What Is The Correct Way To Shoulder A Shotgun?

One of the most loved sports for every individual is hunting because it brings the rest after going through a long period of stress. Most individuals want to use their weekend or entire vacation for hunting activities. Hunting helps people to regain the energy and freshen up their mind after long workouts.

However, hunting requires that people should have some essential skills to ensure that they come up successful after a long hunting journey. One of those essential skills is the right way to shoulder a gun so as to make the exact shot. Your level of accuracy greatly depends on your shouldering performance and the more the accuracy, the greater possibility of bringing the elk or deer home.

Nevertheless, what is the correct way to shoulder a shotgun? This content will provide a solution to the question in addition to other essential related matters. So read along.


Shotgun Pointing Guide



The sight is normally a bead positioned on the front part of the gun. It is quite important to set your head correctly on the stock and the barrel must be in accordance with your eye level. In the process of utilizing a shotgun, you will notice that it is virtually uncommon to really aim a game. The reason behind it is because the targets usually do not remain in the same vicinity at a particular period. Targets are usually nimble and tend to move occasionally. A moment a target is in sight, the next moment it disappears.

Most shotguns are made to be pointed and the sight is usually placed on the head of the barrel or rib. When you eventually convey your face towards the gun, your cheek should fit closely along with the stock even as your eye focuses on that same side on top of the centerline of the gun.

The above statement is the popular and the right manner of conveying your shotgun in your face. When you are facing a hard time adopting that placement in a comfortable way, you may need to adjust the fitting of the gun.

Shotgun Shouldering Guide



The popular error that shooters make is forgetting to convey the stock entirely up to the area of the cheek. Rather than doing that, the mistake is the point at which you bring down your head alongside your cheek to the stock. Sincerely put, it is not up to you to do the adjustment. Convey the stock of the shotgun to your cheek, rather than your cheek toward the stock.

The shotgun’s stock ought to be conveyed to the cheek first earlier than you convey it back to the shoulder. This should be performed every time you shoulder your shotgun. Below are various methods on how to rightly shoulder a shotgun:

  • Bring down your head. Convey the shotgun on your cheek then on your shoulder
  • Bring down your head. Convey the shotgun on your shoulder then convey it on your cheek
  • Convey the stock entirely to your cheek and then convey it back on your shoulder
  • Convey the stock up to your shoulder; then convey it upon your cheek

What Is The Correct Way To Shoulder A Shotgun- Guidelines in Pulling the Trigger

In the process of utilizing a shotgun, snappy trigger motion is highly important during hunting. Not like shooting with a rifle when you possibly hand-crush the trigger, the use of a shotgun calls for you to slap it instead of crushing it.

Furthermore, you do not have to exert much effort in regulating your breath because the trigger simply needs only a snappy pull. Additionally, the shotgun and the body are normally in motion, therefore you do not have to sustain your breath as you would do when utilizing a rifle.

In the process of pulling the trigger, the gun will incline to swing. It is crucial to be aware that you do not need to hinder the swing; what you need to do is to permit the swing of the shotgun while pulling the trigger. Attempting to disallow the swing while shooting opens you up to hitting what is in the back of the target, leaving the actual target alone.

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There is nothing awful than watching a gunman battling to stand upright after shooting a shotgun. Why? The reason is that this awful incident can be prevented very well and without problems. You not enlightened on the proper way to position your shotgun will have a destructive effect on learning and performance. Or it might simply cause you to become bored in hunting activities.

So are you now aware of the reason why it pays well to know how to properly shoulder shotgun? In case you are doing it incorrectly, then it may possibly result in injury or pain in that area. I believe you really enjoyed perusing this content and I believe you keep on coming for more information. For any thought or suggestion, you can comment below.

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