Rice Bran for Deer- How to Effectively Use Rice Bran to Attract a Deer?

Hunting is one activity that does require not only constant practice and proper equipment but also practical strategies and techniques.

Using food plots and the use of attractant are few of the strategies that you need to learn to be able to be successful in your hunting venture and for a more efficient deer management. 

Read this article as we provide you the necessary steps to use rice bran to attract a deer effectively.


What you need to prepare

Rice Bran

Rice bran is becoming more popular nowadays as a unique food source for deer as it provides balanced nutritive analysis and it is abundant in phosphorous. There are a lot of hunters who are already practicing this as their way of luring the bucks or does.

A lot of people wants to have persimmon or peanut butter rice bran flavor. This provides a more compelling scent and attraction to the deer and will make your hunting life a lot easier. This is one of the best deer attractants that will help you lure and pattern deer in your territory.

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Find A Perfect Location

You would like somewhere dry which will prevent your rice bran from getting wet and avoid it from turning into a cake.

Draw A Plan To Lure Them Into Your Spot

Your goal is to bring these deer into your lair where it would be easier for you to target and take the shot.

Take The Shot And Kill The Buck

This will be your harvest time and the period when you will ask the favors back.

Steps to Use your Rice Bran

Click this link to watch the video for more rice barn feeder ideas:

1. Get Your Rice Bran

rice bran

You can purchase this in any feed stores in your area, and it usually comes in small bags of 50 pounds. The cost may vary from one place to another, but they are more affordable in Southern US areas.

2. Find A Perfect Location

 Find A Perfect Location

Finding a great place where you will be putting your rice bran is one strategy that will help you attract and pattern bucks and will be a great factor for you to finally achieve your ultimate goal, shooting your kill. You can follow the steps below to know how to do this effectively.

  • Consider looking for a drier place to secure your attractant.
  • Also, it is best that your preferred location is abundant with water resources. You do not need to be near rivers, lakes or other bodies of water as it will not coincide with your desire to have a dry place but small containers such as galloons cut into two can be countersink into the ground are good water providers for your deer.
  • Consider a place known as a natural habitat edge and choose the most used trail preferably a trail between deer feeding and bedding areas where you can stealthily sneak in and hunt.
  • Once you have determined which spot you would like to attract the deer, it is best that you set up cameras and other surveillance equipment for you to determine what kind of deer you are dealing with, know their size and probably behaviors.

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3. Draw A Plan To Lure Them Into Your Spot

 Draw A Plan To Lure Them Into Your Spot

After securing a perfect location which makes hunting less hard, you have to draw a plan on how you can attract these deer to your place. Your goal is to make the bucks more “huntable.” One of the best hunting tactics for you to do this is to create mock scrapes for you to modify their patterns and have them closer towards your tactical hunting spot. The following is a way to make mock scrapes:

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  • In your chosen location, look for a tree which has a hanging branch that could be leveled with the deer’s head. This branch will be the spot where your deer will  its scent.
  • Remember to control your scent by wearing scent elimination clothing, reliable rubber boots, and latex gloves.
  • Using a branch, scratch the ground. Then, under the licking branch, scratch into the dirt while tossing away the dried leaves and other things outside the spot until you attain a roughed out shape. Create a few deep scratches exposing the soil.
  • You can use your chosen deer scent to continue tricking your bucks.

Aside from creating a mock scrape, you can take use of your attractant rice bran to entice your deer to your shooting spot. You can follow the steps below:

a. You have few options on how you would like your rice bran to be provided to your bucks.

  • Pour it directly on the ground making a long line to accommodate more deer.
  • Use a raised and covered rice bran deer feeder to keep it dry. There are a lot of sites and stores that offer deer feeders nowadays, but you can also opt to use homemade feeders.
  • You can also pile it on the ground sacrificing the top part of the pile so it can protect the rest underneath it.

4. Take The Shot And Kill The Buck

Once you have already patterned and attracted your deer to your desired location, got all the information about your target through your cameras and observation and prepared your equipment, it is about time that you get your reward for your patience and hard work. Take that shot and bring home your buck meat as your price.

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This has been a very detailed discussion for you to use rice bran to lure a deer effectively. We are very positive that you will now become more confident in taking your strategies and learnings into action by adding this attractant to your list. This way, there is no other destination for you to take with pride but only to your home with your trophy kill.

Now, let us know what is your take on this strategy, and we surely want to hear your thoughts about this. Drop your feedbacks and suggestions below so we can make this a collaborative effort. We promise to include your suggested topics and discussions on our next articles.

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