How To Cut Carbon Arrow Efficiently For Great Hunting

Why would anybody want to cut their carbon arrows, right? Though it requires exertion, even cash; but rather here is the reason it is worth it. In particular, it gives you outright control over the ultimate result, modifying it to the features that suit your need.

Generally, carbon arrows are good for hunting. Moreover, if you go ahead with the decision to purchase bare arrow shafts, and you can modify the fletching, wrap, vain edge, length, embed style and nock style base on your prerequisites.

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Also, there is usually the issue of comfort. Not everybody lives close to a specialized bow store and traveling to one might be more complex than trying to make the cut yourself. This article will show you how to cut carbon arrow effectively and some other related matter. So read on!


How To Cut Carbon Arrow - Overview of Carbon Arrows

In getting an awesome arrow flight, taking note of the right arrow shaft or spine is very essential. Compound bows are more utilized compare to any other type of bow and they have a lot of specifications to take note of. In compound bows, there is the bow's cam, draw length and weight, and the arrow length to give some examples that can straightforwardly influence the arrow’s flight.

The popularity of carbon arrow begun on the 1990s and has presently overthrown wood and aluminum due to the fact that they are lighter, longer lasting and more durable. These arrows convey more arrow speed and offer extraordinary flight track bringing about better precision rate over long ranges.

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Carbon arrows nowadays are more impervious to splitting and stronger than their antecedents. Also, they are not as costly just like they were many years ago.

Guidelines on How to Cut Carbon Arrows

Step one: Determine the Length of Your Arrow

Length of Your Arrow

Arrow length can give a safety peril; shooting a carbon arrow that is too short for your bow has the capacity to result to half an arrow shaft cited in your arm. You need to err on the caution side and trim to a minimal degree since you can simply trim an arrow with many lengths yet not protract a trimmed arrow.

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You should factor in the type of bow and the type of arrow rest and position. The Rearwood arrow rests consider shorter arrows and conventional bows require the length of the arrow to align with the length of the draw.

  • Pull back an arrow on your bow
  • Make an estimation of the draw length and put down
  • Mount the arrow rest in its stable position

You need to also determine your measure unit. The metric framework will enable more exact cut, but you may like to utilize the standard framework for feet and inches. Evaluate the arrow weight. A lightweight arrow is faster and powerful. Lightweight, more effective arrows are not really better. Request and utilize lightweight arrow shafts with care. You should check out state standards on permitted arrows, contingent upon weight. Various states have varying grain prerequisites.

Step two: Pick Your Tools

arrow saws

A fast abrading-wheel saw is needed for cutting carbon arrows. The arrow saws can be used for this purpose. A rotary instrument with such an abrading wheel connection will likewise suffice. Try not to utilize a customary hacksaw or some other instruments not specified in this content. Some other instruments include rulers, mounting equipment, stops, a wood block, sliding cinches, masking tape and sandpaper. Cutting the carbon arrows with this equipment will streamline the procedure.

Ensure that the length of the ruler is proper. Measuring sticks are important for this situation. Always put on wellbeing goggles and a dust mask. These tools will avoid respiratorily and eye issues. Some bowmen like to utilize a pipe cutter in order to make the cuts to the arrow shaft. For safety reasons, it is advisable not to use the method.

Step three: Measure and Do the Cut

Measure and Do the Cut

You should assemble the nocks in the arrow shaft for the string of the bow. Cut a little groove in the proper areas. You need to take note of this before cutting:

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  • Nock styles are not constant
  • Choose a nock style before cutting
  • Make the nock style steady

Position a ruler on your ground level and tape it down. Align the arrow shaft with the use of the ruler. Make use of masking tape on the shaft to indicate the cutting edge. You can likewise clasp down the arrow shaft and cut off the indicated length.

Step four: Set up the Arrow for Inserts

Make use of sandpaper to smoothen the cut end of the shaft. This enables the shaft to be prepared for arrow inserts and also for use. Tidy up your workspace, cleaning surfaces and keeping apparatuses after utilization. Have it prepared for the next cutting task for arrow shafts, make it free of dust. You should test your arrows, securely. Have an accomplice close to you so that they can assist you to modify and refine.

Safety Precautions

Some safety precautions must be considered in cutting carbon arrows. In order to obtain the best outcomes after the trimming process, you should simply consider utilizing rapid grating wheel saw that rotates around 5000 rpm or much higher for your carbon arrows.

Instruments use for cutting like a handyman's tubing cutter or a hacksaw would be deplorable due to the fact that they can debilitate the arrow shaft. Debilitate simply mean that the carbon arrow’s fiber composite can be easily fragmented due to the toothed blade.

Carbon arrows are noted to be impervious to horizontal cutting action yet not to the sidelong squashing action. Utilizing, for example, a tubing cutter to garnish the arrow shaft is just like squashing the filaments making them be small.

This sort of activity causes longitudinal splits on the arrow shaft and will fragment it in due time. The other option for cutting carbon arrows is by employing the Dremel Rotary Tool with a grating wheel. You can get it at high values in an expert shop.


In conclusion, this article discloses how to cut a carbon arrow efficiently, with the correct hardware and estimations. Knowing the best possible techniques and gear required will permit you to explore different avenues regarding perfect lengths, and to adopt a handyman strategy to archery.

We accentuate that when following these approaches or cutting a carbon arrow that you secure yourself from any harm. Archery requires aptitude, perception, and expertise; having a full knowledge of how to cut carbon arrows will put in addition a creative demand to the game for the handyman competitor. For further inquiries or suggestions, you can comment below.

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