NEBO iProtec LG110 110 Lumen LED Light & Red Laser

Having a shotgun at home is something that all people should do, in order to protect their family and properties. But as proper gun owners, we all know the responsibilities when handling the weapons to ensure our safety and others.

Hence, to make sure that you won’t accidentally make the wrong decisions when handling the weapons, especially in low-light conditions, having something like the NEBO iProtec LG110 Light & Red laser installed should be a priority.

With user-friendly designs and versatile uses, together with a relatively inexpensive pricing, the unit should make a good complement for your shotguns and rifles.

Presenting the product

The NEBO iProtec LG110 is a light and laser combo unit, designed for use on shotguns and small rifles. It can accommodate your different uses of the weapons, by featuring a clear vision with the bright lights and a better aim with the integrated laser pointer.

The four different light modes allow you to use the guns for surveilling, signaling, or enabling visions for your accurate aims and shots. Plus, the universal mount will let you fit the unit on any of your long-barrel guns with little troubles.

Together with the extremely lightweight and sturdy build, you can comfortably install the NEBO iProtec LG110 on your weapons and operate without feeling heavy. And the simple control options will let you freely adjust the lighting while still having a firm hold on the guns.

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·         Different light modes to work with

·         Both lights and lasers are available

·         Batteries are included

·         Easy to install and use


·         The Velcro tape will get loosen over time

Features & Benefits

Here we’ll be taking a closer look at the NEBO iProtec LG110 and its features to see how they would benefit you, considering your different backgrounds and preferences.

Easy to install

To start with, most gun owners will find the unit extremely easy to install, thanks to the universal long gun mount. Here, the unit can be installed on the barrel or the scope with diameters ranging from 20mm to 32.5mm, which can work on most of your shotguns and hunting rifles with little troubles

Simply slide the unit onto the shafts, tighten the bolt, and snap it back to lock your mount into place. Lock the NEBO iProtect LG110 onto the designed mounting position so it can stay secured throughout the operations.

Also, you’ll be getting three AAA batteries that are included in the package for instant uses of the unit, which is certainly a nice perk.

Different modes to work with

And for those of you who are interested, you will now be able to enable both high lumen lighting and accurate laser on your guns, which make them a lot more convenient to operate.

Here, the NEBO iProtec LG110 features a high-power 110 lumen LED unit and a fixed red laser with a rating of <5mW / 650nm. This should be more than enough to work on your shotguns or rifles for home surveillances or casual shooting and hunting.

Feel free to use the unit in its Light mode, which can accommodate up to 7.5 hours of running and 50 meters of lighting distances, to make sure that you won’t have to use your guns in the pitch black of the nights.

Enable the powerful laser with its 47.5 hours of running time to easily make accurate aims with a whopping distance of up to 412 meters. This will allow you to aim and shoot with absolute confidence and reduce the chances of having missed shots.

You can also use both units at the same time, as they will allow you to have clear visions and aim for up to 6.5 consistent hours. This should be enough for the unit to last through the night, no matter what you’re going to do with it.

And last but not least, NEBO iProtec LG110 will feature the strobe mode, which provides you with the perfect lighting option for enabling recognizable signals.

Convenient controls and uses

The four different modes make the NEBO iProtec LG110 extremely versatile for all gun owners to operate. And thanks to the convenient controls, you will have literally no problems using the unit.

Here, the NEBO iProtec LG110 can be used separately from the mounting as your regular compact and accessible flashlight, using a standard end cap. Simply work with the side-positioned button to adjust the unit through its four different modes and optimize the lighting conditions.

Or you can make use of the proprietary end cap with attached wiring and pressure switch to have full control over the lighting when mounting the unit onto your gun. The electric spring cable has a standard length and can be extended along the barrel of the gun, so you can easily choose the best mounting position for the pressure switch without affecting the handling of the weapon.

And now, whenever you need to turn on the light, there is no need to reach for the side-positioned function button. You only have to press the pressure switch with any of your fingers that you see fit while still having a secured hold on the gun. The momentary operation of the switch can be adjusted so you can customize the lighting to be fixed or flashing as you wish.

Compact and durable construction

And at the same time, users can also enjoy working with the compact lighting unit with 4.375” of length, 1.125” of head diameter, and 1” of barrel diameter, which will make sure that you can easily attach it on to your guns and operate with little trouble.

Plus, the aluminum construction makes the unit extremely lightweight, at only 0,70lb, while still maintaining a relatively durable metal build for any demanding uses. And the tactical edge designs will provide you with so much flexibility when using the item.

And lastly, for those of you who are interested, you can always use the accessory rail system to add more mounting accessories onto the unit, given that they are between the 18mm x 24mm dimension.


With a simple and user-friendly design, together with the reliable performances and flexible uses, gun owners can be certainly confident with their purchases of the NEBO iProtec LG110. Not to mention that the relatively inexpensive pricing will make this a desirable accessory for any of your shotguns and rifles.

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