Make Your Hunting Trip An Amazing One With The Best Red Dot Magnifier

Anytime you are going for a hunting trip, one of the things that should be on your mind is how to have an accurate hunting scope for your rifle. Without this handy device, it will be somehow difficult for you to aim and hit your target accurately from a long distance in respective of the length of the distance.

However, many gunners still found it difficult to search for the top red dot magnifier, even with the many available brands you can choose from. I think this is all because your decision depends solely on how well you are going to make use of this device. While some magnifiers are more suitable for smaller guns, others are best for big guns.

To solve this menace and put an end to the indecision of any kinds concerning you choosing your best hunting scope, I have made a comprehensive review on the top 5 best must-have Red Dot Magnifier. Make your hunting trip an amazing one with the best red dot magnifier you will be picking from this review.


Buying guide for Red Dot Magnifier

As specified before, almost all red dot magnifier brands have outstanding features and quality. But, you still have to pick carefully in order to get satisfaction from your purchase. Make use of this quick buying guide to choose wisely:


1-Picking the reticle measure

The kind of magnifier to select depends on the size of the red dot. You can likewise buy magnifier with adjustable crosshairs and dots. Your decision will rely on the size of your rifle and your own orientation and taste. Moment of Angle (otherwise called MOA), is the term used to decide the dot size. It is advisable to make the size either 3-inch per 300 yards or 2-inch per 100 yards.


The red dots magnifier runs on batteries. it is strongly advisable that you purchase a magnifier with longer battery life when going for hunts during winter because it depletes effectively in colder surroundings. More so, you should buy and always hold an alternative energy source just in case the battery gets drained.


If you are a type that cherishes magnification so much, I am happy to tell you that timed reflex magnifiers can be paired with purpose-built magnifiers to increase successful range. Our optic systems always get enhanced with magnifiers than just ordinary rifle scopes.


Regardless of the possibility that this rifle is absolutely a self-protection system that will remain stationary, weight influences swing weight and your firmness with the rifle. Therefore, you can always bring more ability out of a gun by ensuring you are adding weight intelligently. More so, always be sure that you can handle the weight of the rifle well.



This term means the replacement magnifier that can be employed together with the red dot. In some rare cases, gunners make use of a co-witness to substitute the red dot if the battery is low. Co-witness components are appended to military review guns like the AR-15.

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Just in case you need to know more about how to choose the right and the best red dot magnifier for your rifle, you can check out the video below.

Types of Red Dot Magnifier

Although, most red dot magnifier operating with battery are now designed to be used in low-light environments or dark area illuminated with a flashlight, deciding and selecting between a battery-free and an electronic magnifier can still be a major problem for most gunners. You may need to battle with a specified low-light functionality, your accuracy will still be intact.

More so, Battery-operated red dot magnifier can last much longer and give you about 5000hours of uninterrupted use. But, the electronic type can help you conserve the energy consume with its power-saving features such as auto power off and auto brightness adjustment when not being use.

Tips for Utilizing Your Red Dot Magnifier Gear

An Aim Point red dot magnifier is extremely costly, so ensure that you use it in the right way to prevent any accidents and shoot your prey with accuracy. You should always remember that reflex magnifiers are simple and effective aiming device whenever you handle them. Therefore, rest your mind that you will always hit your target as long as the target is marked by the red dot. Sometimes, you do not need to manipulate your magnifier to be perfect.

To hit your target, you need to set your rifle in place to a firing position. Once the red dot is seen on the magnifier, point it at your target. Turn the security off and connect with your prey. Always make sure that both of your eyes must remain open and you should not keep your concentration far from the target in the course of this process.


In bright zones, never forget to manipulate the reticle brightness level to a more elevated amount. In poorly illuminated zone, manipulate the brightness level to a lower level. Concentrating the red dot magnifier to a particular target is nearly the same with manipulating a normal rifle scope. The main contrast is that you have to manipulate the iron magnifier if the need arises.

Benefits of having a Red Dot Magnifier

The real significant of picking a red dot magnifier over other sorts of optical scopes is just the great performance and functionality it offers at an affordable cost. What many individuals may not be aware of is that red dot magnifiers are more secure than magnifier like those that features holographic top-notch technology. It has been proved that holographic sight’s lens cracks can have negative effects on the human eye such as permanently damaging the eye when there is a direct exposure with the laser.

One other benefit of Red spot magnifiers is that they kept reducing in weight as each model is manufactured. This is due to the aluminum alloy used in their construction. The greatest significant of having a red dot magnifier, however, is its ability to quickly to acquire targets by fitting well with a wide variety of rifles and accurately viewing your target with both eyes open. Is this not amazing?

Best Red Dot Magnifier Reviews

We have done a comprehensive review on the best red dot magnifiers currently selling in today’s market. This review will analyze each top magnifier to enhance your decision making in choosing your best red dot magnifier. Here is the review:

#1 Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount - 3x Magnifier Vortex Review

I think it is time to give this red dot magnifier a try if you are searching for a magnifier that is easy to use and lightweight. It features a push switch to execute the flip-mount. The flip mount makes sure that the magnifier is in place for firing. With this catch. It is far more easy to magnify, enhance and get an accurate hit.

