The Best Single Pin Bow Sight On The Market

When you are on your way looking for the best single pin bow sight you are searching for quality materials, exactness, cost adequacy and convenience. Most single pin bow sights are expanding in fame for amateur and expert hunters. Single pin bow sights enhance precision with a decrease in blind sides and sight disorder.

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Since these bow sights are made with just one pin, it is vital that in actual hunting circumstances, you pick a sight that is effortless, rapidly and quietly set in accordance with your wanted yardage. In this article, we are going highlight the rundown of some of the highest rated and the best hunting single pin bow sights available on the market.


Meaning of Pin Sight

Pin sight is defined as a small gadget similar to a red dot device on the off chance that you are utilizing a firearm.

For hunting bows, pin sight is connected or bestrode upon the elevator of the bow.

Similar to red dot device, the pin sight likewise gives a projectile point as to the place the hunting arrow will go henceforth giving the bowman a possibility for a more exact shot.

A single pin bow sight has some sections, for example, the mounting section, the pin and the pin itself which can be multiple or single pins.


On the off chance that there is any necessity to do some modification i.e. elevation and windage, the pins are incited upon the track until the wanted position is attained.

A more refined or costly pin sight is made with some features, for example, being vibration moistener, accompanies vertical pin innovations, has 3rd torque pivot settings, can be put on with drilled quiver and tapped mounts, possess subliminal pointing rings and sight casings.

There exist some pin sights with adjusting feature, no-instrument cam lights, possess graduate elevation scales and windage, has gang settings, has singular pin settings, utilizes fiber optics focal point and has a bubble grade level.

These are important features for most hunters who only require the pin to lead them when taking a shot with their arrows, a straightforward yet dependable outlined pin sight will be better.

The Need for a Single Pin Bow Sight

Do you require a single pin bow sight to make an accurate shot? Not really. In any case, let us notify you that it would be very tough, particularly in the event that you are making long-range target.

You are not entering a rivalry, so you do not need to be bashful as regards to utilizing bow sights. Simply recall your main objective, which is to hit every of your targets.

This is the main reason why it is highly recommended for even the expert bowmen to utilize bow sights, particularly the single pin sights.

You have the ability to shoot by inherent aptitude, but you need to understand that you have to benefit from technology.

There are assortments of bow sights, every one of them on your experience and versatility as a bowman. Be that as it may, until further notice, we exceptionally recommend that you need to attempt the single pin bow sight.

The Best Single Pin Bow Sight


There exist two primary categories of bow sights for hunting which you can utilize in the dispensation of archery: the multi-pin or fixed sight and the single pin or moveable sight.

The single pin type has been lately invented, yet they rapidly rose to prominence due to their extraordinary value in giving precise shots in spite of the range.

If the estimated range of your objective falls at within fifty yards, you can simply set the bow sight to the fifty-yard check, and then you can fire.

A great feature that a single pin bow sight has is the single pin made with it. Since there is just a single mark, any messes in blind spots and vision are not a problem any longer.

This is fundamental for bowmen, who are often crucial with regards to having an apparent vision. The unhampered view offered by this bow sight will be convenient even if your objective is behind tree branches or bushes.

Best Single Pin Bow Sights Rundown

#1 HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Bow Sight

This bow sight is one of the finest single pin bow sights we’ve experienced so far. This bow sight is a perfect accessory due to its lightweight and strong designs. Even if your target is moving, its construction can give you exact shots with HHA OL-5519. It is always accompanied with an instructional guide to enhance your adaptation with the sight. One of the advantages of this guide is that it gives hunters a chance to comprehend the necessary tapes to utilize for a bow sight.

It also designed using fiber optics which covers this sight in order to shield it from the effect of nature. It additionally has a defensive hood notwithstanding the strength. More so, this sight can conform to low-light adjustments if you are on the hunting field either during nightfall or sunrise. The interesting part of this sight is that you can freely manipulate the glow of the pin anytime you want.


