you want to add more to what we have just discussed, let us know by putting in in our comment section. Until then, have fun in building your tree stand!

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