The optics are completely multicoated which makes that the lenses transmit light better. This red dot magnifier is produced using machine aluminum that was anodized and hard coated to guarantee that it can deal with an immense amount of manhandling. Moreover, the tube is additionally nitrogen cleaned to ensure that it is both haze-proof and water-proof. That way, the pictures produced stay sharp and clear, regardless of what you are chasing.


  • The picture is clear and exact
  • You get an additional piece to mount it to give a lower ⅓ ease in the event that you need
  • The mount secures effortlessly and is strong
  • The mount lines up superbly every time
  • It accompanies a well-manufactured flip mount
  • Clears MBUS presses in stature
  • Fits on an assortment of weapons


  • It doesn't accompany a focal point cover

#2 Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 Red/Green Dot Magnifier

If you are a type that enjoys hunting in the wild, having a superb focusing ability and a more extensive field of view should be your highest priority. That’s why you need this red dot magnifier for your rifle. This magnifier permits you to shoot with both of your eyes open for better proximity and accuracy. It is rich in functionality, extremely reliable, and cost low, making it perfect for an amateur level shooters to handle.

Something that you will adore most about this magnifier is the rear-mounted controls which make it easier for you to activate and deactivate the device. This feature may look simple but it is amazing. This red dot magnifier also comes with ten levels of dot intensity. This red dot magnifier is battery-controlled and therefore regarded as first class. Furthermore, it is both impervious to haze and water.


  • Smaller in size, light in weight yet very solid
  • Simple to convey and mount on thus offers awesome solace to utilize
  • Water safe as a result of O-ring seal anticipating dampness to infiltrate.
  • Gives dependable execution under every single natural condition


  • Non-amplified
  • Not by any stretch of the imagination waterproof (despite the fact that the aluminum body is referred to as being waterproof and fog-proof)
  • For all time joined focal point tops
  • Can be substantial relying upon mounting rails utilized

#3 Aimpoint Micro T 2 MOA

This red dot magnifier is the greatest and most recent model from Aimpoint and has a large collection of new features, from upgraded lens coatings that profoundly enhance the shape and clarity of this magnifier to a vigorously ruggedized case for a reliable protection. The mix of cutting edge optical lenses and new lens coatings shows the dot's chosen frequency of red light at about 100% productivity to give a possible dot brightness level with a minimal measure of energy.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Dependable
  • Waterproof
  • Awesome battery life


  • None

#4- Vortex Optics Sparc 2 Red Dot MOA (SPC-402)

Just a look at this red dot magnifier, one can depict that it is an item produced by hunting experts, for hunting experts. This magnifier is built with smooth matte dark finish, multi-covered lens and the sturdy body. Splendidly suited for AR-15 rifles and shotgun, this magnifier is an essential gear for a good target precision. The 1x magnifier creates sharp clear and sharp pictures so you can precisely hit smaller games from a remote place. Its splendid red indicator likewise has a striking shading to make visible.

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This red dot magnifier features ten levels of intensity, which enables you to observe your objective in both sufficiently bright and dim environment. It likewise includes a boundless eye-alleviation for better profundity observation. The body is produced using machine-handled aircraft aluminum which has the ability to be mounted on a Picatinny or weaver bases. The sight tube is very much secured by an O-ring coat to maintain the fog proof and lenses water.


  • Has 22mm of eye alleviation
  • Simple MOA settings
  • Parallax Adjustment
  • Auto-shutdown mode
  • Great durability
  • Long battery life close to 5000hrs


  • Not perfect with night vision
  • Slight drop in functioning in low light situations
  • The coating lessens brightness

#5 Ultimate Arms Gear CQB Tactical Magnifier

This gear is a 3x magnifier that has been built to enhance the scope of smaller magnifier such as Aimpoint, Eotech and other known brands of the magnifier. It can be changed from Close Quarters Battle (CQB) mode to the longer range at a rapid rate.

The magnifier has a wide range of features to make sure it is dependable and robust. Features such as fog-proof, waterproof and shockproof are some of its special features. Apart from this, it is covered with a hard protective case. To draw a lot of light and a 6degrees field view with 1.65" of eye relief, It Is multi-coated with a 30mm diameter lens.


  • Lit up reticle
  • Ultra-solid extension


  • Hard to mount unless you have a Dovetail mount
  • Quality control issues
  • Hard to locate in


With such a variety of rifle magnifier brands available nowadays, it is really hard to decide the one that suits you best. Few makers offer many outstanding features, while others have features that can make your hunting less stressful. However, the brand that truly emerges these days is the Aimpoint.

Most manufacturers offer either style or functionality but Aimpoint offers both features. The Aimpoint is one of the best choices available in the market due to its outstanding features and design. However, always make sure that you set a high budget for advanced rifle magnifier because they are always expensive. Anyway, anyone of this top best red dot magnifiers discussed so far will give you some level of satisfaction based on your needs.

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