How To Make A Mock Scrape For Better Hunting

If you have hunted whitetail for long or just spend much time in the forested areas, you have most likely observed some deer signs. Trails, beds, rubs and scrapes are essential kinds of deer sign that is usable by hunters to pattern whitetails and make them easy to be hunted.

But in some cases, the deer sign you discover is not situated in the best place, which enables hunting over it truly hard. However, you need to know how to make a mock scrape yourself in order to modify deer pattern of movement and acquire them nearer to a strategic hunting area or trail camera zone. If you have not utilized this strategy before, you are in for a shock. The first occasion when you discover a whitetail pausing over a mock scrape of yours for a sniff, or even better, working the mock scrape, you will eventually be conversant to this approach.


The Reasons for Making Mock Scrapes

There are three main reasons as to why you should create your own particular mock scrapes this hunting season, which are: attraction, distraction, and action. How about we take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Photograph Of Deer In Velvet


Deer enjoy utilizing mock scrapes as a means to check in with one another. Consider it as their form of an email. They store their scent into the scrape just by urinating inside it and thus putting other scents from organs. This enables other deer to be aware of their presence and enable them to know their status i.e. whether they are prepared to breed, dominance, and so forth. If they see new scrapes erupting, you can be certain that they will look at it. This makes them alluring to both bow hunting and trail camera locales.


On the off chance that a buck finds a deer scrape in his home turf, he is actually likely to keep checking it with some normality. At least while he is available. When they review and urinate in them, they are really distracted, which takes conceivable consideration away from you or a trail camera.


While the bucks are pretty much diverted by your mock scrape, it is somewhat less demanding for you to pull your bow back and have the moment needed to pull off a quiet and precise shot.

Creating A Mock Scrape

Creating a mock scrape is a strategy that is very much under-used and under-stated in most hunting locales. Although this has a tendency of working best amid pre-rut circumstances, it can give outcomes directly through the rut as deer go along the way looking for does and work scrapes. Since they are such a valuable strategy to incorporate into the deer hunting methodology, how about we now concentrate on the best way to make a mock scrape utilizing the best strategies.

Creating A Mock Scrape


The first consideration before making a mock scrape is the appropriate spot good for it. If you create one in an area you cannot hunt viably, you won't have the capacity to exploit it and it will really be an exercise in futility. Locate a good spot along a natural living space edge, where two diverse land cover sorts meet.

Deer enjoy traveling along living space edges, so you realize that deer should have the capacity to discover it once you create it. Locate a very much utilized trail along this edge for additional affirmation and a more engaged site area. However, this trail will likewise go between feeding and bedding regions, or between known doe and buck bedding regions.

Now take note of the access. Will you have the capacity to stealthily sneak in and chase the spot or is it excessively uncovered? Bucks will probably check these mock scrapes in the morning and night or all through the day as the trench approaches.

Ensure there is a tree suitable for a tree-stand downwind from the mock scrape site, ideally in a region where you will not have to cross the buck trail. Once you have recognized a spot that is suitable, it gets somewhat less complex. Simply locate a tree close to the whitetail trail with a branch at about deer head stature. This is your new mock scrape spot.

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It is not necessary for mock scrapes to be huge for it to function well. Almost all scrapes you find in the forested areas are just around two feet across, normally in a triangular or circular shape.

Some bigger group scrapes that are utilized by numerous deer can possibly be five feet crosswise after some time, but most of them are not that extremely huge. Go for around two feet across when creating mock scrapes as a good beginning stage. This is sufficiently huge for deer to see and simple to install.

Group Of Red Deer

Scent Control

However, as scent control is essential for low-impact hunting, it is likewise essential while creating your mock scrape in order to keep the scrape zone and the encompassing region free from any outside odors. Keep in mind, a scrape is intended to focus deer action to notice it, so they will be effectively sniffing around the region. This isn’t the ideal time to be careless with your scent control endeavors.

When going into the field to create a mock scrape, you need to put on your best scent control attire and sturdy rubber boots. Old Dominion and ScentLok have you secured. Together, they give a really strong hindrance to scent dispersal while you are creating your mock scrape or hunting. Ensure that you never try to step inside the scrape area itself, and make sure your feet are not scratching the dirt, even if you wore rubber boots.

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Creating the Mock Scrape

Now let us discuss how to physically create the mock scrape. Most people utilize a garden trowel to abrade the leaves far from the soil so as to make their mock scrapes. However, that could actually disperse other scents around and it is one more piece of gear to carry with you. Rather, simply get a strong branch from the territory by utilizing your latex gloves and then scratch the soil up with that.

When you are done doing that, you can just hurl it aside without the fear of raising any suspicion. Begin quickly beneath the licking branch and scratch it into the dirt, throwing the grasses, leaves and other garbage off to the edge outside. Continue in this mold till you have the right shape. And then, simply make a couple of deep gouges to uncover the dirt further. Keep in mind, deer hooves are very sharp and can cut straight into the ground quite effectively.


When you return to hunt in one of your mock scrape areas, you might be pretty much astounded to find out that the scrape has actually been worked oftentimes by deer going through the funnel. So, that is the ideal time to relax and receive the benefits of your endeavors. While it is not that hard to create a mock scrape, it is greatly valuable as a hunting strategy to draw and hold deer sufficiently long for making a great shot.

How would you create your own mock scrape? There are numerous options for making your next incredible deer attraction and we anticipate hearing about the accomplishment of your mock scrape endeavors! You can leave us a comment below.

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