Do You Know When To Plant Food Plot For Deer?

Are you a dedicated hunter, and yet you are still having a problem hunting for a deer? Well, it is time for you to get smart by starting to plant a food plot for deer  before you hunting it. By planting food plots, you will be transforming you beer management skills. You can do this even on your small tracts and make your hunting dream comes true.

However, for you to achieve this, you need to know the exact time to plant a food plot for deer. Knowing the perfect time to plant the food plot will prevent you from wasting both your time and resources.


What to have ready before the date of planting a food plot for deer arrives?

No matter how much you may wish to plant a food plot for deer, you cannot achieve it if you don’t have a land. You should have a piece of land of your own even if it is small. Once you have the farm, check the condition of the soil and satisfy that it is eligible for planting a food plot for deer.

However, different food plots plants for deer need different soil conditions to support their growth and development. Therefore, it is advisable that you do a thorough research on the plant that can do well on your farm before you decide on planting one. You should read "7 of the Best Deer Baits." it has a much useful information

What type of soil should you have to be ready for planting food plots for deer

If your soil is not having the desired nutrients to support the growth and development of the food plot for deer, make sure that you fertilise and lime it accordingly. Also, it is important to have it in mind that the best place to plant food plots for deer is in low lying areas that have well-established drainage.

What food plot seeds should you have before the time of planting comes?

Don’t delay until the date of planting a food plot for deer to decide what exactly you want to plant. Different plants excel in different soil conditions, though some plants attract deer. Some of these food plot plants are:

For Warm Seasons

  • Soybeans
  • Lablab
  • ​Brassica
  • Clover
when- to-plant-food-plot-for-deer
when- to-plant-food-plot-for-deer

For cold seasons:

  • Ryegrass
  • oats
  • Wheat
  • Austrian winter peas

Depending on the season you are planning to grow your plant, make earlier preparation and choose the right seed for you. You can get the food plot seeds for these plants at Amazon sells best food plots seeds for deer including:

The best time for planting food plot for deer

Do you want to be the best hunter by maximising the number of deer you catch? Then just know when to plant a food plot for deer. The best time for planting food plots has always been just before the winter or fall.

Why is fall the best time to plant a food plot for deer?

During this period, many people plant food plots for deer. The main reason why they do this is that the rain is consistent. To some areas, fall signifies the probability of rain. When the food plot plant gets enough water, it will have higher chances of being successful.

Another great reason why you should plant during fall is the fact that there is minimal weeds competition during this time. As a result, the plants produced are succulent, and therefore attractive enough to lure the deer into your food plot.

Why is winter the best time to plant a food plot for deer?

when- to-plant-food-plot-for-deer

Winter is another best time to plant food plots for deer. At this period of the season, deer have limited food resources and are faced with utmost cold and snow. Therefore, for them to maintain their survival, they have to look for food.

Because of their desperate need for food, they will be lured very quickly by the food plot plants. Once they are on your farm, you can maximise your catch by hunting as many deer as you want.

What should you have before you start planting a food plot for deer?

Before planting, you need to make sure that all the things you need, are at your hand. The land should be well prepared, and the seeds and equipment necessary for farming should be available.

Several videos of youtube can guide you through the preparation period for planting food plots for deer. 


If you are planning to plant a food plot for deer soon, you should follow this link  and buy the best food plot seed at an affordable price.

Are you having any question or comment about plant food plots? Feel free to contact me. The following is a summary of what this article entails in points form:

  • Things you need to have ready for planting a food plot
  • What food plots to plant at different seasons
  • Best time to plant food plot


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