Overview of Initiative

The overall mission of this campaign is to expand civil liberties. Like many, we feel the federal government has infringed on many of our rights and it is up to us to limit their power.

There are several steps we have to take before the initiative gets on the 2016 ballot. Below you can read what this initiative will and will NOT do.

What this initiative does:

• Equal Gun Rights: Passage of this initiative will treat marijuana users like alcohol users, when seeking a concealed handgun permit.

• Added Revenue: Concealed handgun permit applications require up to $100 for county fees and $52.50 for the CBI fee. Allowing marijuana users to obtain permits will add revenue to counties and the state from these additional applicants.

• Self-defense, not victimized: Many legal users of marijuana have been put in a vulnerable position. While they use marijuana legally, whether for medical purposes or recreational, they are still denied the basic right of self-defense. This initiative will restore their right to self-defense.

What this initiative does NOT do:

• The initiative will not allow the possession of firearms while under the influence of marijuana. Laws prohibiting impaired persons to possess a firearm will not change.

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