How To Check If A Gun Is Clean – How To Verify If A Gun Is Clean

Running a gun check is one crucial step to ensure that the gun you are planning to purchase from an individual or a certain dealer is not stolen or has not been involved in any crime.

Yes, it is true that dealers are not allowed to sell any stolen or marked guns, but it is still best to take the necessary measures for your safety and protection. So, let us take the high road and discuss the steps on checking if a gun is clean.


Let us answer the “why.”

Checking the gun if it is clean or if it has been stolen or lost is a critical way to avoid any problems in the future and prevent wasting money on these guns. We are aware that this question needs to be addressed the soonest possible time since it greatly involves security and protection of everyone. Thus, it is only imperative for us to find ways for us to answer this question and help those who have the same dilemma.

What you need

We have included the steps that you need to take whenever you are faced with a situation where you need to check if the gun is clean or if it was stolen. These are all simplified and made easy to understand for us to absorb the required information fully. Read on and continue learning.

The following is an outline of the things that you need to do or have to check if the gun your purchase or is planning to purchase.

  • Know the gun’s serial number
  • Know your local gun dealers and ask assistance
  • Check Online Sites
  • Go to your Police Department or talk to your sheriff

Steps in checking if the gun is clean

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Get the gun’s serial number

Get the gun’s serial number

Checking the spotlessness of the gun would require you to find and get the serial number of the weapon. Typically, it is found in the owner’s manual. However, if you do not have any access to the manual, you can easily spot the needed information on the body of the gun. Usually, it is located in the handle or inside the gun.

One thing that you need to be reminded about is that different manufacturer have their way of securing this information. You may contact your manufacturer to verify with them the location of the serial number.

As an additional information, old guns may not have a serial number with them. Thus, you can ask the manufacturer directly as to how you would be able to trace its history and other records. You can also request the assistance of your local police or other law enforcers who can help you with this concern.

What you need to do is to report immediately if your gun does not have any serial numbers with them or if you feel that it has been tampered since having altered gun serial number is illegal.

If you are purchasing from a certain individual, you can also opt to take the gun to a local gun dealer and have then check it for you

If you have a reliable gun dealer, you also have a choice to ask them to run a gun serial number background check for a small fee. These gun dealers know their ways in cases like this, and they know what to do since it is most likely that they have done this kind of things a thousand times before. This is one of the quickest and the simplest way for you to have the answer that you need. They could give you straightforward history of the gun and records if the gun was registered somewhere else under another person’s name.

These gun dealers are also the best person that can give you advice as to what steps to take in cases like this. They are in this profession, and through their expertise and experience, they will know what the best thing to do for you to get answers or solve the issue at hand.

Go online

As cliche as it sounds, but the technological advancement that we are enjoying nowadays can give you the answer that you need including your questions about a gun.

Some states maintain a database regarding gun registers and other information which allows an individual access to it. It is usually in your local law enforcement’s website, but since this may not be applicable in all states and countries, you can always call your law enforcement’s office and check with them if it is possible for you to perform such request.

If your state does not have a database or if it does not allow you to access it, you can search for sites such Gun Verify database, HotGunz site and among others. These sites are all databases where gun owners enter their information if they had their guns lost or stolen.

Time to Call the Police Department or ask your Sheriff to assist you

Go online

If the above methods are not giving you any answer, it is best that you ask the assistance of your local police department or your sheriff so they can check the gun for you. They are the best person who has access to records of reported stolen or lost guns. This is also the best way for you to know if the gun you purchased or will be purchasing has been used in any crimes in any states using their database.


The steps we have indicated above are the best and proven steps that will help you ease your mind and feel secure with your gun purchase. Once you have followed these steps, you will have the peace of mind that you need and you will know that you got yourself a good deal. It is always best to be a practical shopper, but it is always better to be a wise buyer. So, check that gun and savor the self-possession that you deserve.

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