When To Plant Turnips For Deer? Find Your Answer Here

Are you ready to land the big one? Of course you are, but you need to be able to successfully bait the big one in, before you can add him to your trophy wall. One great way to do this is by introducing deer to turnips. However, you’re probably wondering when to plant turnips for deer, so you’ll have the best chance of success.

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That’s exactly what we’re going to answer for you over the course of this article, so put the rifle down, and grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know.


Why should I plant turnips and not something else?

when do you plant turnips for deer

There are tons of benefits when it comes to using turnips for deer bait, which I’m going to go over below, but you’re likely wondering why I’m such a fan of using turnips as deer bait. Honestly, turnips are very easy to grow, and I truly enjoy watching them grow.

It’s fun to watch as the taproot develops, and then the leafy top pops out afterwards. Also, I’m a fan of yummy food, and I, like deer, enjoy the taste of a good turnip. So, that’s why you’ll always find turnips in my garden.

Of course, you can grow whatever you like in your garden. I mean, turnips aren’t the only thing you’ll find in my garden, and they’re not the only crop that deer enjoy to munch down on. Therefore, I suggest you grow all the veggies you like.

Why are turnips so great for deer?

It’s a fact that deer absolutely love to raid gardens, and one of the things on their shopping list is turnips, because turnips give them a great bang for their buck (no pun intended).

Deer do not only enjoy eating the leafy top of the turnip, but they also love to eat the taproot, as well. Therefore, don’t be surprised when a deer takes off with the entire turnip.

However, there have been cases in which deer will take off with just the leafy top. If this happens, you have the best of both worlds — you’re bating in a deer, and you get to eat the taproot.

In addition to the fact that deer love the taste of turnips, they’re high in protein, so they’re very beneficial to the deer. Even though turnips are about 20% protein, they’re easily digestible for deer. Basically, a deer like at a turnip the same way us humans look at beef jerky.

So, how hard is it to grow these turnips?

Honestly, it’s not that hard at all. ­­­ Turnips are extremely versatile, and can practically be grown on any type of soil. Turnips are also a very high yield crop, so you’ll have tons of turnips on your hands before you know it.

when to plant turnips and radishes for deer

when to plant turnips for deer? When’s the best time to plant turnips for deer?

when is the best time to plant turnips for deer

Now we’re going to get to the meat of things, as I like to say, and I’m going to hook you up with the info you need to get those crops planted in time for deer season. However, the best time to plant turnips is going to depend on the region in which you live, which I will go over below.

Before I get started on the best time to plant turnips, you need to keep one important thing in mind: turnips grow very quickly. That being said, you can expect turnips to reach maturity between 75 - 90 days. Keep this time frame in mind, so your crops will be ready for deer season.

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Deer love to eat turnips after they’re mature, and they’ve gotten a good frost on them. This is due to the fact that the older leaves will have a more starchy and sugary taste, which deer like better. Younger leaves, on the other hand, will have a bitter taste to them.

Cooler climates

  • If you live in a cooler climate, such as a northern state, you’ll want to plant your crops in late summer, so they’ll be ready for deer season.

Warmer climates

  • If you’re a southerner, or live somewhere in which the weather is typically warmer, you can go ahead and plant your crops in the fall and they should be ready for deer season.

Was it as hard as you expected?

Shew! I know that was a ton of information to take in, but I truly hope you’ll walk away from this guide feeling like you’ve learned something.

We’ve covered why deer like turnips, how hard it is to plant turnips, the benefits of turnips, and when the best time is to plant turnips for deer.

If I’ve missed anything, or you have any questions, you can always leave a comment and let us know what’s on your mind.

Also, feel free to bookmark this guide and refer back to it anytime. Now, go out there, get your hands dirty, and lure in that big one!

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