How To Shoot A Slingshot- Steps on How to Shoot a Slingshot Accurately

Slingshot is a fun activity and is an excellent way to hone and improve your hunting skills. However, it is best to learn the basics of using a slingshot for safety and proper form to ensure that there will be no damages or casualties.

Slingshot should be considered as one of your weapons that should be handled with care and with full responsibility. So, read on and learn to be expert on this field through the following guided steps on how to shoot slingshots accurately.

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We have laid out all the needed steps for you to enhance your skills. We have also made sure to provide you the easy tips to use a slingshot properly. The following are the clear steps for you to follow.


Here’s What To Know

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First, gather everything that you will need.

The following are the recommended things that you should have while learning how to shoot a slingshot. Be sure to have these beforehand, so you will be able to save time and direct your focus on learning instead of going back and forth to find your materials:

  • A slingshot
  • Ammos

It is recommended to use round and dense objects. For your ammo, you can choose from marbles, fishing sinkers, arrows, glass balls and even small rocks. However, marbles and ball bearings are the best to use as they have striking colors which makes it easier for you to trace and evaluate your shots.

Ammunition Loading

Once all the needed materials are gathered. It is now time for you to start loading your ammo. You can do this by holding the bottom part of it with your hand which you are most comfortable using. Your opposite hand should place the ammo at the center part of the pouch and make sure not to let the ammo swing away since it will not contribute to your accuracy and precision.

To keep the bullets or marbles in one place, use your fingers, specifically your thumb and index finger. Also, ensure that the thumb and the strap are in parallel position with each other.

Ammunition Loading

The Proper Way to Aim your Shot


Hold It The Proper Way

Of course, you would prefer to hold the slingshot through your principal arm for you to have a better shot and for a more comfortable posture while shooting. You can then use your secondary arm to yank back the ammunition. This will allow your principal arm to get the needed strength to keep the slingshot steady while releasing the shot.

Then, you should hold the slingshot perpendicularly or flatly. You can do this by holding the slingshot up and raising your arm. There are a lot of shooters who prefer to keep the slingshot allowing the forks to be pointed upward while there is other that prefer to angle it slightly to the side.

One thing needs to be remembered is that slingshot comes in different sizes. There are those who are lengthier, while other are wider or narrower. So, you may need to make some changes with the way you handle the slingshot according to its form and size.


Be Mindful Of Your Stance

Your position will determine how confident and comfortable you are while you aim. So, if you are a righty person put your right forward while making your left foot be positioned behind and slightly pointed outward. Your knees should be bent slightly. The entire lefty person must do all the opposites of the above directions.

Also, this will allow you to form a solid base by keeping your feet facing forwards and be even with the width of your shoulders. Feet that are held close prevents you from getting a perfect balance and aim your shot accurately.


Sideways Is The Best Way

The principal arm’s shoulder which you will be using to hold the slingshot should be fronting the target. To do this, put the slingshot up perpendicularly and ensure that it is marginally slanting away from you. This will provide you ample space to free your arm to draw the slingshot band.


Don’t Forget To Breath!

Draw a breath into your lungs, and then ultimately release it. This will make sure that slight movements caused by breathing will be eliminated and can improve your aim while taking the shot. Also, you should learn to take the shot during your body’s natural respiratory pause or (NRP).


Get Ready To Fire

Give yourself time to aim slowly to your target. Position your head in a way that it is marginally allowing you to check your target while making sure that you are also clear from the bullets. You should take use of your dominant eye when targeting while closing the other. However, you should train yourself aiming your target using both eyes amidst the visual restrictions since this will help you improve your performance and skills in the future.

Ready to Fire and Shoot

Once you are ready with your hand and posture, it is time for you to fire your shot. Here are the following things to consider when shooting.

Hold It The Proper Way

Tug The Ammunition Using The Open Hand

Pull the band until completely stretched and make sure that all the triangles are visible and shaped by the splits of the slingshot.

Discharge The Band

Shoot the ammo and hit the target by flicking your wrist forward. Also, make sure that your thumb is not in the way of the projectile as it leaves the sling since this can be very painful and may cause injuries.


Now that you have the necessary steps for you and the proper slingshot shooting tips, you should be more comfortable and confident now as you have already learned the basics. One thing that you should always do is to keep on practicing and continue learning for you to improve and hone your skills. There is no better way to improve yourself but to keep on practicing and practicing until aiming and shooting become so comfortable for you.

Keep on learning and help us improve ourselves by leaving your comments and feedback to let us know what you think of this article. One thing that we can assure you, we will be with you throughout your whole slingshot journey.

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