A Quick And Simple Guide On How To Get Deer To Come Out During The Day

A multitude of challenges occur when you lure out deers especially during daytime. Like any other animal, deers have developed a behavior as a way of self-preservation.

It takes a lot of patience and utmost attention to learning these behaviors to be able to know how to get deers to come out during the day. Having a complete understanding of these things will greatly help you in achieving your goal.

Observing the way they behave within their environment requires a lot of work and can be quite a difficult task. However, to make the process even more effective for you, we'll show you some tips on how to attract deers to come out during the day.

Equipping yourself with the best options and the appropriate steps in luring in deers will give you an edge on baiting wild hogs quickly and effectively.


Things You’ll Need

how to get deer out during the day

As there can be numerous ways and strategies to lure deers, few have come up with strategies that are both simple and sophisticated. Below are the only things you need.

  • Generic Oats - usually available for hunters and costs around $25 per 50-pound bag
  • Rake - for soil maintenance
  • Fertilizer - for spur of plant growth
  • Scent wicks - these are often saturated with deer urine
  • Salt blocks - available in feed stores and hunting goods stores

Deers And Their Behavior In A Nutshell

Deers come from the Cervidae family and are considered to have superior senses. They have the ability to detect the slightest possible sign of danger. Having a long nose entails that they have sixty times as many sense of smell compared to that of a human. They also are gifted with large cupped ears that have the ability to turn in any direction, allowing them to detect the faintest sound.

Deers usually doze off during day time and wake up and move out from the grove an hour before sunset to look for food. An hour before sunrise, they return to the grove. They usually go for easily digestible shoots, young leaves, fresh grasses, fruits, fungi, and soft twigs as their food source. With these formidable abilities plus the specific behaviors that they have developed to protect themselves makes it a difficult to lure them out.

How To Get Deers To Come Out During The Day?

Understanding and learning important details about deers can give you the opportunity to come up with an effective plan to lure them out during the day. Here are some of the ways that you can use to attract deers.

Know About The Deer Movement

The first and most important thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with how deers behave within their environment. That includes their sleeping pattern, the food they eat, and where they usually bed. Knowing these things can be a big help for you to strategize in luring them out during the day. Deers are known to have very little movement during the daytime.

Deers usually move out from their bedding half an hour or an hour before the sun sets. And they usually return just before the sun rises. You also need to take into consideration that deers are highly sensitive animals. They possess impressive abilities to detect signs of danger around them easily.

You can watch this extensive video that shows the nature of deers.

Planting Food Plots

Planting Food Plots

Another tip you can use to lure out deers during the daytime is to set up food plots. Deers usually search for food after daytime and setting up a food source nearby will force them to move out of from their grove.

A food plot is basically an area to plant food for deers. Having a food source easily accessible for them to go to will condition them to come out during the day.

Consider an area with good soil and is also near a water source. Make sure to clear the area from any existing vegetation such as bushes and weeds. Deers are usually drawn to food that is rich in protein.

You can purchase oats that can be found in feed stores or hunting goods stores. You can also opt to plant kale, turnips, soybeans, peas, and wheat. Another option could be nuts such as chestnuts and acorns.

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Using Deer Lures

As for using deer lures, there are several options you can choose from. Using deer urine is one of the most effective scents to lure deer. Choose a location where you can put deer urine. You can apply it on grass or trees to attract and lure out deers.

You can also use scent wicks. These are commercially available and are saturated with deer urine. You can hang scent wicks on trees. Remember to hang them about four to five feet above the ground in that way the wind will easily disperse the scent. Make sure to also be careful in handling scent wicks to minimize having human scent on it. This will make it less effective for the deers.

Sweet apples are also an effective lure for deers. They just can’t resist the scent of sweet apples. You can use a tub or a bucket to put the sweet apples in together with grains or deer feed. You can also put sweet apples in barrels with corn to attract deers.

Another thing that can attract deers are salt blocks. These are also available in feed stores and hunting goods stores. Deers are also attracted to mineral blocks and blocks made of cider and apple salt. If in case you already have a food plot, you can also put the salt or mineral block there. Another trick it to bury if on the ground and sprinkle salt above it. However, in using this method, it could take several weeks for the deer to locate the salt block.

Lastly, you can use commercially available deer scent packs which can be found in sporting or hunting goods stores. Several creative scents have been available to enhance the chances to luring deers. Some of the scents include orange-flavored corn and apple scented ones.

Final Thoughts

Luring out deers requires more than just a preparation. A great strategy, a tremendous amount of patience and a keen attention to details also play a crucial part. Mastering the skills and the know-hows when it comes to it will require a lot of experience. Every hunting trip you will go to will also give you different scenarios that you can learn from.

With those skills and the core knowledge about how to attract deers during the day, you are now on your way to becoming better. Combined with basic knowledge of their behavior in the wild will make it easier for you to achieve your goal. Once you have applied all of these, you are well on your way to a great and productive experience.

Did you find this article helpful? Were you able to learn new tips and tricks to effectively lure out deers? Are you looking forward to using what you have learned on your next hunting trip? Do you have other ideas and suggestion regarding this topic? If you have inquiries, questions or feedbacks, you can let us know about them by leaving a comment below. Until then, we hope that you enjoy your expedition and happy hunting!

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