  • You can adjust the pin rapidly, which is fundamental for quick-paced chasing
  • Profoundly tough; produced using indestructible machine aluminum
  • Can be used as long there is less accessible light
  • Perfect use in various climate conditions


  • You have to adjust the pin physically any time the yardage shift

#2 TRUGLO Archers Range Rover Dot Sight

It is impossible to forget the advantages of this bow sight as just a scope with a single pin. This is the motivation behind adding it to the list as a result of its stunning features that enable bowhunting to be an apparently simple pursuit.

This bow sight is made with a movable range stops that make it less difficult for you to evaluate your shots depending on the target coverage. This features reduced the time you have to adapt the target distance.

In case your target is moving, this feature will demonstrate useful benefits. It is also accompanied with more than forty-pre-branded yardage tapes if necessary. This bow sight has a second and third axis control setting. Also, the sight is designed for both righties and lefties.


  • Tough and strong development, the whole body is lightweight as well.
  • Has ergonomics, for example, second/third pivot, windage control, and rise control
  • Good for both lefties and righties
  • Accompanied with pre-branded yardage tapes for good distance control


  • Some maker’s flaws has made clients noted that the LED light fails sometimes

#3 Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Bow Sight

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is another option that you can choose from. Despite the fact that it has a particular name, its ability to enhance your precision is amazing.

It has a durable design due to the airplane review 6061 aluminum body used. The setting for this hunting bow sight is not difficult to operate and understand.

Hence, this bow sight is made for both learners and veteran hunters alike. It is perfect for hunting in any climate conditions.

More so, it has a yardage control and accuracy laser to enhance the precision of your hit. Also, it has an elevation adjustment tools and a small scale windage well!


  • Solid development, on account of its 6061-aluminum body
  • Simple-to-use yardage handle and accuracy laser
  • Have second and third pivot setting for shooting target at slanted position
  • Delivers no solid and vibration when being used


  • This sight does not come with yardage tape

#4 Trophy Ridge React-1 Sight

This sight makes use of the Smart Pin Innovation, and which is a standout amongst the most precise pin sights. Accordingly, missing your prey would be so accurate if you are utilizing this bow sight for hunting.

This sight is 100% aluminum design which makes it tough, compact and of course, lightweight. Along with its body is the second and third pivot change setting that will make you hit your target on various rises.

Additionally, it has a steady mounting effect that locks the bow sight appropriately with your bow. This sight does not move and create any pointless sound and vibrations anytime you are using it.


  • Quality aluminum development for stability and durability
  • It is lighter and can be bolted firmly with your bow
  • Less miniaturized scale adjustment settings
  • The yardage stickers are accessible
  • The Smart Pin Technology allows it to standout amongst the rest


  • Not appropriate for extraordinary climate conditions

#5 Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight .019″/.010

This is a strategic sighting gadget that permits the user to adjust the glow of their pin from red to green or yellow in a moment. You can get this bow sight and don’t need to worry yourself about chasing in the dark. This bow sight is made with an opening casing to secure its focal point. It likewise accompanies horizontal and vertical tilt settings for simple adjustment when chasing. Likewise, this additionally has miniaturized scale customizable elevation and windage.

Hunting in the dark is quite easier with this bow sight with its shooter's ring. The ring adjusts the bow sight lodging to the peep. Due to the fact that this gadget is rear confronting, the yardage tape area is quite easier to be seen by users.


  • Each setting can be fine tuned
  • Good for lefties and righties
  • Able to shoot 100 yards with an easy turn of the dial
  • Great accuracy
  • Fantastic 3 stage light
  • 700 battery life


  • Lack of setup videos
  • Lack of documentation on the nature of the adjustment


While there are various models of single pin sights on the market, these five emerged from others.

They possess features that enhance the quality and precision of your shots, on the off chance that your objective is on the move or not.

Benevolent ergonomics, for example, elevation and windage adjustments are likewise available in these bow sights, which enables your shooting aptitudes to be more accurate than ever.

We need to pronounce the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite as the best bow sight out of the rundowns. It has a brilliant construction that allows it to function well in any climate conditions.

It likewise has diverse adjustment settings as well unlike others, and that keeps your objectives on track. Do you have any suggestions, comments and inquiries? Feel free to ask us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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